Responsive WordPress Themes from MyThemeShop

The internet is constantly changing and as we continue to adapt it into more ways of our lives that ever before, that means the internet needs to adapt with us. A perfect example of this is through site design. When I first started making my sites back in the mid to late 90s, I was using HTML and Microsoft FrontPage. Now I pretty much use WordPress for everything, but the transition still moves on. Any basic WordPress theme won’t get the job done any more, now you need to have a responsive theme so your blog will look good on all display platforms such as iPad, Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Devices and much more.

Upgrading to a Responsive WordPress Theme

To have your site completely updated and redesigned as a responsive theme it would cost a lot of money. This is the process I recently went through with the responsive theme. Since it was a custom design, it took a long time to have a new site custom coded and designed in a responsive manner. The end result is awesome, but not everyone has the time or funds to take thing route.

The next best solution is to get a premium wordpress theme that is already responsive in nature. MyThemeShop is one of the top sites for getting a responsive theme that you can instantly go live with and customize to meet the needs of your existing site. There are currently over 94,000 sites on the internet using MyThemeShop themes as their solution.

Responsive WordPress Themes

Each of the themes available through MyThemeShop are fully responsive and include the many benefits such as:

  • Fully Responsive and Mobile-Ready
  • Optimized by Professional Bloggers
  • One-Click Installation and Easy Setup
  • Handcrafted From Design to Code
  • Friendly Support Team
  • Unbelievable Subscription Pricing

Choosing the Right Responsive WordPress Theme for Your Blog

MyThemeShop has over 60 different themes that you can choose from. From basic blog themes to magazine style and even WooCommerce driven sites, MTS has a theme that will match the exact feel of your existing content and design. Each theme is easily customizable through the WordPress backend and for more complex design and customization you can always access the design code directly.

MyThemeShop Themes

I love the clean designs and wide range of theme templates that MyThemeShop currently has to offer. When you are browsing through their Themes Page you can click on any of the designs and see a full demo of what each looks like. You can also view different variations of the design or even the backend Optional Panel for customizing the design to your needs.

TruePixel WordPress Theme

The Cost of a MyThemesShop Membership

As you probably noticed in the screenshot above, many of the themes are in the $35 price range, which is great if you happen to find a theme on their site that you must have. However they also have an assortment of “FREE themes” (on Themes Page) that you can use, or you can become a Platinum member to their site for cost of $149 for a full year of access. This brings the cost down to less than $3 for each design they have on their site, plus you also get all of the theme files for full customization among other benefits.

MyThemeShop Membership Plans

No matter if your blog is for business or as a hobby, you want to make sure it’s viewable through all media and mobile devices. It’s way too easy and cost effective for you to set your blog up with a responsive theme, so I would definitely recommend looking into it. Be sure to check out the themes at and see which would best fit with  your current design and audience.

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