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Responsive WordPress themes are extremely important to the success of your blog and giving your audience the content that they want to see. Years ago, everything was static on the internet — mainly back when pages were designed with pure HTML. Times were simply and people would visit your site through their main desktop computer. Now times have changed and people are viewing web content from desktops, mobile devices, tablets and more.

This is exactly why having a responsive WordPress theme is so important. Through the use of a responsive theme your site content and design will always adjust to the viewer, not matter what device they are using to view your site.

Responsive WordPress Themes TeslaThemes has been creating responsive themes for a while now and they have a great selection across a wide range of verticals. When choosing a responsive WordPress theme for your site, it’s not just about making sure it works on different devices, but also across different browser platforms as well. TeslaThemes makes sure all of their themes are responsive and updated across WordPress, Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox.

Responsive WordPress Themes Showcase

To better understand the look, power and feel of responsive themes, I’ve hand selected a few of the best themes TeslaThemes has to offer. Notice how each of them caters to a different niche market and audience.

iCook Responsive WordPress Theme

Recipe and cooking blogs are quickly becoming a very sought after market. Thanks to the power of WordPress, it’s easy to setup a blog and get great looking pictures and quality content together on one site for your audience to see. (view theme)


Magellan Responsive WordPress Theme

Travel blogging is a nice niche market that is on the right. A common theme among travel blogs is that their design and colors should really pop and bring out the best in your pictures and stories. This theme does exactly that. You can also customize the theme for personal travel use or building out a travel agency or guide site. (view theme)


Novelty Responsive WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress themes are one of the most commonly used themes among entertainment based blogs. Through the use of slider images and easy navigation throughout the site, it’s easy for visitors to find exactly what they are looking for while also coming across other content on your site. (view theme)


Wedding Day Responsive WordPress Theme

Yes, there are even wedding based themes out there as well. Just think about how easy it would be for you to throw together a private blog just for your wedding.Gone are the days of just sending out a postcard with a date on it! This is something I did when I got married a couple years ago, and it was quite easy thanks to the great selection of wedding based themes out there. (view theme)


As you can see, these are really great looking themes and they will hold that great looking feel across all devices as well. Be sure to check out their full showcase to see the many of themes offered by TelsaThemes.

TeslaThemes’ Custom Framework

One of the biggest pains when trying to find a premium WordPress theme for your site, is trying to find one that offers an easy solution for customizing and taking control over your blog. All too often we find that we purchase a great ‘looking’ theme, only to find it lacks the backend functionality and is more work than it’s worth.

In addition to all of TeslaTheme’s themes being responsive, they’ve also built their own custom framework which helps site owners better manage their content and blogs. Features include the ability to easily add a new logo, setup your site favicon, one click WordPress updates, customize your post settings (services, testimonials, events), import/export site content, easy customization of colors, integrating SEO & signals and more.

TeslaThemes Framework

Since TeslaThemes runs all of their themes off this same Framework, you don’t have to worry about your theme ever going out of style of not being updates with the latest WordPress, browser or device viewing specifications.

How much do TeslaThemes cost?

The last part of the WordPress theme choosing process, is settling on the right WordPress theme and how much you are going to have to pay for it. TeslaThemes has three great payment plans for users of their site. The first is a standard rate of $39 per theme, but the clear choice is to go for their annual subscription that costs only $49 and will give you access to all of their 20+ themes. For all of the developers and design agencies out there, you can upgrade to their $69/year package and also gain full access to all PSD files, which will allow you to fully customize each theme to exactly what you or your clients want.

We’ve covered a lot of great reasons why your blog should be responsive and have a great looking theme in the process. Before choosing your next WordPress theme, make sure to check out TeslaThemes and see if they have the perfect premium theme for you.

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