Revcontent is the King of Native Advertising and Site Monetization

On the internet, content and traffic is everything. Most people have one or the other… but in some cases, you will come across a website or brand that simply can’t get enough of either. In this case, it’s all about RevContent and the massive native advertising and content recommendation network they currently have in place.

Even if you’ve never heard the name before, you’ve definitely seen their advertisements. What’s even more amazing, is that Revcontent continues to secure partnerships with some of the biggest brand names and content sites on the internet today — quickly and easily surpassing them across more than 250 billion content recommendations per month — while also building one of the most powerful online advertising platforms in the process.

Today we are going to take a look at how Revcontent has not only built up a massive traffic and advertising platform but also how both advertisers and site owners can get a piece of the action in the process.

What is Revcontent and How Does it Work?

At its core, Revcontent is an advertising and content monetization solution — you can also call them a content recommendation platform. As mentioned earlier, if you didn’t know their name already, you’ve like seen their advertisements and content placements all over the place (as seen below). This is especially true if you often visit any of their partner sites like Forbes, Newsweek, The Atlantic or Reuters, who all trust Revcontent to deliver the best content for premium ad placements on their site.

The way Revcontent works is pretty simple (from an internet user perspective). Site owners have content, but they often need help to better monetize it, along with their audience. Brands and businesses also need exposure. Revcontent has created a content recommendation network that caters to both of these needs.

However, to say that Revcontent is just another native advertising platform would be a huge mistake. They are actually ‘the’ leader in this space and coming up with new and revolution ad placements, content customizations, site partnerships, huge brand marketing deals and much more — all while benefiting both sides of the party (advertisers and site owners).

To learn more about the story of Revcontent and how they’ve become the massive powerhouse they are today, be sure to check out this article on Forbes.

Revcontent for Advertisers

For advertisers, Revcontent is a dream come true. The amount of advertising and display options available through the network is unlike anything else we’ve seen before. Through the extremely professional and high-traffic associations that Revcontent has in place, it doesn’t look like there is an end to traffic supply any time soon.

With that being said, one of the many reasons why ‘content recommendations’ and ‘native advertising’ works so well, is because it puts the advertisers in control of the content they want their audience to see — while also not looking exactly like an advertisement in the first place — while also giving the site partner the ability to display content on their site in a way to keep it well-branded, customized and not messing around with the on-site user experience.

This can once again clearly be seen in the example below, which displays how Revcontent placements are currently displayed on Reuters. When a visitor finishes an article and scrolls to the bottom of the site, they are no longer left with simply nothing, now they can see content “From Around the Web”, which is actually recommended through Revcontent — consisting of both regular content and sponsored listings. No matter what content is being displayed, it not only grabs the interest of the audience, it’s also getting clicked on and read in the process.

In addition to premium placements and how advertiser content will be seen across a wide range of sides, each client will also have access to their own admin area to manage and view all aspects of their campaigns. This allows for the addition and removal of sites (based on their performance), the split testing of different ad copies, and many other areas of your campaign. If you needed a few more reasons to trust Revcontent as an advertiser, look no further than their list of existing clients, which includes The New York Times, eBay, and Conde Nast.

In short, Revcontent provides all of their advertisers and site partners with the tools they need to find success, while also making sure there is full quality-control on both ends of the spectrum. As an advertiser, it’s also likely that you will have more question along the way, or even before signing up as a new client. For times like these, you can simply refer to the Revcontent Knowledge Database, which covers all of their most frequently asked questions, while also providing slideshow walk-throughs on many of them as well.

Revcontent for Content Creators

Without content, the internet would be nothing. As we now pass over a billion active websites on the internet today, that is a massive amount of content that can be monetized. In addition to all of the big name news and media sites that Revcontent has secured as content partners, they are also adding big players in new markets all the time. Sites like ViralNova,, The Motley Fool, Rent Lifestyle and List25 all count on Revcontent to be one of their main source for site monetization.

So why are so many sites relying on Revcontent, and lining up at the door for approval? For the most part, it comes down to the RPM earnings (revenue per 1,000 ads served), the high quality of advertisers and content served from the platform and also the ability to customize and serve content to fit the look and feel of your existing site. While all of these mentioned areas of focus are key, it’s still also extremely important to keep your audience happy with navigation and content found on your own site, while also recommending quality outside content as well.

All of this is made possible through the tools and widgets provided by Revcontent to their site partners. Revcontent widgets offer full customization, which includes; a fully responsive widget that displays correctly on all devices, in-stream / gallery implementations, infinite scrolling ability (patent pending by Revcontent) and the ability to plugin API functions. For further information and visuals on this process, be sure to check out widget displays section of their site.

It’s also important to mention that Revcontent isn’t accepting all sites. With as much traffic they are pushing through their network of partners, this might seem like the case — but it’s actually quite hard to get a content site approved for their network. This all goes back to the quality of service being offered by Revcontent to their advertisers, while also keeping payouts as high as possible for their content partners. In fact, some content partners are seeing RPMs in the $40 range, which is not only extremely high for on-site content placement, it’s also generating millions of dollars in ad revenue for individual site owners every month.

Revcontent Introduces their Referral Program

As with all great internet marketing and advertising network, Revcontent just released their own referral program where publishers can invite new site owners to join the network. In addition to earning a 5% commission on all referrals, the referred site will also enjoy a bonus of 5% on top of their regular earnings. To learn more about this opportunity or to grab your referral code, simply log into your account and you will see your referral code at the top of the page or by clicking on your profile, then “Referrals Earnings”.

Revcontent is a Revolutionizing the Way Content Recommendations Happen Online

Revcontent has successfully created a platform that is changing the way content is both viewed and monetized on the internet today. At the same time, they are also making it possible for advertisers to reach new audiences they might not have otherwise known about, while also doing the same for content creators without a monetization method in place.

To learn more about how to join Revcontent as an advertiser or a content partner, click here to visit their site and get started today.

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