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Since starting this blog, I have been testing the "Review Me" and "PayPerPost" market places and seeing what type of quality reviews are being performed. Usually you get what you pay for, but there have been some surprises along the way. One of the first sites I requested a blog review from was Kumiko’s Cash Quest. For only $40, this was a great review, she took the time to add images and post her opinions on other sections of the site. Another great review was from John Chow. Since John Chow has a large following and some heavy traffic to his blog, this review cost $300, but was worth it. Like Kumiko’s review, John Chow also listed the logo and went into detail about the blog and many of it’s posts. In addition to the write up, he was able to send a decent amount of traffic and new readers as well.

Kumiko and John Chow were two great blogs to get reviews from, but unfortunately you will come across some bad reviews or low quality ones. The other day I was in Review Me looking for some new high ranking blogs to review my blog. I saw a listing for (Alexa: 29,977), the review price was $150. I decided to add this site to my cart and waited to see how the review went. A couple days later I receive an email telling me that my review from the site is now live. Anxious and excited to see what was written, I immediately went to the site. You can read firsthand the original blog post here, then refer to below for my "review" of the review.

In the first portion of the review (shown above), Dmriti Davydov writes how he comes across a decent amount of interesting people through review me orders. After his intro, it seems Dmriti is making the accusation that I am not a so-called "super affiliate", based on AOJon’s blog post. (which briefly states…"Monthly affiliate marketing revenues should be no less than $250k a month (revenue, not profit)…. Annual profits should be no less than $1 million based on your total affiliate marketing revenues"). I don’t know why Dmriti would assume that I do not meet super affiliate status … if he was to fully read through the blog (as one would expect a reviewer to do), it is made clear that I have published figures to back this up. Not to mention, I feel super affiliates come in all different sizes and variations. What about the smaller affiliate networks and programs… if their top affiliate is making $50,000 a month in commissions, they are definitely considered a "super affiliate" among the other affiliates within the network.

In this section, Dmriti writes about my network of sites and the fact that I have indeed paid out a decent amount of money to affiliates over the years. After reading the review over a couple times, I thought to myself… why was Dmriti questioning whether I was a "self-proclaimed" super affiliate, and then post that I have paid out over a million dollars in commissions to affiliates of my own. Wouldn’t this just further justify super affiliate status?

Dmriti’s next section talks about how the blog has too much personality too it and that the blog has too little "affiliate marketing" information. True, I do make personal posts… but if I am not for letting the blog reader know who I am as well as what I do, I might as well just write an ebook, sell it for $97 and not care what my blog readers get. I’m here to provide useful information to help you make money… while giving you a glimpse of who I am. (Funny, Dmriti’s comment on "too little specific content" is exactly my take on his review of my blog.) As for mergers, Jim Cramer and stock related posts… these are still all related. Most people making money online are also interested in what might be happening with the companies that feed them. You may also be looking for information on how to invest your money, I’m providing you with real life figures from Jim Cramer’s program and my person portfolio.

Lastly, Dmriti wants me to start posting my monthly income figures and how much I make off the blog, (like John Chow does), rather than just claims of being a super affiliate. Unfortunately for me, but good for you… I don’t have ads blasted all over the site, and am not looking to make money off the blog right now. I want to provide useful content and help you make money. Since the blog itself isn’t here to make me money, I have no figures to post. As for other income sources, I have plenty and have mentioned several… posts of checks, Affiliate Fuel Review and AuctionAds Performance to list a few. To end the review, Dmriti says it may be a bit premature to do any forecasting on the blog (despite his negative comments)… but has a feeling I will become popular and join the ranks of numerous internet marketing gurus.

What bothered me most about the blog review was not it’s negative comments (all positive reviews do little to improve your blog), but the lack of "specific content" as Dmriti refers to it, and research done by the reviewer. For $150 I was hoping for a more in-depth review and not so much a comparison to other posts or a review on how I am not up to "super affiliate" status.

Why did I write this post? You might think that I wrote this post to let out some anger or disgust from the review, but it’s completely the opposite. I don’t want YOU to have someone review your site and post something similar to this review and get you discouraged. Quality criticism is a great thing! Superficial criticism on the other hand rarely helps improve anything. John Chow had a review done the other day on a money making program. He ripped the site apart and told everyone how to make money, but also how the guy running the site was making his money off the site. Not only did the post focus attention on his site, but the post also received almost 200 reply comments. The owner of the site even posted a comment, saying thanks for the publicity !

As I was putting the finishing touches on this blog entry I received an additional review me from another popular blog, which I signed up for the same time as Dmriti’s review. This review, while also costing me $150, provided details evidencing that the reviewer had thoroughly looked over the blog. This review me also started out with a healthy dose of skepticism (as all review me’s should) regarding "just another blog" from a self proclaimed "super affiliate", but then relied on the actual blog information/data to form his own conclusions.   

As a valued blog reader, please post your comments to this post and let me know if you feel the same way as this reviewer, what type of review me experiences you have had? (the good, the bad… and even the ugly!)

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  1. I haven't had the opportunity to purchase a review yet. But if I were paying $150 dollars, I would expect a review that actually reviewed the site. Such as if the info is good/bad, layout, user friendliness, etc.

    On ReviewMe is there a way to rate reviewers?

    1. Unfortunately, as far as I know there isn't a way to rate reviews. I will contact Review Me know and see what they think about setting something up.

  2. If I am going to be paid to do a review, I will certainly do my homework before I post. I will at least read 80% of the posts from the blogger before doing any judgment. Even though my blog rank too low to have a sponsored review, I still do it with the best effort. Look at the review I did for John Chow just for a link.

    1. You did the review just for a linkback from John Chow's blog? You must be out of your mind but after thinking for a while, this post could be serve as a sample review when you are accepted into Review Me. You wrote so well can could charge more than JC

  3. Just don't let this blog go the way of John Chows, I really enjoyed his to start with, but now theres just no new interesting or useful content, its all just ways for him to get more and more traffic to the blog, which is great as he's pulled it off well, but the blog just has no content to it anymore, I'm still subscribed to his feed but skip 99% of his posts now.

    1. now JC even charge the readers for $10 a month to remove the nofollow plugin.

  4. Hi Zac! I'm glad you liked my review! I think the lesson to be learned is that rankings don't equal quality. I think advertisers should always look for previous examples of reviews to get an idea of what they'll receive.


  5. Dmriti Davydov is well know russian scammer. He has his own blog – (use google translate russian->english to read it). He wants to become a guru and sell his own ebook. Now he develops splogs and black hat doorways.

    So, his opinion is crap.

  6. from reading kumikos review of this website ive decided to purchase one from her myself.

    zac i'll give you a fair review 😉

  7. Hi Zac 😉

    Yikes, for $150, that review is the crappiest thing I have ever read. I think ReviewMe should implement something to allow advertisers to rate their reviewers.

  8. My site is still growing — my Technorati rank is only about 140,000 — and I've completed some $5-10 reviews through PayPerPost and ReviewMe's marketplace in the past. I was disappointed to find that there are other sites making $60+ for reviews requested of them (not even review opportunities they found themselves) that were providing much less information in their reviews.

    Now not all of my reviews are greatly in-depth for $5-10, but I do take the time to get a feel for the site, request additional information when available, and so forth. Meanwhile, there are bloggers like this one who are getting paid 10-30x what I'm receiving while not even taking the time to understand what they're writing about.

    Sorry for the lengthy rant. I'm just trying to say that I agree with your analysis that you don't always get what you pay for (but on the contrary, sometimes you get more than you expect).

  9. I can't believe you had to pay $150 for that. What a load of junk. It cracks me up that they "accuse" you of paying over $1,000,000 to your own affiliates. Obviously you're making good money if you can do that. What an idiot. This just backs up your point that ReviewMe really needs to have a function to rate reviewers.


  10. Assuming that you forked out $500+ (you probably had more reviews done than the three mentioned) I cannot see how this has helped your blog to be honest and would consider it a waste of money. My blog is three months old and although your alexa ranking is higher and you have 50 more readers, your technorati rank is over 60k while I got it down to 15k
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slagging your blog, I have paid $30 myself to get three reviewme’s done to test the market. All I am saying is that it seems that getting reviews for a blog is just not worth it?
    And now, I’m gonna have a browse through your site 🙂

  11. No offence to Dmitri, but that review kinda sucked.

    You paid $150 for it!!??!

  12. I hate to say it but these blogs just look like bad neighborhoods. There are many ways this could be done right, but any network I see is full of blogs that do nothing but turn themselves into prostitutes and loose ability to bass link weight.

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