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It’s only been a day since I added my blog to the new Review Me Marketplace. Instead of having to find bloggers that I want to write about my blog, I can simply add my blog to the marketplace and bloggers can accept to review my blog on their own. Once a blog is reviewed through the marketplace, you will receive an email on it’s completion. Today I received three emails from Review Me on new bloggers reviewing this blog. I wanted to see what it looks like as a “Blogger” to login to ReviewMe, so I quickly made an account. It looks like there are currently three other Review Me Marketplace reviews up for grabs… coincidently, mine is on top… and all are at the base rate of $5 per review.

Here is what you will see as a blogger when you login into ReviewMe.

After only the first three reviews, I have a decent amount to comment on. The first blog I read was “Yep, You Can Make Money with Zac Johnson”. As I have felt with a few other paid reviews through PayPerPost, it feels like the bloggers are looking at your site for only a second, to get an idea on what to write up, then simply link to your blog. I felt this way when I read this blog post. The write up could almost be used for any money making type of blog, then simply change out the site/link name. There wasn’t really anything specifically pointed out in this post, to show the blogger actually read my blog. I’ve seen quite a few blogs like this through PayPerPost, and it’s disappointing when you pay to have a review on your blog/site. You want to actually see what they thought of your site, but when you read it… it’s just “blah”…

(Update: made a post on this site’s comments section letting me know he was upset I was not happy about the review and said he did actually read through my blog. I appreciated his honestly and went back to his site to re-review his review. Looks like he also updated his original review as well. Shown below:)

“This isn’t all that Zac Johnson does! He is prepared to put his money where his mouth is. He actually paid money to several paid to blog sites to test whether you were getting your money’s worth, damn if I didn’t fail the test . Still you live an learn, and hopefully I will become blogger for it. The one thing I learnt is that I should have probably searched through his blog more to see all he had to offer. The problem was he had so bloody much to offer and I only looked at his home page and should have covered some of his categories of which he has many, like how to go about affiliate marketing, or possibly even his list of bad companies. Gee I could be here all day talking about Zac Johnson, but the truth is I only have to give 5 bucks worth.”

Finally, the third post was from “John Chow, Zac Johnson. Review Me“. ReviewMe definitely needs to add some options to their Marketplace setup. PayPerPost has a lot of options, but being able to select what language is a must. If I didn’t know about babelfish to translate this one, I would be in trouble… but what about everyone else. This is a foreign language blog. The translation reads very poorly, so it’s a little hard to understand. However, I can still distinguish that the blogger did take time to review the site, and is pointing out my “Review Me & Win Cash” promotion. When the option is available, I would want to select English only blogs.The second blog post was “The Sapheyerblu Review – Zac Johnson”. I was happy with this posting. The blogger actually spent more than a minute at the site and listed key points, such as the different categories, pointed out affiliate marketing and even some posts on the stock market. Just based off the written content, I am happy with this review.

I’ve already tested out the¬†PayPerPost setup and have had 15 blog reviews done through their site. I offered the base rate of $10 per review for both Review Me and PayPerPost. This comes out to $5 for the blogger, and $5 to company, a 50% split. I’m not going to review my paid posts through PayPerPost, as there are quite a few. If you glance through them, you will notice a variety of different quality reviews. A few have the same problem I mentioned earlier, which was a low quality quick review, and some of the reviews are also exhibit poor english and bad grammar.

Another very big point to bring up is that these are $5 reviews to the bloggers. If you are looking for a high quality blog review or expecting a lot of traffic, the ReviewMe Marketplace is not the right place to do so right now. On PayPerPost, a blog review for $5 is basically anything goes. If you are looking to limit your blog review to higher pagerank sites, better alexa rankings, and high traffic sites, it will cost you more. The higher the quality, the more you pay for the review. Right now these options are not available in the Review Me Marketplace. You might be saying that if I want higher quality reviews I should pay more. This is true through PayPerPost, but without the ability to set any limitations on blogger quality, I would just be paying extra money to any blogger and to Review Me through their new Marketplace. I am sure they will quickly add the select options / limitations soon.

In short, the comparison between the quality of paid blog postings from ReviewMe vs. PayPerPost are the same for now. Both have their own pros and cons. Hopefully as the “review me” and blogger marketplace grows, we will see a move towards more standards coming into place on the quality of blog postings. I have another 7 reviews up for grabs in the ReviewMe Marketplace. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are a bit better quality considering future blog posts will (hopefully) include this new posting as well.

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  1. Oooops, although I'm writing in Chinese, my readers could read English too. So, I dont think let blogger using other language review ur blog is a bad idea. It can spread ur blog to more people which could read English but not treat English as the primary acquiring information's way.

    1. well, your review don't talk much about what this blog about, from the beginning till the end, the point that i captured in the review is about Zac's review promotion. For every 10 reviews Zac receive, he will give away $50 to one lucky person.So does it worth Zac for you to spend $10 to get this lousy review?

      P. S. : no offence… just tell you what I wanted to tell

  2. Good analysis, any thoughts about reviewing any of the other paid blog posting services?

  3. Thanks for a good comparison of the two offerings. It seems like you really do get what you pay for – if you just want to increase the number of links back to you blog, perhaps $5 a go is worth it.

    If you want a decent review of your blog, you simply have to pay for the quality.

    – Martin Reed

  4. I have another blog, and even though you may not receive a lot of quality reviews from higher PR sites, you still get a link of your anchor text. So it helps somewhat. A little here and there adds up.

    For instance, I just signed up for PPP as a blogger for my PR 4 personal blog, and I hope to start reviewing in the next week.

  5. Nice review, I really like how you compared both of them! The post was very well written and organized, thanks.

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