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Written by Zac Johnson
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Getting paid to give away free offers, samples or even magazine subscriptions is one of the greatest way to make money. Not only are you providing your audience with quality information at no cost, but you are also cashing in during the process. Thanks to RevResponse, bloggers, affiliates and publishers alike can now promote free technology and business related magazines and resources. We are not just talking about paper magazines, you have the options to promote free magazine subscriptions, white papers, software trials, podcasts and more. If you aren’t currently a member of RevResponse, now is the time to look at their system and see how they can increase your bottom line.

Earn with High Payouts
If you currently have an business or technology type of blog or web site, you could be earning a lot more money with RevResponse vs. running contextual banners from other networks such as Google Adsense. Unlike Google Adsense, RevResponse pays on a per action format and not per click. For every subscription signup sent from your site or affiliate link, you will earn anywhere from $2 to $20 per subscription. If you are currently running Google Adsense and don’t want to risk losing out on earnings, throw RevResponse up on your site as well. Run both RevResponse and Google Adsense for a week and see which program is earning you more money.

Create Your Own Offers & Site
Unlike many other programs where you signup and are just given basic creative and text links to promote the program, RevResponse allows you to create a customized web site with their products, which also matches your current site or blog design. You can also mix and match content so it relates best to your readers’ demographics.

Two Examples or How Other Bloggers are Promoting RevResponse!

Interactive Widgets & Linking Options
In keeping with providing affiliates and publishers with more than just generic banners and text links, RevResponse also has widgets. In addition to widgets, publishers also have linking methods such as direct deep linking, flash, email promotions, xml catalog feeds and more. Once you are accepted into the program, simply click “Promote” on the top navigation bar and you can start setting up your banner, widget or content campaigns in three easy steps using their ad wizard. (View an magazine active widget on the right column of the blog)

Easily Create Banners, Content & Widgets in 3 Simple Steps

Interactive Forum & Account Manager
Once you are logged into the RevResponse system, you can access their dedicated forum to helping publishers learn the system, ask questions and earn more money. While the forum does not look overloaded with posts and topics, they are very active in providing you with what you need and getting your questions answered. Through the forum you can interact with others promoting RevResponse, discuss earnings and tracking reports, or post any suggestions or questions you might have come up with while using the system.

As a publisher with RevResponse, you will also be issued your own dedicated account manager. Whether you are looking to just add a new web site, or would like help in creating a better looking customized co-branded site, shoot an email over to your account manager and I’m sure they will help you out.

B2B Marking: Business to Business Forum Networking & Support

Refer Publishers & Earn Even More
Even if magazine promotion doesn’t show up on your radar as a big source of income, RevResponse has an awesome referral program where you earn 20% of any referred affiliates/publishers for the first 6 months of their partnership. Most affiliate networks are offering 2-5% on referrals. Even though you are only paid a referral commission of the first six months, you are getting a very nice rate of 20% of their earnings. (Example: You refer an affiliate site than earn $100 a month and you earn $120 within 6 months)

Payment Processing
RevResponse sends out payments by check on a monthly basis (net 45) and the minimum payment threshold is $25. Payment can also be sent through Paypal, by request. When receiving payment through Paypal, you will not receive any charges from Paypal, as RevResponse uses “PayPal Mass Pay“.

RevResponse is a relatively new company and only a few months old. With their multi function network and advanced marketing tools, I’m sure plenty of affiliates and publishers will find RevResponse as a new source of revenue for their sites and blogs. I personally started making money online many years ago with free promotions and trial subscriptions and know this is a process that works. I recommend you join RevResponse and take a look at their setup and see how they can help increase your bottom line.

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8 Replies to “RevResponse Free Business Magazines and Resources”

  1. these guys kept bugging me to write a review or even try out revresponse. I was hesistant because I mean magazines are hard to earn from. I just simply denied them and to contact me later in the year if I am still interested. but interesting to see how they do

    1. Back in my early years, I was promoting magazines and e-zine subscriptions for .50-.75 a piece. It’s funny to see how much things have changed over the years. The systems and setups are a lot more advanced now, as are the earnings.

  2. Hi IANtrepreneur,

    Thanks for at least acknowledging our persistence. 🙂

    Allow me to provide one point of clarity regarding your statement that magazines are hard to earn from. That statement is typically true when you are selling magazines to your audience. RevResponse on the other hand offers you the ability to give away FREE magazine subscriptions to your audience. Best of all, you get paid for every free offer your audience requests. We have over 900 offers for your audience to select from…all of which are completely free to the user.

    I this helps.


  3. I actually just signed up with RevResponse earlier today, gonna try them out as soon as I get approved.

    I just saw your post about MyspaceNow, was wondering if you’ve had any other wildly successful projects like that?

  4. My initial thought of this entry was the same as Ian’s, but hey, you can’t go wrong with offering free subscriptions. Will definitely be giving them a shot here sooner or later.

  5. these guys contacted me to advertise them on my blog. i wasnt sure though, how is it working out for you?

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