Rextopia & The Power of Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve been listening to the Rise of the Entrepreneur podcast lately, you may recognize the name Rextopia, as it’s the network that was started by Jennine Rexon, who was our special guest on episode 18.

Jennine first started her online business back in 2001 and was the network that pretty much kicked everything off. Jump forward nearly 14 years later and RexDirecNet (parent company of Rextopia) has now expanded their services and expertise across many different areas such as pay per call marketing, call centers, lead generation and more.

What makes Rextopia stand out from the competition is that Jennine and her team have the experience and track record of proven success. Another important thing to point out is that they are a very exclusive network. All affiliates are manually approved and require an over the phone introduction before getting accepted into the network.

I’ve personally been working with Jennine and Rextopia for many years now and would recommend their network and services for anyone interested.

Rextopia Affiliate Network at a Glance

Rextopia currently has over 300 offers within their network, many of which are exclusive. This exclusivity also offers their affiliates the opportunity to promote campaigns that aren’t already saturated in the market place, which leads to lower costs and higher profits.

The network is also run off the CAKE platform, which has become one of the most sought after solutions for many of the top networks. Many affiliates are already familiar with this platform, so I won’t waste much time on the tech specs and features. As you can see from the screenshot, it’s very easy to navigate through the site, select new offers to promote and pull reports as well.

Rextopia Network

Payments are issued at a $50 threshold and sent out on a Net-45 and/or Weekly basis depending on your volume and method.

Why Rextopia Might Be Your Best Network

The age old question… “Why is your network better than any others?” — it’s a question many of us ask and we usually get the same answer… which is often “quality offers and highest payouts” — which is a bad answer.

If you had the chance to listen to my podcast episode with Jennine, then you will already know the answer to why you may find much more success with Rextopia than other networks.

On this episode Jennine talked about how she not only started the Rextopia network and built it to what it is today, but she’s also been an affiliate marketer herself as well. Running a network isn’t easy and this is something Jennine also talked about in the podcast. After years of experience and knowing how to work alongside advertisers and affiliates, Jennine only works with the best and most trusted brands to make sure there are never any issues with payments and fraud. The Rextopia team is also always available for any help, advice and support that affiliates may need.

While many ad networks send out boring email updates and notifications every time a new offer is added or removed to the network, Jennine has done things a bit differently. Each month Jennine will send out a special mailing to all of her affiliates with the latest updates to the network, but will also include some new ways to promote network offers and what’s currently working for her.

Rextopia Mailings

In addition to having over a decade of experience and success, you can often find Jennine and her RexDirectNet crew at internet marketing conferences like Affiliate Summit. There is nothing better than having the opportunity to meet face to face with your networks, affiliates and ad partners. There is just something special about an in person conversation and finally being able to put a face to a name that leads to a much longer and successful partnership.

Join Rextopia and Increase Your Earnings

As mentioned earlier, Rextopia is very exclusive to who they allow into their network — but if you’re already finding success online and know how to deliver quality leads, then they would love to start working with you.

After signing up as an affiliate for their network, also be sure to check out the podcast episode with Jennine Rexon if you haven’t already.

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