Roll Like a Billionaire at CX Digital

One of the largest (if not the largest), contests to hit the Affiliate Marketing area is the current promotion over at CX Digital, where they want their TOP Affiliates to “Roll Like a Billionaire!“. Fortunately for everyone else, they are awarding prizes to not just the big affiliates, but everywhere in between. Here is a look at their latest promotion.

How do you enter?
Entering is easy, all you need to do is signup at CX Digital. If you are a current affiliate, just log in to your accept and accept participating into the contest. The contest starts September 15 to December 31, 2008.

Ways to win?

– Top 50 Affiliate Rewards Category

1. Earn points! How? For every dollar you earn on the CX Digital Affiliate Network from September 15 to December 31, 2008, you will also earn a point.
2. BONUS POINTS CAMPAIGNS! We will alert you regularly of double and triple bonus point offers that give you a chance to climb the ranks.
3. The top 50 affiliates who earn the most points will be rewarded with prizes based on their rankings.
4. The affiliate with the highest point total will win the GRAND PRIZE, valued at over $100,000!

– Week-over-Week Performance Category

1. Weekly prizes will be awarded to affiliates that have increased the most revenue (in %) over the previous week.
2. Affiliates must have a minimum revenue of $1,000 from the previous week to be eligible for this category.

Here’s the part that you’ve all been waiting for. Though there are 50 prizes to be awards, the top three prizes are the meat of the list.

1st Place – 7 Days in the Life of a Billionaire!
2nd Place – An “Entourage” Adventure in Las Vegas
3rd Place – Tickets to the SuperBowl XLIII

Where will You Rank among the Top 50 Prizes Awarded?

Outside of the top three prizes, you can also get your hands on any of the following prizes: ATV, Trip for Two to NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii, Breitling Watch, Four Trips to Affiliate Summit Vegas, Apple MacBook Air, Flat Panel TV, Motorbikes, Gift Cards and more!

No matter how big or small your revenue numbers are, if you aren’t already an affiliate with CX Digital, make sure you signup today. They have some great offers, and who knows… one of their offers might be your next big hit and win you one of these sweet prizes!

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    1. Come on, Andy — everyone has a chance of winning. As Zac noted, there's even prizes for new affiliates. Plus, you never know what your chances are until you try!

  1. Nothing like a good contest to motivate bloggers to crank it up a notch. Looks like I will have to give it a shot and/also get signed up with cx digital. Getting ready to bring the heat!!!

    1. I'm gonna say a lot higher than that. It looks like a great contest, and will hopefully raise the bar for other Networks' contests in the future.

  2. Wowza, although to win any of those prizes you kinda already need to be a super affiliate to do it.

  3. I’ve been thinking about signing up for CXD, but just haven’t done so, yet. Maybe this is a good reason to do so. Sometimes, though, I feel like you can spread yourself too thin being a member of all these networks. Any thoughts on that, Zac?

    1. Personally, I like to join every network I can. I strive to know about what's going on with each network, plus some networks have offers that many others don't.

      1. Yeah, I noticed most of the ASO TV offers were from CXD. You never know where you're next big hit will come. It's good to have a foot in the door, everywhere.

      2. I agree, I like to apply for as many as possible.

        Plus, if a campaign you are promoting gets dropped by one company, you can always pick it up on another.

    2. I am very happy with NeverBlueAds lately. I used CXD in the past but have not been over there is a few months.

  4. Awesome prize pool, but winning seems way out of reach. I agree with Tip Jar; seems like you have to be a supper affiliate in order to stand a chance.

  5. Zac, Wow! Ijust entered Shoemoney's contest to get a free all expenses paid trip to Think Tank in San Diego. This contest is incredible. It may be a while before I can run with the 'Big Dogs'. I just earned my first CPA on a debt program, a whopping $8.00…

    At least my wife believes it's possible to make a living on the internet, however she does not realize that it will take some time to get as big as Shoemoney, Jonathan Volk and John Chow. Thank you for the excellent post! Respectfully, Nicholas

  6. You know what? I've been meaning to sign up with CX Digital for quite sometime but I keep procrastinating…

    But then again, I've been busy working on site flips! 😀


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