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I recently went live with a new blog that focuses on design and photoshop tutorials, and also highlights artwork, photography and WordPress as well. I’ve always wanted to be a master at photoshop and create awesome artwork and web sites, but my focus was always on building sites and affiliate marketing. With the new blog,, I can highlight amazing artwork and provide tutorials for others to learn from, while building up a new web site property in the process. The majority of tutorials and articles found on the site are exclusive content from quality designers throughout the world.

RoyalTutorial Launch Contest
To kick things off, I called upon a few partners and friends to see if they would like to contribute to a “going live” contest. Nearly everyone I asked gladly provided something, and I ended up with over $3,000 in prizes to be award. The promotion started and few days ago, and the first set of winners will be selected tomorrow. New winners are selected weekly.

The prizes up for grabs are:

Wacom Intuous4 Small Pen Tablet – Retail: $229.00 (1 winner)
Pixelmator Software – Retail: $59.95 (2 winners)
Flip Digital Camera – Retail: $149.95 (10 winners)
WooTheme Membership – Retail: $70.00 (10 winners)
ThemeWars Membership – Retail: $147 + $20/month (5 winners) T-Shirt – Retail: $9.95 (25 winners)

To enter, simply visit RoyalTutorial and comment, tweet or blog about the site.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of the site, what can be improved or if you’d like to provide some content.

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  1. nice looking site. reminds me of super mario bros. haha. looking fwd to seeing more tutorials. i love using photoshop myself too. HDR pictures ARE SICK.

  2. Nice new addition there Zac. I can remember back when I first learned how to use Flash. I was watching YouTube tutorials by a 13 year old kid in the UK. Amazing how much young people catch on. I am sure I will use your site a lot.


  3. I like the design, at first it seems really busy because of all the different colors that are used on the website. But when I took my time to look over the website, the busyness went away. I guess I was just over whelmed at first when I landed on it because of all the different colors, my eyes wanted to go in many different directions, hehe.

    Sorry if that wasn't the best feedback, hehe.

    Till then,


  4. The site looks too cool. Quite a few interesting tutorials already. Nice presentation by them. and yes i'm entering the contest by tweeting about them now! 😉

  5. Great service, fantastic site design, and who helped pick that wonderful logo ;)? Yet another helpful resource from the MoneyReign product line.

  6. The actual Photoshop program has great tutorials built in. I believe they are in the help menu- maybe search 'tutorial' in the help menu. I would check it out myself for you but I do not have that program anymore, I am going by memory.

  7. Justin Seeley has great Free videos called Quick tips. You can also subscribe to his video podcast through i Tunes for free. There is a good selection and they don't drag on like some tutorials I watched. Direct and to the point.

  8. Great looking new site Zac, congrats. The PS tutorial I have been looking for is one that tells you how to turn a picture of a person into a cartoon type look. Feel free to do a search on it, the tutorials on this subject all have an awful final image. Anyway keep up the great work, I will have a look around on the site later on.

  9. Awesome looking site! I bookmarked it and know I'll be using some of the tutorials in the near future 🙂

    Understanding My Brute

  10. @used tires:

    Just wanted to provide a little bit more feedback… the only part that I am not sure if I like it or not is on the left hand side of the website, where you have the Date Information of the blog post. Only because it is varying colors, and to me it kind of feels distracting…. That's just my take on it though…

    Till then,


  11. What a terrific site. The templates and designs are unique and attractive. I checked it out and it's really great and best tutorial for the designers.

  12. This is terrific..Since I love photo Editing…. I would include this is my favorite tutorial sites..

  13. Great site; I'll keep this in mind for when I'm at a more advanced stage in my IM education… It's been bookmarked already!! Keep up the good stuff.

    Have fun!!

  14. awesome tutorial site zac, very useful tutorial and really i impressed your new blog design, good job

  15. Nice new addition there Zac. I can remember back when I first learned how to use Flash. I was watching YouTube tutorials by a 13 year old kid in the UK. Amazing how much young people catch on. I am sure I will use your site a lot.

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