Running International Offers with WOW Trk Affiliate Network

A growing trend in the world of online marketing is that more people are quickly realizing that just because they live in the United States, it doesn’t mean they should only be limited to running US based offers. It’s way too easy to expand your marketing efforts to other countries.

Here are a few reasons why you may not have looked at expanding outside of the United States market yet:

  • Don’t have access to international offers
  • No idea how to speak/write in other languages
  • Unaware on how to target foreign markets

There are plenty of reasons why you may still be focusing all of your efforts on the US market, but the reasons that are holding you back might actually be nothing at all. First of all, there are plenty of affiliate networks that are focused purely on foreign market offers. If language barriers are an issue, they shouldn’t be! There are plenty of fast and low cost translation services out there. Lastly, if you don’t know how to target foreign markets, there is no better time to start learning. Media buying companies and social networks make the whole process ridiculously easy.

Matt Lovett, entrepreneur and managing director at WOW Media understands the strong demand for international offers and the amount of money that can be made in these markets. After first finding success with his own variety of country specific niche sites, Matt felt it was time to expand with his own affiliate network to help others find success. Matt also had the following to say about international marketing.

1.) Why is it so important for affiliate markets to expand their reach outside of just the United States?

– As the US market becomes more saturated, I think more and more affiliates are trying out campaigns and offers in other countries. Markets like the UK and Australia still have a lot of potential for existing and new affiliates. In Australia conversion rates and open rates seem to be a lot higher, like they were a few years back in the UK.

2.) What are some of the best ways for affiliates to drive foreign traffic and leads right now?

– I think building up an email list with no country restriction, either add an additional box to ask for country (or possibly base off the IP Address?), this is a good way to start building up data across the globe, also with PPC you have access to traffic in all countries.

3.) Expanding to outside countries is new for many affiliates, what is your best advice for them to get started and see a profit?

– Before diving in research the market, try to find out whats doing well and whats popular, if you have the cash go over and visit the country. I think this really helps to understand the people and the culture of the country.

No matter what methods you are currently using to drive traffic and leads to your offers, there is likely a similar (if not the same) method and solution for targeting outside countries. Self serve advertising sites like Facebook Ads and Plenty of Fish make it extremely easy to create new campaigns and target your audience based on their location/country. The same can be said for pay per click marketing in the major search engines.

Need some inspiration for expanding beyond just the US? Here’s a look at how many users are currently on Facebook based on country, along with their percentage of growth in the past 3 months.

  1. United States 168,594,460 +1.93%
  2. Brazil 63,390,320 +8.69%
  3. India 61,431,940 +12.65%
  4. Indonesia 50,828,620 +14.30%
  5. Mexico 39,909,620 +4.68%
  6. United Kingdom 33,738,900 +5.26%
  7. Turkey 31,914,220 +2.08%
  8. Philippines 30,060,760 +1.92%
  9. France 25,448,580 +2.88%
  10. Germany 25,285,620 +3.49%

As mentioned, WOW Trk is focused and loaded with international offers. You can take a look at the current selection of offers available through the network by search through their offers page. If you are looking for leads for a specific country, all you need to do is select your desired location in the pull down menu and they will display in the field below.

The majority of offers on the network focus on mobile offers, free prize draws, deals, free trials. Since WOW Trk is an international leads focused company, the main focus on offers are in UK, IE, AU, NZ and CA. Mobile submit offers are in the $7-$8 range, while the gaming (casino) offers are in the $40-$60 range.

When you sign up the WOW Trk ad network you will have access to the 100+ offers available on the network. The back end is run through HasOffers tracking solution and payments are sent out by Check, Moneybookers, PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Wire on a Net 30 basis.

Along with having a mobile stats area, affiliates can also stay updated on their network earnings by installing the free Firefox and Chrome add ons, which will display your Wow Trk earnings right in the browser.

If you’ve been wanting to expand your marketing efforts and try new offers outside of the US, Wow Trk is worth taking a look.

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  1. Getting really excited to try out internation CPA offers. With FB clicks costing easily $1+ for the USA and UK, clicks like $.16 and $.12 in foreign countries is looking really attractive especially since the CPA payout seems high.

    Excellent post and hoping to really cash in with foreign offers.

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