Save and Make Money with Online Webinars

Written by Zac Johnson
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One of the biggest trends among top bloggers and gurus in the internet marketing space, is that they all love doing webinars and live meetings with their readers, fans and customers. It’s an excellent way to get real with your audience, without having to meet them in person at an expensive conference and it eliminates the need for travel.

When choosing what webinar / conference meeting software you are going to use, it’s important to look over the the pricing plans and the amount of members that you can include within your package. has become a popular company in the conference and webinar space, and offers competitive rates that allow even the smaller blogs and businesses to get up and running without having to spend a lot of upfront cash.

Doing a quick price comparison between ClickMeeting and GoToMeeting, you can see how you could end up saving almost 50% if you were to run a webinar with ClickMeeting over GoToMeeting. Over the course of the year, this could result in thousands of dollars in saved money.

When choosing a webinar package, the most important thing to look at is the amount of attendees you can have in your event at one time. A webinar with 100 users would cost you as low as $59.95 a month on ClickMeeting, while the same attendee size would cost $99 a month on GoToMeeting.

ClickMeeting Affiliate Programs Pays 20%

In addition to focusing on lower price plans, ClickMeeting also offers a nice affiliate program than offers 20% payouts. With annual discounts and packages available, as an affiliate, you can earn as much as $648 per one sale.

Once logged into the affiliate area, you have a wide selection of methods to promote ClickMeeting, as they have videos, pre-written blog posts, email ad copy, banners and more. ClickMeeting has a great affiliate members area and is extremely easy to use and navigate through the different tracking and ad creatives.

Other benefits of the ClickMeeting affiliate program include:

As a marketer, guru or blogger, there are a lot of opportunities to promote ClickMeeting and make money through their affiliate program. You can signup for a free trial with ClickMeeting and write up your own review on their webinar services, then use your referral url in the post. The growth of people using webinars to reach out to their audience just continues to growth, and so will the opportunity to make money in this space.

ClickMeeting Webinar Soution & ClickMeeting Affiliate Program

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9 Replies to “Save and Make Money with Online Webinars”

  1. I almost worry that too many bloggers are getting into webinars. First John Chow did one and then suddenly, a bunch of other bloggers realized that people were going to hang on whatever they said, so they started doing them too. While I think that webinars are a great way of passing information, I just see too many people trying to use it as yet another way to profit rather than really having any value in them.
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    1. True Jacob..but we all know once something is hot..then everybody and their momma wants to use it. Its great to do webinars and I usually do a couple here and there. But your right that some people are just jumping on the band wagon and be followers.

      "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"
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    2. Some of them have real value, while others are using them as a sale product. In the end, it does take money and time to spend an hour on a webinar, so they usually will push something at the end. I did a couple webinars with Chow, where we did a 100% no sales pitch webinars, just info and Q&A. They went well.

  2. online webinars are powerful and people are starting to realize that, good review.
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  3. I haven't done webinars before but I've been thinking about it – I had heard of GoToMeeting but I'm really glad to have seen this post before I bought it because ClickMeeting seems like a much better option for me… And anyone else who doesn't want to be overcharged, right? 😉 -Natasha

    1. GTM is one of the most well known out there, but they are also pricey. Try CM out with a free trial and re-brand the webinar to the look and feel of your site.

  4. I have been noticing lately that a lot more bloggers and internet marketers are finally understanding that if you can just offer more value & content in your webinars upfront w/o any pitch at the end when you finally do release a product most people will buy that and your upsell product that you have.
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