ScratchBack Widget Design Contest

With the new blog design that went live this month, I also started running a new widget on the site, ScratchBack. The idea behind ScratchBack, is simply a fun and cool way to tip bloggers/web sites, while getting a little something in return. (a link back to your site). When I placed the ScratchBack widget on my blog, I wanted to bring it even a step further! Instead of just offering a link back to your blog or web site, I also send out a Free MoneyReign T-Shirt to my link partners/tippers. The cost for a ScratchBack link/tip on this blog is $25 for a one week listing, and you’ll also receive the free shirt, I cover the shipping.

Jim Kukral, the creator of ScratchBack is looking for some new ideas on how to create a better looking and more efficient widget for his program, and he’s offering up a cool $200 in cash to the winner. Besides the generic official contest rules, you simply just need to be creative, fun and have some photoshop skills. All entries will be entered into a voting system and a the voting will start at the end of January 2008.

If you haven’t already, take a look a ScratchBack or even grab a link on this blog and I’ll have a free shirt sent out to you right away!

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  1. It seems like a usual link selling service, but it looks much cooler than the others.

  2. Do you think there are any Google Repercussions for buying links from scratch back?

    Anyways, cool contest.

  3. Having this type of contest is great for exposure on the one hand, and sure, why not, it is also an opportunity for brainstorming on a larger scale on the other, as I'm sure that people will contribute with some great ideas to this concept.

    Alan Johnson

  4. I do admit that Jim's current widget for scratchback isn't that eye-catching. It's pretty big…


  5. I think this is a great idea, I was having a horrible time using Scratchback because the widget is so darned wide.

  6. I've sent them an email about a custom widget design for my blog and since they have responded very fast I'll be using their service in the near future.

    Alan Johnson

  7. thanks for this post you are getting better from Scratch Back I also entered the contest a month ago.

    Now voting begins please visit the contest site and vote for me if you like

    My widget no is 26

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