Screen Capture Tools and Image File Size Reducers

I was just finishing up a new post on PSD to HTML on, and wanted to liven the post up with some screenshots of each of the sites mentioned in the post. I would usually take a screenshot of a web site using the “Screengrab!” plugin for FireFox, then bring the image into my image editing software to resize. Before doing this, I decided to check out the alternatives and see what the web has to offer.

Here are a few image editing and screenshot resources you may find helpful.

Screengrab – If you are using FireFox, download this plugin and you will have a little button that allows you to capture, copy or save the full view, or a portion of the web site you are currently at. One of the best plugins around, and free!

ShrinkTheWeb – For a web based alternative, ShrinkTheWeb is a top site in the screenshot / thumbnail space. They have a paid version, but the basic six screenshot sizes they give you off their site should be good enough.

SnagIt – It’s always great to capture web sites, but what if you want to capture something else on your computer and the “Print Screen” feature isn’t working. A paid software alternative is “SnagIt”. I have this software on my computer and it’s pretty solid. If you do a lot of screenshots and image editing, it’s worth checking out. My SnagIt Review Post

Skitch – Simply one of my favorite screen capture and image editing programs around. It’s only for the Mac, but it’s amazing. The sizing and text/arrows options are just perfect and the ability to automatically upload images to private Skitch members pages is a huge bonus. This would be a product I would pay for if it wasn’t free. (Must have for Mac users!) My Skitch Review Post

Easily Change Your Image File Sizes

How many times have you had an image and wanted to upload it for your profile picture on a member or social network, then was told it was too big size? Not actual size, but memory size. This happens quite often, and the average internet user would probably just end up selecting a new picture. Instead you can visit any of the sites below and upload your image, then they will automatically crunch it down in size for you. I first came across these web site many years ago, and they are still useful today. – Easy setup with “upload from computer” or URL of image. – Shrink images, with extra features and options.

These sites are extremely simple, fast and don’t require any personal information or software to download.

For any image maniacs, be sure to check out HongKait’s great post on 40 different screen capture tools for both Mac and PC. Feel free to post any useful image editing software and sites you like to use.

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  1. I use Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 for all my image editing, banner and logo creation. Also, use it for logo's. It cost $99 but is well worth it. I haven't used anything else for 3 yrs.

    You can find it here:

    Other useful and fun programs I use are

    FastStone Image Viewer 4.2 – It is Free to download you can see all you folders/files on your computer in an easy to manage database.

    When I'm gaming I use Fraps to capture screenshots:

    I got the ScreenGrab! Thanks Zac. I also use Stumble! addon for Firefox. Really good for finding lots of info on a particular subject.

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  2. I was using Screengrab back in the days when Firefox was still reliable 🙂
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  3. Though I've always depended on the standard print screen from my keyboard, I downloaded the Screengrab tool to check it out. It's conveniently small and out of the way and works great.

    As for image editing tools I use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro and Gimp. They all have their unique qualities. Adobe Illustrator is used far more than the other tools for my line of work. But when cloning I love the ease of task the Corel Paint Shop Pro brings to the table. Each program offers 40 imaging formats to save your work as.

    The Gimp program I downloaded just to experiment with and rarely use this tool though it has some great qualities. Often Gimp is referred to as resembling Adobe Illustrator. They share some of the same tools and imaging formats, but I prefer Illustrator over Gimp. Both programs have a steep learning curve so be prepared to use help tab or video tutorials on Youtube. 🙂

  4. Hi Zac,

    I have been looking for a good screen capture plugin for a while, Screengrab looks like a great plugin to have, thanks!
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  5. I always have trouble with screen shots -thanks for your top of the line information
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  6. Nice.

    I like Snagit too.

    Thanks for the resizing URL. I use PhotoImpact and it drives me crazy with resizing.

  7. Thanks for the links to this image file size reducers. Many people assume that the popularity of high speed internet means that image size is no longer important. Not everyone has high speed though. So when selecting images to use for a website, you should still try to keep image size down. It helps your visitors and Google likes a fast loading site too.

  8. Hello everyone!

    As for me, I've already tried ScreenGrab and it's totally amazing and one of the best. It is one of the perfect sources for editing images and screen capture purposes. I haven't tried others that you have mentioned, but I want to give it a shot as well if I have time (except Skitch because it's only good for Mac users as you said).

    I have nothing else to say but……totally very useful for all of us.

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