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How many times have you searched for a topic on Google, then a bunch of the top ranked listed are all from several years ago? This happens a lot when you are looking for generic information. The sites have become indexed so well because of their authority and their content was great back then… but it would really be nice to get some current articles sometimes.

Curt Dalton, the creator of Internet Time Machine, knows exactly what we are talking about, and that’s why he has created Instead of creating another search engine to compete with the big guys, was created to provide only search results that have come out in the past 14 days.

Search for anything on NowRelevant and you will be provided with only the most recent search listings. If you are looking for more/less results, you can simply move the slider bar to adjust how far back in time you would like your results to include. NowRelevant is a great solution for anyone searching for the latest information on a product or topic, as they will get a completely different search result vs. Google, Yahoo or Bing. (

At times you may even think that your blog or name isn’t indexed at all. If you search for “Zac Johnson” you will get a ton of search results and none for on the first page. If you narrow it down to “Zac Johnson Affiliate Marketing”, you will in fact see that this blog is indexed. Once a new blog post goes live on the blog, it’s likely to then appear in the most recent results. Try this with your name and blog, see what results show up.

How to Make Money with NowRelevant

Search engines are created for revenue generation, though most of them want you to think it’s all about results. As you can see from the search results below, there are text and banner ads shown on the right side of the search results. There are two different ways you can start making money with NowRelevant, using them as an affiliate or an advertiser. Refer new advertisers to NowRelevant and you will earn a 20% commission through their affiliate program, or simply start placing ads on their search network for even more revenue potential.

What makes advertising on NowRelevant a lot more interesting than other search engines, is their use of text links, graphical banner ads and even videos. I setup an ad campaign on the network with banner ads and only targeted a few high traffic keywords. The click traffic is low, as the site is still fairly new. The minimum price per click is only 3 cents. If you take the time to setup a few ad campaigns and target as many relevant keywords as you can, you may be able to find some nice roi since there is little to no competition at this time and at only .03 per click, your ad will appear at the top of nearly all results.

The Future of NowRelevant

Is out there to top Google and become the best new search engine? No, I don’t think so… but they are tapping into a niche area that could be useful for bloggers, seo marketers and anyone interested in only finding “what’s hot right now”. Running off the backbone of The Internet Time Machine, it definitely has potential for success, but NowRelevant will also need to focus on bringing in a large user base to satisfy the advertisers’ needs… which in the end really decide the success of a search engine.

Try it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. This looks like it would be an extremely useful tool. It will work well for bloggers too, wouldn't it? I think so.

  2. Outside of blogging and other journalism, this simply does not have much practical use. As such, I don't see it taking off. Why would people go to a separate site when they can just customize their google search results to display recent results? I guess even a subniche of search can still be a lot of traffic.

  3. I can see your point. However, as you mentioned… even if the site took off and had a blogging/marketer/journalistic user base, that can still be targeted and monetized. It's all about testing and see what people want.

  4. Zac,

    I was introduced to a couple of weeks ago but did not mind it. Now that I saw your blog, I think I will look into it more often. But I don't think this can replace Google at #1 in the next decade.

  5. It looks useful but is it just not a quicker way to do what you can with Google? However after using it it does work quite well!

  6. I am probably only skeptical as I don't personally have a use for it. Another potential problem they face is that relevant is a very easy word to misspell. It would be easy to add an extra l or switch around e's and a's.

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