Second Zac’s Free Affiliate Summit Pass Winner

November flew by extremely fast, and that means it’s time to picked the latest winner in the "Zac’s Free Affiliate Summit Pass" giveaway. The blog entry itself now has 70 comments/pingbacks and after this free pass is claimed, we only have 1 left up for grabs. If you haven’t entered already, please do so and you can still win one of the last two remaining tickets… it only takes a couple minutes to write a post to earn a cool 15 entries, or at the least, make a reply to the original post for a quick single entry!

On to the BIG NEWS… James from, who was randomly selected as the winner. James will receive a free full conference pass to Affiliate Summit West 2008, next year in Las Vegas ($949 value). James made sure to write a quick post on the contest and how he would like to attend the event. Lucky for him, he did… this quick entry was worth nearly a GRAND! If James is unable to make it to the event, or does not claim the prize, a new winner will be selected.

There is only 7 days left til the last and FINAL winner of the "Zac’s Free Affiliate Summit Pass" giveaway is selected. If you have not entered yet, why not? So far the two winners did not have the biggest blogs on the web, anyone can win this contest! Will you be the next big winner? Get your entry in today and hang out with all of the big money makers in Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West 2008!

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  1. Congrats James!

    Hopefully my hired thugs get to your house and disable your internet just long enough for you to be disqualified so my other set of thugs (they had a 2for1 deal, what can I say) that are hiding outside Zacs house can follow through with the friendly bribes for “drawing” the alt winner ;).

    lol, jk. Congrats! Sounds like it will be awesome!

  2. Good luck to the rest of the pack. Make sure whoever wins posts some pictures on his/her blog.

  3. Thanks Zac!

    Wow I can't believe I won. I am very much looking forward to attending and looking forward to meeting others there.

    DotDriven, Sorry I just sent your thugs away, they were to late. 😉

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