Secrets of PPC Marketing

Written by Zac Johnson
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How many ebooks have you seen, or even ordered, that promise you the inside secrets on how to become rich with pay per click marketing? I’m sure you’ve seen a ton, and maybe even bought a couple… only to find that you wasted$27, $67 or even $97 on some crappy pdf ebook file that just has some basic lousy info. I understand your frustration, and I have never been a fan of these marketing techniques or methods of cashing in by these authors. If you’re going to sell something, make it worth our time… I don’t mind paying up to $499 for a course or product, just as long as it does what it promises.

After writing my last post on "NeverBlueAds PPC Marketing & Earnings" and reading the comments and emails, I was surprised how many questions there were from people on PPC marketing and their frustrations on not having successful or profitable campaigns. Pay per click marketing can be extremely tough, and it’s not fair that so many ebooks and marketing sites out there take advantage of the people wanting to learn. I’m all for making money and paying for products and services if the quality is provided… but in so many instances, this is not the case. Almost everything I have done to make money online has been self taught, I’m still losing money on new ppc campaigns today… but you need to spend the time to tweak, test and tweak some more. The best well written ebook in the world won’t make you rich, unless you put in the dedication it takes to make it to the next level.

With that said, later this week I will release my "Zac’s Guide to Making Money with PPC Marketing". A step by step guide (post) providing detailed information on how to setup your own PPC campaign, finding and grabbing an offer to promote, how to select the best keywords and some other helpful information. I only hope to inspire others and provide you with what you need to get started. I’m offering my time and advice for the amazingly low price of FREE! All I ask is for anyone who reads my post/guide to provide feedback and share with others who are looking to learn. to link to the post, when published, for everyone else looking to make money off pay per click marketing.

Please feel free to leave any comments on PPC marketing or questions you might have, which I can add into the post.

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27 Replies to “Secrets of PPC Marketing”

  1. ergh PPC – not so good at it – that is why I read your blog and cant wait for your guide!!!

    finally someone who cares

  2. I would really like help with keywords. Ive heard some people say you need several thousand for a single campaign. Do you agree with that?

      1. So, at first you dont need thousands of keywords, you can get by with a few hundred and just increase the bid with profits?

  3. Hey Zac, glad to see you're taking the initiative.

    My best advice for you is to think about your target audience. I feel that far too many "guides" and ebooks waste time talking about the basics of ppc and affiliate marketing. I think the majority of people are at the point of they've failed at PPC, and are trying to turn it profitable.

    What I'd love to see are information on : tracking keywords, how to tweak your campaign, deciding whether or not to continue an unprofitable campaign, initial keyword lists, etc.

    Basically the information that'll change an unprofitable campaign to a profitable one. Good luck with it!

    1. This will probably become a series of posts, focusing on each stage. I'm sure it will make for a great ebook when completed. Best of all, it will still remain free!

  4. Now that's something I'm looking forward to reading! Just remember that when you think you're about to give too much information away – that's the stuff that people really want to read!

  5. Sounds awesome. I used to do PPC years ago but it was very different back then. Google Adwords & adsense weren't around and I could buy thousands of clicks at $0.01 each. I'd like to get back into it because it's so fast but I hear horror stories these days so I'm loathed to get started. I'm really looking forward to your guide!

  6. Zac, I will be look awaiting for your ebook on PPC marketing! That is one topic i need your expertise on..

  7. I CAN'T WAIT! lol, while reading the first few paragraphs of the post I was thinking "I have wasted tons of money and time on crappy ebooks but would pay as much as I could afford for an ebook from Zac" only to see your last paragraph making me even more excited. Because you are so honest and helpful I really can't think of anyone I would rather have write up an "ebook" on this Zac. And I would be happy to pay for it even if it is free just to show support for the effort.

    As for topics/starting, if this turns into a series of leveled post, it seems only natural to start with the basics. I have problems making any of the campaigns I have done make any profit but it could be because I don't have any real foundation and then don't know how to troubleshoot a campaign to even know what or how to tweak. It's like trying to learn to drive a semi truck but your first lessons are on a freeway in a speeding truck with traffic all around you. Sure, I might know the basics of driving but figuring out how to shift gears for the first time in the middle of traffic can kill lol.

    I can definitely see how this could be a hard subject for any "guru" to want to really write honestly and openly about. I mean, why would they want to teach people how to compete with them? But it's big enough that it would never affect their own earnings and if anything it would build loyalty and most likely a nice downline heh.

    If paying for an ebook means more open and more tips and "secrets" I am sure most of the readers here would be willing to pay.

    lol, look at what you have done Zac…you made me ramble and get all gushy lol. Can't wait to see what you bring us!

  8. Zac get it ready … am patiently waiting … i can wait to start increasing my ad revenues. so far most of the ppc am using are just not getting me enough cash to get a reach dot com meal. LOL

  9. This is great!

    I know the feeling, I have been one of those that have spent the money on everyone's "secret formula" only to be unsuccessful in the end.

    I am really looking forward to seeing this!

  10. I'm just getting into this entire web business. I've set up a website with google ads, but I don't have a clue. With all the info out there you still don't get any real answers and at this point I'm just floundering. This will be great.

  11. I cant Wait Zac, I honestly think you, are the true Super Affiliate.

    One think I am curious and would love to learn is how to a void Pop-ups from Affiliate links, google has stop running my Ads because of Pop Ups.

  12. Hi Zac,

    It is a good karma you are doing, I had moderate success and I need to pull it a notch up. I know your knowledge will be helpfull.


  13. You really need yellow highlighting and stock photos of people with money in this article if you're talking about eBooks 🙂

    I'm looking forward to your book. I've been hit and miss with PPC so any new insights will be appreciated, particularly in building consistency in it.

  14. I will be waiting for you to release the ebook, and I will read it. LOoking forward to hearing some news about it!

  15. From day 1 of marketing online, I was using PPC but it took me more than $500 to get my first profitable campaign. There are many different & effective PPC methods out there, I only know 2 of them, so I look forward to learn more from you. Currently I'm having a healthy ROI with PPC + landing pages but I feel that I could more than that. Thanks.

  16. Sweet! I could definitely use more tips in this area! I look forward to your posts Zac!


  17. Is the post above this one the post that you are referring to in this post or is there a different you are working on still?

  18. Hi Zac,

    It is a good karma you are doing, I had moderate success and I need to pull it a notch up. I know your knowledge will be helpfull.

  19. Hi,

    Zac thanks a lot for you Blog and your choice to share your experience with us.

    I´ve started PPC marketing about 2month ago and don´t want miss it any more. It´s a lot easier and faster for me to make with PPC as with blogging or other stuff money online.

    I try the affiliate program of PayPerPost, so i make till today $1300. Thats more then i earned with other stuff in my whole life.

  20. Thanks, guy. I'm interested to get more information on good keywords tools.

    It takes to much time to choose them now…

  21. Creating an ebook has a lot of factor and also a lot of emails to be used but I know you can do it and I'll be waiting for that Ebook made by you. PPC and Adwords Stategy are everywhere hoping you will succeed too.

  22. The best e-book is your own experience! Try to figure out things by yourself, this is the best way to learn about our business…

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