Selecting the Best WordPress Theme for Your Niche

Written by Zac Johnson
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One of the first steps when starting your own business or site on the internet is to make sure you have a good understanding of what your audience wants and how you can best cater to them.

In most cases, the design and structure of your site should be one of your main focuses. Through the use of custom WordPress themes, your job will be much easier. is a theme development company that has been focusing their efforts in the online gaming, sports, finance and lead generation area. For anyone who is already in these niches, you will already know how valuable traffic is for these sites. First impressions are everything and putting your quality content in their face is key to monetizing your traffic.

Flytonic Niche Specific WordPress Themes

The majority of WordPress theme sites out there have many themes for you to choose from, but the majority of them aren’t niche focused. This is where Flytonic has put their effort and they have been seeing amazing results from their customers. When you look through the theme gallaey on their site you will see a wide variety of niches to choose from — the good news is that these same themes can be applied to any existing audience or themes that you might want to target outside of the gaming or finance space.

Flytonic Themes

In the screenshot below we take a closer look at one of the sportsbook themes. With so much attention on sports, this is a niche that simply keeps making money year round as new sports seasons come and go.

Sportsbook Theme

Looking at another theme example outside of the sports niche, we have the  Affiliate & Review Theme. This is a great theme for anyone that wanted to make a product review site. People are searching for reviews all the time before they purchase online, so why not have a resource site for them to not only learn from, but also buy through?

Affiliate Review Theme

You can see two examples of sites using the Affiliate & Review theme below.

Flytonic Framework

Running a custom WordPress theme business isn’t easy. It’s more than coming up with great looking designs and formats. Flytonic has also created their own customized framework that allows site owners to take complete control over their WordPress site without the need to get their hands messy with coding.

All Flytonic themes come with their custom backend and allows you to import your affiliate data, which allows you to control all outgoing links from the site. You will also have the ability to change themes, layouts, control your SEO, setup ad placements/banner management and more.

Flytonic Framework

If you have any questions regarding customization or the backend product, Flytonic offers full support and are always tweaking their themes with the latest improves and WordPress changes.

Flytonic Theme Showcase

In addition to the gallery of themes on their site, you can also look through the Flytonic theme showcase , which will show you how other sites are customizing and putting their themes to use. This is a great way for you to think of new niches to market and ways to customize themes for your audience.

Flytonic Showcase

The cost to buy any of the individuals Flytonic themes is $89, which includes multiple domain use and unlimited updates and support.

Flytonic also has an affiliate program that pays out a 25% commission on all referred sales.

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