SelfAdvertiser – How to Create High Traffic Self-Serve Ad Campaigns

Written by Zac Johnson
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If you want to successfully make money on the internet, you need to have traffic to your site. It’s that plain and simple. This concept might seem obvious, but it’s still something that many brands, bloggers and content creators continue to struggle with. Since there are well over a billion active sites on the internet, the concept of “build it and they will come”, is not a valid solution. Instead, you either need to create a website and content that ranks extremely well in Google, has a great social media appeal and attracts thousands of visitors daily, or simply create your own paid advertising campaigns.

For most legitimate brands, affiliate marketers and anyone pushing serious numbers online — paid traffic is the answer.

However, setting up an ad campaign and just letting traffic pour into your site or ad campaigns also isn’t going to do the trick. You need to actually have a tracking solution in place where you can monitor, manage and improve all aspects of your ad campaign. Without the ability to split test traffic, tweak demographic targeting and know what traffic sources are performing best… you are just throwing money out the window. is a self-serve platform to help advertisers take better control over their ad campaigns while allowing providing users with access to massive traffic sources in the process. Let’s take a look at what the Self Advertiser platform is all about.

What Is and How Does it Work?

Right when you visit the site, you will get a quick preview of what the platform has to offer — which is the ability to get your campaign up and running in minutes, while also giving you full management and stats tracking in the process. Unlike other platforms out there, SelfAdvertiser has gained quite a loyal audience thanks to their ‘self-service’ features. With such a solution in place, it means for more control on the advertiser side, while also allowing for a must faster set up and going live process.


If you are actively buying traffic from different networks and traffic sources online, you likely already know what is working well with your site and demographic targeting. has plenty of tools, features and advantages over other ad networks and traffic solutions to help further your campaigns and marketing.


  • Attract more customers. The goal is to deliver more visitors to your website and this ad platform is keen to do that for you.
  • Advertise locally or globally. The geo-targeting options available on are very robust, making it easy to specifically target users no matter where they are in the world. We’ll discuss this a bit further in just a moment.
  • Reach the right person at the perfect time. It’s not good enough simply to reach a visitor who may be interested in what you have to offer. It’s equally important to get to that visitor at the right time, right when they are looking for a related piece of information.
  • Dedicated support. Even though is billed as a self service platform, that doesn’t mean you need to go it completely alone. You can request assistance from your dedicated account manager at any time, whether you’re looking for clarification or if you want advice for how to maximize the performance of your campaign.
  • Any budget is a good budget. You don’t have to have remarkably deep pockets in order to enjoy quantifiable results. You can start with just a few dollars a day if you want and ramp up when your budget and resources allow. The only caveats are that the initial deposit must be at least $100 and subsequent deposits must be at least $10.
  • No startup cost. It doesn’t cost you anything to get started. You only pay when the network starts delivering the traffic you’re looking for.

Now that we’ve taken a quick look at what SelfAdvertiser is and how it can help scale your website, ad campaigns or business in size, let’s take a look at how you can get started with an account and active campaign of your own.


No matter what your current expertise in online marketing or creating ad campaigns is, SelfAdvertiser has a simple walk-through to allow anyone to quickly create an account, setting up their first campaign, funding the account and quickly going live. It’s actually so simple, it’s done within a single page campaign process. After verifying your email address, you will instantly have account access and can start creating your first ad campaign.

Creating a Campaign within SelfAdvertiser

When looking for a new traffic source or tracking solution, it’s always nice to come across one that delivers on what they promise but also not making you learn a whole new platform just to get started. This is exactly what you will find with SelfAdvertiser.

When setting up a campaign, by default you are going to be set at Pay Per View (PPV). The most popular and prominent traffic sources on the network are pop traffic (with pop-under, pop-over, tab-under or tab-over, depending on browser settings and permission) and misspelled domain redirects options all available. You can select these options and targeting settings from within your campaign set up.

The first section of the campaign set up process is easy enough. All you need is to create a group name, the type of traffic you want to run to your site, and how much you want to pay for it. I highly recommend going with a lower daily budget in the beginning so you can split test your traffic and see how it converts in the first few days. After seeing a good amount of data come through, you can then pull out any lower converting traffic sources and increase your daily budget.


The next section is also quite easy, as it’s just filling in your destination URL (which would be your site or landing page). Conversion tracking is also available (highly recommended for improved tracking and ROI). Campaign targeting is also available, which allows you to choose your targeting mode and blacklisting low performing sites from sending further traffic.


As you move further into the campaign set up process, you will start to see more advanced targeting options, which includes:

  • County selection
  • Device (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Operating System (windows, macos, linux, android, ios)
  • Connection Type (carrier, wifi)
  • Browser (chrome, explorer, firefox, safari, edge, opera)

The more you tweak and zone into each of these different targeting options, the more likely you are to squeeze our a higher margin and ROI out of your campaigns. For example, just targeting countries in itself will result in massive conversion swings. Throw browser and device viewing into the mix and you have a whole new data sheet to work with. Not all traffic sources are the same, which is why it’s so extremely important to split test on as many levels as possible.

After selecting your targeting options, you can also choose how often you want your ads to be seen. This is done within the ‘frequency’ and ‘traffic distribution’ section.

Setting Up Your Actual Pay-Per-Click Ads

In addition to creating ad campaigns on a PPV basis, the option is also there for PPC (pay per click) advertising as well. This process is also quite simple and will look very similar to Google Adwords, should you have an active campaign running.


Creating a PPC campaign is quite similar to the PPV process we just walked through. Most of the targeting and campaign settings are the same. The main difference between the two is that you will actually create your own PPC ads that you want to be seen by others. This is as simple as plugging in your headline, description, display and destination URL.

Once this process is completed, you can then fund your account and go live with your campaign. The initial deposit to go live with your campaign is $100. Minimum deposits after your first, can be as low as $10 each. Another great feature of SelfAdvertiser, is that they accept Paypal (or credit cards and wire transfer if you prefer).


With your campaign in the system and your deposit being made, it’s only a matter of waiting a few minutes time (usually 15 mins) to start seeing your campaign data update within your dashboard area. You will be able to monitor your campaigns from within your main login screen, which also breaks down each of your campaigns and showing individual budget, costs, impressions, clicks, CTR and CPC for each campaign. This data can also be exported as a CSV for download and further analysis.


Pushing Quality Traffic with SelfAdvertising

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to growing a website or business online, there is no better way than paid advertising. Sure, SEO and social media are great… but they can also take months and years to result in any real traffic or business to your site. is a top player in the online marketing and traffic buying space. I highly recommend you take the time to create a free account on their platform and see what they have to offer. The only way to find out where your next huge traffic source and lead generation outlet might be, is to simply try it out for yourself.

SelfAdvertiser BONUS Code: Use code “ZACSELF” when making a deposit of $100 or more, to automatically receive a $100 matching bonus towards your account. (Limited for one user per account).

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