Local SEO Tips for Therapists, Counselors and Private Practices in 2019

For small businesses like therapy practices, search engine optimization is a crucial element of successful marketing. Improving your SEO can help you have one of the best therapist websites, which will, in turn, attract more clients.

When people are seeking new services–such as finding a new therapist–internet search engines are their primary source of research. If potential clients cannot find your website when searching online, they will never convert to actual clients.

SEO for therapists can be a difficult concept, though. Most therapists focus on how they can best serve their clients, which is important. In order to be able to reach and help more clients, though, you need to know how to market yourself.

Below, we’re sharing tips on marketing for therapists, and how you can create one of the top therapist websites that is search engine optimized. Read on to learn more.

1. Create Valuable Content

Incorporating popular and highly searched keywords into your website is an important way that you will be able to improve your SEO ranking. That being said, SEO for therapists is not as simple as just dropping keywords into random web pages. If you want your website to be one of the best therapy websites, you need to incorporate keywords in a thoughtful way.

You want the content you create for your web pages to provide value for anyone visiting your site. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a blog on your website.

You can use your blog to post long-form content about relevant topics that potential clients will actually care about, like how to overcome fear or strategies for combating stress. As an added bonus, you can create short videos to highlight the benefits and takeaways given within your blog content as well. You can can see an example of how this was done in the video below for the ‘overcoming fear’ article referenced above.

Once you’ve established your blog, incorporating keywords into your posts will become seamless. You’ll attract potential clients to your website, and you’ll provide them with value once they have found your page.

2. Don’t Forget the Basics

You probably already know that you need to list the address and contact information of your therapy practice on your website. But you may not realize that the way you list it matters and can have important SEO implications.

Rather than having one dedicated contact page, list your contact information on every page. You can do this in a header, or footer, or on a sidebar. Having this information on every page is a convenience to potential clients, but can also boost your SEO ranking.

For more guidance on this, take a look at any of the footer areas of your competition. A perfect example of this can be seen at the bottom of the GoodTherapy site. Depending on how many pages your site is going to have, you can also use the footer area to highlight different company locations, the top resources on your site, and also how to best follow the company on social media and get in touch with you directly.

3. Design Matters

The longer potential clients stay on your website and the more pages they navigate to, the better your SEO will be. That’s where your web design comes in. You want the viewing experience to be enjoyable, so users will stay on your page.

The top therapist websites are clean and simple. Don’t use too many colors or hard-to-read fonts. You’ll also want to make sure your web design works on mobile, as many people will be accessing your site from their smartphone.

You can see a bunch of relevant themes for WordPress here — which also features many similar to the one below.

The great thing about designing your site with a premium WordPress theme, is that most of the work is already done for you.

Since most of these themes are built with a professional look and feel, all you need to do is plug in your practice information and maybe add a couple new pictures.

Want to Know More about Marketing for Local Businesses?

As a therapist, your main goal is to help your clients. But if they can’t find your practice, they’ll never be able to benefit from your services. Marketing for therapists is an important way you can build your client base and help more people.

For more information on marketing tools, please contact us at any time.

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