SEO Think Tank, Unlike Any Other Conference!

HTML clipboardI just returned from SEO Think Tank in San Diego, California and I have to tell you, this event was like no other. I had already met the majority of attendees at this event earlier in the year at Elite Retreat. Heading into SEO Think Tank, there was no agenda released, no sessions planned, no keynote speakers and many of us had no idea what to expect next. Here’s how it all went down…

Day 1
Once I arrived at the airport in San Diego, I met up with Jeremy Schoemaker who also just landed. A driver picked us both up and brought us to our hotels, then we headed out to breakfast then down the the beach where a huge tent was set up, that we would continually come back to over the next three days.

Once the majority of Think Tankers showed up, we had surfing lessons, and almost everyone participated. This was also the first time I ever went surfing, along with many others. Later in the day we also played football, had dinner and headed back to the hotel for drinks.

Day 2
After breakfast we headed over the beach again and had a speed networking session which gave everyone 2 minutes to introduce each other and say what they do. This quick networking was enough for everyone to get a quick idea of what everyone does, while getting to know everyone’s name as well.

The most exciting part of the event was “Fight Club!“. We headed over to a YMCA, where we met with Randy Couture’s MMA trainer, Shawn Tompkins and another MMA fighter. In addition to watching these two guys battle it out for a bit on the mats, we also had a chance to get in on the action and go through some MMA training. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with one of the best MMA trainers in the world. Afterwards everyone’s bodies were killing them for the next several days from the training.

After MMA training, we headed back to the beach where we had a big Mongolian dinner, where the restaurant basically took their whole kitchen down to the beach and made our fresh dinners right in front of us.

Later that night we had poker games spanning through the night and lasting nearly 6 hours before everyone turned in.

The last day of SEO Think Tank started again with a breakfast at a nice restaurant, filling up the whole building. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and beach for a bit.

The majority of networking and brainstorming took place on the last day and it lasted four hours long. Once again, the group took over a real fancy restaurant & bar and we all discussed ideas and problems we have.

D.K., the founder of SEO Think Tank, wanted to throw something special together for everyone at the event, so after the brain storming session we headed over to another bar where D.K. had setup a modeling contest with various models featuring different shirts of multiple advertisers. The winner would then receive $1,000 and a ticket to D.K.’s PubCon poker tournament in Las Vegas.

The dinner for the last night was an actual BBQ with chicken and ribs, and there was a massive amount of food left over. Whoever was still around that night, stayed late into the night until the tent was taken down and we were headed off the beach.

– This may sound like a summer fun camp for kids (millionaires)… but it was actually so much more. When you get to the point where you can afford to pay $5,000 to attend an event like this, you are probably at the point where you won’t learn much at the traditional networking and conference events.

– No one is afraid to share their secrets or ask for advice. Everyone that attends that event has to sign a non-disclosure agreement and is very open with everyone else. There were also just under 60 attendees at the event.

– All attendees were taken care of. D.K. does his best when putting a show together and did his best to keep everyone happy. There was never a dull moment. The only problem I had at the event was that I ended up in a different hotel, which didn’t have internet access, so I wasn’t able to post any new updates to the blog. However, there was always so much going on… I didn’t mind not trying to make time to get online.

If you feel you are in the upper class of affiliate or internet marketers and looking for something new, than SEO Think Tank would be a great choice for you to attend. It’s unlike any other networking or conference around… and everyone is at the same level. Also, DK and Purpose, Inc will be throwing an awesome Poker Tournament at PubCon in Las Vegas during November if you can make it.

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    1. I don’t think so, Shoe was too busy going around trying to get those fighters to advertise his site, 😛

  1. "If you feel you are in the upper class of affiliate or internet marketers…"

    what exactly does that mean?

    1. It's meant to come off as… you are sick of learning nothing at the regular conferences every year and are willing to pay more to network with the elite.

    1. I would spend if my monthly income stabilize more than $ 5 k / Month, because after taking part in this kind of event may double revenue.

  2. Zac,

    I guess that the SEO Think Tank events, 'softened the blow' of seeing your $27,000.00 gone after you re-aquired web access on your phone? Ouch!

    I'm still trying to sort out my next move based on "info-overload". I found a PPC / SEO consultant who had some good advice for traffic-building in my network / blogs.

    Thanks for spending some time with me at the Market Leverage dinner at BWE08. It was encouraging for a newbie to hear that persistence pays off.

    Respectfully, Nicholas – 'the video guy' at BlogWorld Expo 2008

  3. My friend Andy went, I will have to get with him and see what he thought about it. Maybe I will go next time.

  4. Looks like you had a good time. You are right; it definitely seems like a summer fun camp. Bet it sure was great though.

  5. well i thought its going to be absolute intellectual people meet……. but its more than that

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