September 2008 Blog Revenue Report

September ended up being my busiest month yet (travel wise), since I started making money online 12 years ago. The beginning of the month started off with IzeaFest in Florida, then BlogWorld in Las Vegas and finishing up with SEO Think Tank in California. To finish off my cross country tour, I will be speaking this weekend at Affiliate Summit Social Media NY.

In addition to all of my traveling, my goal for September was to try and make a blog post every day. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make a post everyday, but I came very close and ended up with 28 posts. This was almost a 100% increase from the 15 posts I wrote in August. So what do think? Should I continue to post almost every day?

Total profit from the blog in August was $4,108.21, and the revenue report for September is below.


– Affiliate Sales/Referrals: $3,179.33
– Private Ad Sales: $3,000.00
Total Revenue: $6,180.98

– Miva Ad Campaign: $188.62
Total Costs: $188.62

Total Blog Income for September 2008: $5,992.36

The only ad costs I have running on the site right now is for the Miva campaign I setup months ago. My account is now finally depleted with the initial few hundred I deposit into the campaign, and I will no longer be using their search marketing. No so much from a quality stand point, but mainly because I didn’t set anything up to track it’s performance on the blog.

There are only two “Blog Revenue” reports left, and those are for October and November. Once December hits, that will be the one year case study of “making money with a blog“. It’s been less than a year and’s first month of generating revenue, in the amount of $1,487.64, has increased nearly 4 times… to over $6,000 in revenue a month. Not a bad case study for helping others make money online, while showing how it’s done in the process. Depending on how the next two month’s perform, this blog may earn over $40,000 within it’s first year of generating revenue… but the branding, networking and relationships resulting from the blog have been priceless. Thank you!

If you havenÒ€ℒt already, follow me on Twitter and be sure to submit your questions and requests for future posts. Thanks for being a reader!

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      1. That will just make us want to make money more. We should ask him not to share it otherwise it is just depressing.

  1. nice dude…can you describe the breakout of your affiliate earnings? what are people buying/signing up for?

  2. Nice earning Zac, Congratulation again. Mine for the month of September was about $3k, where $1k is from my blog and the rest from other websites that I have.


  3. YES you should continue in this way, i visit your blog everydays.. because of you i now generate over 75$ per days with a 10$ per days ppc budget. Thanks for having this blog and help new affiliate to earn money online. I Do it for my mom who have health problem but one days i will offer hiw what she deserve.. Thanks for all. A++

  4. great earnings. really inspiring for us new bloggers. just subscribed here and up for learning more from your blog.

  5. This blog is another testimony about the power of affiliate links on blogs which a lot of people understimate …. Btw, i thought you are gonna post the caption contest winners..

  6. Nice record! If you create a course on your success, you can double your income! I want to learn from you, let's create a course or something…

  7. Congratulations Zac. I think daily posts are the way forward as long as you enough enough to write about. $40,000 a year from blogging is not bad, not bad at all..

  8. Nice job Zac! You got to travel to all of the great shows and increase your income! I think you should post 2 or 3 times a day! Joking! I do like it when you post daily though!

  9. Thanks for sharing this information, Zac. Gives the rest of us something to shoot for that may be within our realm.

    1. No, they weren't included… as that's more of the business whole. Flights to Florida, Vegas, California… Hotels in each… it all adds up, but it's all part of networking and keeping at it.

      Luckily the SEO Think Tank trip was all paid for, and my stay in Vegas was comp'd!

      1. I see.

        Do you reckon you make money or lose money through these conferences (ie: regain travel costs through new advertisers, networking, etc.)

    1. Attending sessions.. usually no, they are all the same now, I've been going to them forever now.

      For networking and meeting everyone that reads the blog… it's awesome! Also brings in a few new advertisers and deals here and there.

  10. Good stuff Zac,

    Good info on your blog. Just one thing what i would do is that freakin copyright put it on 2008 well 2009 almost.

    other then that good stuff. i like to read your posts and i'm not even in affiliate marketing :-).


  11. still $6K is really a great income and big money. well, you deserved. i hope i can earn that big money too.

  12. Congratulations Zac. It's great to see you have made another success. I sure hope one day I can work with you on something πŸ™‚ I'm currently working on arcade sites now after selling off bloggin-ads. We'll see how that turns out.


  13. Thanks for your candid post.

    It has inspired me in two ways

    1. I do not post frequently in my blog and maybe perhaps I should. Problem is finding good, useful information in my niche to share with readers of my blog. I guess the message in your post is try harder

    2. Your monthly income from your blog is inspiring. Obviously I do not make anything near what you are making. But I am encouraged

    Thank you

  14. You already know what I think about this – keep posting these updates, even after your yearly case study is finished!

    Maybe we can race to see who hits the $10,000 first πŸ™‚

    In any case, congrats! This is the best job in the world… the $6,000/month is just a bonus!

  15. These are some nice numbers Zac. I'm not there yet, but surely can't wait for it. πŸ™‚

    By the way, is this "blog revenue report" just from this blog?

  16. Nice to see that you're earning decent money from the blog. Have you broke the earning down by hour (time spent working on the site)?

    1. 1-2 hours per day I would guess… depends on how much content I write. However, there is also the constant networking, researching and emails from the blog as well.

  17. not a bad month! it's awesome that your independently sold ads are bringing in as much as the affiliate revenue. for most affiliates it's VERY hard to get any other source of income to equal the affiliate sales. do you do ppc?

  18. I don't think much more about it, because for me this is big revenue for a month. If i am not wrong than you used earn monthly more than $ 20 k. am i right?

  19. I think if you can post each day at least one post. It helps you get more pages in the search engines and its more content for people to share.

  20. Once a day is a much better posting frequency, and I think you have proved it yourself with your increase in earnings.

  21. The only blogs though that make money are the blogs that talk about making money. Can you have blogs on other topics and make money? I have not seen any yet.

    1. I have one blog on real estate and another blog in another niche. The make money defintely gets more pull, but you can make money in other niches also. Just a lot more work and you need to know what your talking about.

  22. Dam thanks for making us more jealous than we already are!! Well congrats none the less! and good luck. Affiliate links on ur blog made u like 3g's in a month!! That must mean ur giving out some good information! πŸ˜€

  23. Dam nice job man ! Keep it up. Ya , if your affiliates are making you 3k a month, your giving out something right thats for sure!

  24. Congrat Zac……$6K / month is not a bad income weldone… wishing you all the best…..

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