September Goals & Blog Contest Winners

Written by Zac Johnson
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This should be a very exciting month! In less than 10 days I will be headed to Florida for IzeaFest and nearly a week later I’ll be off to Las Vegas for BlogWorld. My personal goal for the month is to make at least 30 posts this month (if not more). I’ve only been averaging around 15-20 post per month… leaving many visitors with prior days new content. In addition to putting more effort on this blog, I’m going to try and go live with another blog or two this month. (One big one as a new hobby/case study… and see if I can setup a few others for individual offers)

If you have any ideas for new posts or for case studies, please feel free to leave a comment or send over an email. I also encourage you to follow me on twitter and subscribe to my newsletter.

In my recent “Affiliate Marketing & Blog Contests” post, I listed some of the current contest promotions going on across the web, and a chance for anyone commenting on the post to receive a free t-shirt. Three random comments were selected and the winners are: Trisha Lyn Fawver, Miguel Alvarez and Eva White. I’ll continue this same type of promotion again, but this time it will be awarded to the top 5 commenters for the month.

What are some of your goals for this September, and who will be able to make it to IzeaFest and BlogWorld this year?

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29 Replies to “September Goals & Blog Contest Winners”

  1. Great goal! 1 Post a day is perfect. Enough articles to where everyone can find something they like.

    1. 1 post a day is ideal, but not unless they are written with quality. I prefer to let the posts to get the proper feedback in 1-2 days

        1. It is the job of consistently coming up with quality content that can limit the number of posts i feel. Anyway good goal and all the best.

  2. Do keep the quality content coming and hope you are not losing focus on your this blog with the upcoming 1-2 blogs that you are about to start.

  3. Let me see, a post a day seems reasonable if you only have one blog to maintain. Perhaps that is where I have gone wrong, in trying to maintain 7 blogs. Good luck on your trip.

    1. Yeah, I have 3 going right now, and between designing the third one, and writing for the other 2, I have ZERO time. I have no idea how people do it.

  4. Post a day is nice, but I find it hard to do on the weekends (unless I write during the week and post-date it).

    I don't think every post has to be award winning, but 5 decent posts a week is good enough for me to come back.

  5. Hey Zac,

    Good luck with the new post goals. You inspired me to be more focused on consistent posting. I look forward to more quality stuff from you and seeing you at IZEAFest and BWE.

  6. I'd love to be able to make 1 post a day – but life is just so darn hectic.

    Anyway, it'll be good if u do manage to get one a day done, and continue the comps

    1. I know he was a little behind, as he did June's in August, but there's one less post you have to come up with for September, Zac. πŸ™‚

  7. I remember there was one week where you didn't post anything and I saw people complaining like "it's been a week, where's the new post?!" lol.. but 30 is definitely doable.


  8. Hi Zac,

    I'm TOTALLY behind on stuff and just saw this – I don't know how I missed it! Thanks for randomly picking me to get a free tee – please feel free to email me more info. Thanks & take care!


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