How to Make Money Promoting Games through Shark Games

The gaming market is huge and it’s recent growth really has no end in sight. Back in the day, gaming was all about consoles like Nintendo, SEGA and Playstation — now it’s all about playing games online and through our mobile devices. Since there is no longer a need for physical items and software to be purchased and shipped, it’s now easier than ever for content creators, developers and affiliate marketers to cash in on the massive opportunities within the gaming industry right now.

Once such affiliate network to help you find success, is Shark Games — a network focused solely on web and mobile based gaming while also providing you with the best tools and resources.

In this review we are going to look at the Shark Games network, the different campaigns they have to offer and how you can start making money or increasing your earnings through gaming related offers.

Shark Games – International Game Affiliate Network

Shark Games currently has over 100 different gaming and mobile based offers on their network. As with all affiliate based marketing, the publisher will receive a commission whenever a game or application is downloaded (or opened and played). A great opportunity for any existing app developer or rewards-based sites, is to promote any of the offers that are currently approved for incentivization.


When first logging into the network, you will recognize it’s interface is powered through HasOffers, which also powers many of the largest affiliate networks in the world today. Payouts to affiliates are made on a weekly, monthly and Net30 basis depending on volume and quality of leads. Payments are issued through Paypal, BankWire and WebMoney. Should you have a website or affiliate resource site, you can also refer new affiliates to Shark Games and earn a 5% commission on their earnings.

Promoting Gaming Offers within Shark Games

Once you are setup with Shark Games affiliate account, you can log into their platform and start promoting offers. Before doing so, you will want to take a look at the top performing offers currently on the network. You can see a screenshot of this area below. Notice the different offers and how they are separated by device. You can also pull similar reports to see offers based on their incentivized and non-incentivized ability.

Game Shark IOS and Android Offers

Offers can also be sorted based on their category, country, mobile device and payout structure.

If you wanted to pull all offers that are available for Android promotion, you would see there are currently 50 different offers to choose from.


Once you found an offer you would like to promote, you can click on it to see it’s full campaign details, payouts, creatives and accepted promotional methods.

Below you will see the breakdown for the “Wi-Fi Master Key” app, which has been performing well on Shark Games. Depending on the offer you choose, you may start pushing traffic to it immediately or you might need to request approval on the offer. Once you have full access, you can setup all necessary tracking urls, custom ids or pixels.


When promoting an offer (WiFi Master Key in this case), the user is sent directly to the Google Play install page where they can complete the app install process. Having the ability to send a user directly to the Google Play store is a huge benefit, as it’s a site and brand they are already familiar with.


Once the end user completes the installation, you would then earn the designated compensation for that offer.

How to Make Money Promoting Games through Game Shark

Just like any form of affiliate marketing, your results will vary based on the marketing methods you decide to use. I’ve listed some of the most common methods for promoting gaming offers and mobile applications below.

  • In-App Promotions – As a developer of your own apps, you can easily implement upgrades or rewards based on incentivizing your users to download different apps. These apps could be mobile based games such as the ones Shark Games is offering.
  • Mobile Media Buying – Even if you aren’t a developer or have your own apps, there is sill plenty of advertising that you can take advantage of through 3rd party media buying networks. Such advertising can be done through mobile popups and incentivized offerings.
  • Gaming Resource Sites – For the content creators out there, gaming resource and review sites are always getting a ton of traffic. Should your site rank organically for any the games you review, you could have a nice consistent flow of revenue daily.

No matter what method you choose for promoting gaming and mobile based offers, the most important thing to know is that there is a massive upside in this industry. As more people use their mobile devices and upgrade to smartphones, the demand for new users and money pouring into this area is huge.

Take advantage of online gaming and mobile applications by joining Shark Games affiliate network today.

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