ShoeMoney System: One Month Later & Why It Works

The first launch of the ShoeMoney System was crazy. Everyone was pushing emails, writing blog posts and getting on the ShoeMoney mailing list. Before the day was over, nearly all spots in the ShoeMoney System were locked up. Once again, Jeremy has opened the gates. If you missed out the first time, you got lucky… because now the program is even better.

Ok, I admit it… I was curious about the ShoeMoney System, so I actually paid the $197 a month to see if the program could live up to all of it’s hype. The first few weeks were pretty slow and introductory. I didn’t signup to pay $197 a month to watch videos on how to join eBay and setup an affiliate program with Azoogle. I wasn’t alone… the ShoeMoney System members talked and Jeremy listened.

Now instead of having  to wait for simple intro videos every few days, Jeremy added everything so you can access them right away! This new category includes 40 videos how “How to Get Started Videos“. If you couldn’t get in last month, you just saved yourself some good money and time. If you join today, you will have full access to these 40 videos instantly, with new videos of core training added every few days.

The new focus is giving new affiliates they need instantly, and for veteran affiliates to pass through the intro videos. Jeremy re-arranged the course material so that you get to make your first $100 before the first 30 days are over and your first $500 before 60 days are up. If not, you have 60 days to request a full refund… it’s that simple.

The ShoeMoney System Promise
The reason why I ended up joining the ShoeMoney System, is because it’s made up of all videos. Other training programs may work, but a lot of them are text and ebook based. With Jeremy’s videos, you can have them running while you work, and actually get a grasp on things as you are watching as it’s done.

As a member, you will also have access to, and the promise of the following:

* 60 day 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.
* $2500 in free advertising money from companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Myspace… etc..
* The course is a complete training system walking you through the basics of just creating accounts to complex arbitrage and ppc techniques with every advertising system.
* The core training system is delivered 2-3 days a week
* bi-weekly live coaching webinars with me.
* 24/7 support
* Tons of supplemental support content

User Testimonials

In a previous email from Jeremy, he included a few user testimonials and also mentioned it has one of the lowest refund/cancellation rates ever seen from ClickBank (the cc processing company) in their 12 years of operation! This means ShoeMoney System subscribers are happy and continuing their monthly members. Here’s what a few members had to say.

+ “I CANNOT FRIGGIN BELIVE IT!!!!!! In less than 16 hours
with no more time spent than 1.5 hours I have made  my
first arbitrage deal on ebay and made my first $437.00!”

+ “Jeremy, thank you thank you thank you for creating
this product. I made my first commission today and I
am very optimistic about the future”

+ “Wow. The arbitrage video series is mind blowing.
I cannot wait for the next video to show up in my inbox”

For anyone who didn’t get in yet, that pretty much sums it up. I’m into month two now and videos are moving into Social Media marketing. It should get more interesting in the next month or so when we see some actual campaigns being setup and have access to some new marketing videos.

If you are somewhat new to affiliate marketing, this is the perfect program for you. If you are experienced and already making some serious money online, it will most likely take a couple months before you see some useful video tutorials. Jeremy goes over this process, member questions and more in each every-other-week webinar.

Reserve your place in the ShoeMoney System.

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  1. big fan of the shoemoney system. Jeremy really put out a quality product and he is one of those guys that will continue to use the feedback from his customers to make the product better.

  2. hey, this shoemoney thing sounds intriguing. What is ebay arbitrage? Has it been discussed here or anywhere else? Thanks for sharing

    1. In the Week 5 webinar ShoeMoney was touching on this briefly. He mentioned you can buy books before a movie comes out, then when the movie is released, they sell for several times more on ebay. Yes, it's only a few dollars here and there, but it's mainly the concept and how it can be implemented to other things.

    1. They definitely are basic, but as Jeremy keeps saying the Webinar, it is a lessons plan and learning process. Some members have asked for the coupon codes and advanced video, but he is releasing the system to everyone as they progress.

  3. Great review and added features, I was a member of Shoe-money tools a while back and dropped it, but there was always good content. I think I will try to get in now that there are spaces available again.

  4. That is still worthy with that amount for new startups who wants to invest their time and money in online business through marketing or through organic traffic.

  5. I can't believe you're still pushing this crap system. I guess Shoemoney paid for another sponsored post. Interesting that you choose not to follow the FTC regulations on this.

    Are we supposed to be excited that he smartened up and put up more content than just nonsense about how to sign up for Google accounts?

    On other blogs I have noticed people complaining that you don't actually get the $2500 in advertising coupons.

    So buyer beware….Shoemoney is a shady mofo.

    1. This wasn't a paid review by Shoemoney, though the post includes my referral link. There are always tweaks and complaints during the first month of going live. I'm looking for better video content in the coming weeks as well.

  6. The honesty is that I'm paying the $197 a month (it's a cost to report and see what this program has to offer), along with other members, and we weren't too happy with the new videos released every few days, then finding that they were introductory as anything. At least we now know we won't see these videos in the cycle again.

    Is the process slow for veteran affiliates? Yes. Should there be a way to by pass around this? Yes… but that wouldn't make good for the learning process and membership cycle.

    The program is only two months in and with continuing membership growing, I'm sure more improvements will be made and the $197 a month is not cheap for most newbies trying to learn how to make money online.

    If you are brand new to affiliate marketing, or how to make money online, the ShoeMoney System videos would be great. For the average/veteran affiliate, Jeremy needs to rework the system.

    1. You mean no more basic videos like "How To Setup A Facebook Fan Page"? Well worth waiting 5 weeks for! Remember that the course was also supposed to have been tested extensively (that's what he said in the introductery videos). How come none of his testers told him delivery was too basic and too slow? Why have all those beta testers and not FIX any problems. And if he spent a year teaching Jamie how to make money from the internet how come the smallest bit of research shows that what he is teaching her wasn't recorded anything like a year ago (check the forums she posted to). It's almost like the content is being made up as it goes along.

      You are paying $197 to test his "system" so that he can sell it over and over again. A rant? Yes. I haven't even mentioned that he shows you the 6 ways of making money online and then the first actual useful video has nothing to do with those 6 ways (ebay arbitrage). Genius.

  7. That is still worthy with that amount for new startups who wants to invest their time and money in online business through marketing or through organic traffic.

  8. I just joined the Shoemoney system last week and have been impressed so far. I'm looking forward to the section on how to use Facebook for affiliate marketing. I've tried this myself with a little success but not much, so looking forward to see what SM has to say about it.

  9. I think Shoemoney had some unrealistic plan of getting everyone to subscribe for his system for 6+ months to get to the good content. After some backlash he had to give up on that plan and release some of the better videos. Just because he acknowledged a problem with the system, it does not mean that all the other problems are fixed. It will still be a work in progress. Time will tell if his product really is worthwhile, but for this price I doubt it.

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