ShoeMoney Tools – Save 80% Off Your 1st Month!

It was great to meet up and hang with Jeremy at BlogWorld last week, and I’m actually on my way to meet with him again at SEO Think Tank in San Diego, California this weekend. Everyone knows that Jeremy can produce big numbers and has been making big money for years now… but how does he do it, and what tools does he use? The secrets are finally out, and ShoeMoney Tools is now live for everyone to join. I’ve had the opportunity to log into the service and preview the tools for the past couple of weeks and there is some pretty cool stuff in there, let’s check it out what ShoeMoney has created! Blog Readers Save 80% Off!
First off, before going over each of the tools available in the system, I wanted to give you the opportunity to save an awesome 80% off in your first month. Instead of having to pay the normal fee of $99 a month, you can try out the program for only $19.80 during your first month! – Just use the code “zacjohnson” when you sign up. If you aren’t happy with the tools available, just cancel your account before the end of the month.

What Can ShoeMoney Tools do for You?
Right now there are 19 tools in the system, and the ability to request more tools and run the ShoeMoney Tools affiliate program… without being a member, you can’t access any of them.

The PPC Tools are my favorite, as they can really speed up your campaign building and group together keywords and generate ad copies for you, while showing how your competition is advertising! The “SEO Tools” and “Link Building Tools” are also pretty cool, especially if you like spying on your competition to see their link building strategies, rankings or to compare rankings.

The Future of ShoeMoney Tools
Once you are a member, you can log into the system and access all of the tools. However, what I am really looking forward too, is what tools will be added over time. As more members join ShoeMoney Tools and more requests are sent in, I can only see this resource getting better and better.

ShoeMoney Tools Video Tutorial
To finish off the review of ShoeMoney Tools, I’ll let Jeremy do the rest. Please watch the video below as each of the tools and the admin area are explained. (Once you are a member, there are a lot more video tutorials to walk you through several of the tools in the site.)

[youtube UL2MmYhgQro nolink]

Please feel free to join ShoeMoney Tools and save 80% off (use coupon code: ZACJOHNSON), and also leave any comments on what tools you think would improve the ShoeMoney Tools service.

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  1. Second time I have read about this, and once again I will urge people to only experiment with money they can afford to loose!

  2. I use the Shoemoney Tools and love them. They are really easy to use and a huge time-saver. You can't go wrong with trying them out for $20.00. The video walks you right through the process.

  3. WOW what a waste of money, you can find all these tools for free and half of them you don't even need in the first place.

  4. Big fan of shoemoney but like another commenter said these tools can be found for free throughout the internet other than one or two of them. I think a trial for a month wouldn't be bad but I would hate to pay a good amount of money for access to them monthly.

  5. I tried a lot of tools online, sounds nice to have all of them on the same place, i will give a try to this tools from ShoeMoney.

    Thanks for the discount Zac!

  6. I have to disagree with you here.. some of the tools he is offering are actually unique tools and for 20 $ there is no harm in giving it a try …

  7. I signed up. I'm a pretty big noob (going on two weeks of learning affiliate marketing), but I'm not liking the tools. Like others have said, most of these tools can be found elsewhere online, and it's definitely not worth $100.00/month. I think his system definitely needs some work. Seems like it was just thrown together on a whim. I don't blame him for wanting $100 bucks a month from everyone that's interested in how me makes money though. The guy's a genius.

    Just my thoughts.

    – Jeremy

  8. Yeah, it's nice for $20/month but after the first month, it just goes right back up to $99/month, right?


  9. Oh, and of course I didn't get a chance to enter your caption contest! Dammit! Lol… figured I'd just post it here since you closed comments on that post.


  10. yeah, there are many available seo tools that is free. but may i would like to try that is paid and see what is difference with free and paid seo tools

  11. I'm trying it out for a month. After working with it late last night, some tools work well and others not so well. The keyword generator worked well for ringtones, but only got a dozen or so words for some travel related terms, when I should have gotten hundreds or thousands. I'll be leaving some feedback for Shoe.

    1. The keyword generator does look very promising. I'm already with PPC Coach though, so I'm not sure I'm going to need this. I have some thinking to do.

  12. Oh man. Another great service to sign up for! I already signed up for PPC Coach a few weeks ago, and I'm about to sign up for AWeber. This is going to put my monthly budget on overboard!

  13. Dam, 20 bux! With this deal, I can give it a shot and hopefully make the $100.00 for the next month 😀 I'll be purchasing this and leaving a review for sure. Thanks for posting!

  14. Yes maybe by 2028 you will have a associate’s degree’s years salary saved up with that 100 a month.

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