ShoeMoney vs John Chow RSS Contest

There is a contest going on between John Chow (Chow’s prizes) and ShoeMoney (Shoe’s Prizes) to see who can get the most subscribers by the end of the month. Before the contest started, ShoeMoney already had a few more subscribers than John Chow. Since the month is midway through now and the numbers are getting close, both sides have stepped it up with their own promotions and contests. The most recent contest promotion is a massive one from ShoeMoney, where he has received over $13,000 worth of prizes. Most of them being ebooks, reviews or services. I decided to throw in a prize of my own to the contest as well. You can win this sweet limited edition Spiderman statue valued at $100! (I can’t think of anyone better to represent this blog) If I was entering the contest, this is the prize I would be aiming for! 🙂

Who will win the contest in the end? We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, feel free to join either or both of these great feeds. New winners will be selected from John Chow and Shoemoney throughout the month.

Looking for even more contest fun? Don’t forget, I’m still giving away plenty of Free Conference Passes to Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas during February 2008. This prize is valued at $949 and attending this event will change the way you do business online forever!

Enter to Win "Zac’s Free Affiliate Summit Pass!

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  1. John Chow took an early lead and was the quickest off the block.

    The Tortoise and the Hare springs to mind.

    For two weeks ShoeMoney didn't respond, till he switched gears with a $13K giveaway.

    Should be an interesting race to the finish line.

  2. I think this contest has got a bit silly. Both of them are now requiring people to subscribe via email in order to boost their numbers. Most of those people probably already subscribe via RSS so how many of them are going to keep that email subscription once the prizes are all gone?

    I know it's just a bit of fun but still, it's just silly 🙂

  3. It's nice you have thrown in a Spidey. I am really liking your blog and the info you offer. Look forward to more.

  4. Shoemoney won but somehow his rss feed went from 21k to 15k in like 2 days. Something smells fishy!

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