Short Selling Penny Stocks with Tim Sykes

Written by Zac Johnson
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I’ve been trading stocks since I was in high school. Nothing special, but I’ve always had my eTrade and Ameritrade accounts and invested in many companies I like. Lately the market has just been fluctuating like crazy and the question of whether to buy or sell is always in the back of our minds. You can listen to the news or your financial planner for advice, or even watch how your 401k is roller coasting… but for some of the best performance and advice I’ve seen… look no further than Tim Sykes.

Who is Tim Sykes anyway? Think Jim Cramer (Mad Money)… but of the SHORT SELLING and penny stock world. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tim, here’s a quick run down. “I had a slightly different college experience: skipping classes in favor of trading penny stocks every day, I turned $12,415 in Bar Mitzvah gift money into $2 million and started a hedge fund during my senior year.” No, he didn’t get lucky, and this wasn’t during the rise of the stock market. No matter the weather, Tim has always flown above the storm. Tim is also the #1 trade out of 40,000 on Covestor during 2008 and 2009. Oh wait… he’s an insane entrepreneur marketing genius too!

I’ve been following Tim Sykes for quite some time now and finally got to meet with him in person at BlogWorld last year. Outside of being extremely smart about stocks, he knows how to make money online as well, and is obnoxiously funny and let’s nothing stand in his way. In addition to the several fraud stock promoters he calls out every day, he’s even added Shaquille O’Neal to his list!

Let’s Talk about Tim’s Numbers
First off, for anyone who thinks you need insane massive traffic to become a six or seven figure blogger or affiliate… Syke’s blog only receives around 3,000 visits a day and does SEVEN FIGURES A YEAR. What I truly want to focus on here, is his financial and stock trading numbers, which makes himself, his blog and his formula such a success.

Just take a look at the chart to the right and you will see Tim’s portfolio’s and their results over the past months. Tim trades with multiple accounts based on where to find stocks to short and risk. Below the portfolio earnings you can see Tim’s daily trades. This is just a small snippet, so head over to his site and see the full chart where GREEN heavily out weights the RED.

Building a Formula that Works!
When you are the best at something, you can charge a lot of money for it. However, even if you are going to charge a few thousand dollars an hour for consulting, you are going to drain yourself out and are limited by how many hours you can actually bill out. Tim instead took what he knew (how to make money trading stocks) and made his own “Tim Alerts” subscription service. Once Tim makes a trade, you are sent an email, instant message and or text message on his trade. You then make that same trade. Tim will also send you an alert when he decides to sell the stock. It’s that simple! I’ve been a member for a while now and the system is pure gold!

When you have a quality product and subscription program, you can afford to charge $1497 a month! Tim knows everyone has an interest in stock trading, but we are all on different levels. That’s why Tim has subscription plans across the board, as low as $1.50 a day, and you are still receiving the same trade alerts that are making him thousands per day.

Branding + Blogging + Products + New Ideas = Millions!
Once again… it wasn’t enough to be the master of his own domain, Tim brought his trading knowledge to a new level when he introduced earlier this year. The concept behind the site is simple, “Honest Reviews of All Things Financial“. Another gold mine for Sykes, the content is driven by user interaction! In just a few short months the site has already passed 5,000 financial products and over 3,000 users. In addition to Investimonials, Tim has a full line of DVDs and books for learning how to trade stocks and most recently launched his “Ask Tim” section of the site where you can ask anything relating to stocks and investing.

Read my Interview with Tim Sykes
I interviewed a lot of successful people in my Six Figure Affiliate Blogging guide, but Tim Sykes went above and beyond in his interview. Five full pages of questions and answers from Tim Sykes himself, from building his blog, how he does business, his new sites and his brand, and more. Download your free copy now.

Visit Tim Syke’s blog.

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18 Replies to “Short Selling Penny Stocks with Tim Sykes”

  1. Zach ‘for anyone who thinks you need insane massive traffic to become a six or seven figure blogger or affiliate… Syke’s blog only receives around 3,000 sign ups a day and does SEVEN FIGURES A YEAR’. If I had 3k signups on an email submit I would be clearing 7 figures a year. 3k signups a day is HUUUUUGE lol.

  2. Tim Sykes is a genius for making a membership site out of penny stock trading

  3. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-117523" rel="nofollow">@Mike Chiasson:

    Typo on my part, was supposed to say VISITS, not sign ups. I fixed this.

  4. I have never tried penny stocks. If this is a good starting point for investing, then this is worth a try.

  5. no offense but those trade shows are only for 5-10cent stock moves which is great in % term because they are penny stock but to make the profits shown there like $707 profit on a 5cent move you would need to own over 14,000 shares in the stock…..i give props to anyone willing to play penny stock on that scale, crazy…. ill take futures or liquid index options if those small moves over 10,000 shares of risky/manipulated OTC penny stock crap…..but to each his own

  6. Don't know much about this kind of investing, but I love hearing about anyone that can kill it with blogging. Thanks for the tip, an i will take a look at Tim's site for sure.

  7. Brian I dont aim to make 5-10 cent/share, when I do, thats a bad trade and the good news with my strategy is that even most bad trades are still profitable due to the strength of the setup, you will learnnnnn and you will like itttttt

  8. About the Shaq thing, this reminds me about when Shoemoney talks about Adversity and Association 🙂 Nice weapon of marketing!

  9. It is a wise deal to let the penny stocks go if it causes no loss rather than holding it for a long time. helps you know the right time to let these stocks go. It gives you alerts in real time. It offers you a comprehensive analysis of the stock market.

    1. This blog was absolutely fantastic. lots of great information and inspiration, both which we all need it.

  10. Yes this is really a good blog which analysis the data very well..Kudos to Bespoke team for helping small investors.

  11. I was in tension. Because i was wanting to invest but i had a very low money.But now i am tension-free because penny stocks starts from very low scale of investment & gives a sure profit from beginning.

  12. Top 3 brokers for short selling penny stocks as of May 21, 2011; Interactive Brokers, Tradestation and Optionsxpress.

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