Showing the “Luv” to Blog Commentators

Blogs are only as successful as the community of readers and commentators built around it. In an attempt to further benefit my blog readers, I’ve added a new wordpress plugin called CommentLuv. What this plugin brings to the blog, is the functionality for commentators to include their most recent blog post and link, along with their comments. I had previously seen this plugin a while back, but completely forgot about adding it to the site. It wasn’t til I saw it mentioned again on John’s blog, that I went ahead and installed it.

You can see the screen shot of the CommentLuv plugin in action below.

I really like this plugin for two reasons. First, it allows for the commentators and readers of the blog to get something in return for their contribution. Secondly, it also keeps me updated with what my readers are also writing about.

If you’d like to add the CommentLuv plugin to your blog, just head over to their site. As with most plugins, it’s a real easy setup. Once installed, you can register on their site to open up more feature and click tracking capabilities for “last blogs” posted.

In the meantime, if you have a blog, feel free to leave a comment and try it out!

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  1. That's what's up! haha.

    I'm going to go install it right now. Chow did it, you did it, I guess it's about time I jump on the bandwagon.

  2. Wow Zac, like finally! Why do you guys do the same things together? Lol show some luv dude..

    <abbr>Ben Pei’s last blog post..A Day In Johor Bahru, Malaysia</abbr>

  3. Why are you guys so late to the party with comment luv, it has been around a long time and many of us smaller bloggers have been using it for a while.

    <abbr>BenSpark’s last blog post..Being Responsible</abbr>

  4. Sharing the lurve is what the internet is all about, ain't it! Seriously though, this plug in definitely serves as an incentive for people to post (provided they do have their own blogs, that is)

  5. Great idea. Now you just need something for those people who don't have traditional blogs, maybe?

  6. Although the links are still nofollow? Still valuable, of course. But is it an option to turn off?

    <abbr>Dog Lover’s last blog post..Treatment of Dog Parvo</abbr>

  7. The comment luv is a really nice plugin that I have added to many of my blogs. Google probably hates it but that stinks for them. I also was keyword luv which might also catch on sometime. If you put your 'name @ keywords' into a name field with the keyword luv installed, you keywords are converted to external links.

    <abbr>2008 Free Online Taxes’s last blog post..Ten Tips To Deducting Charitable Gifts</abbr>

  8. I am a little new to the blogging world, but I definitely like the idea of this plugin! I plan to get it installed later today.


    <abbr>Wayne’s last blog by Garry Conn</abbr>

  9. wow, you are the third blog I visited this week that decided to talk about this…

    <abbr>Crazy Oldie’s last blog post..The Weekend.</abbr>

  10. It was great hanging with you in Vegas for ASW…Next time you come to Orlando we have to play some ball. Thanks for providing such awesome affiliate tips & tools!

    We'll talk soon

    <abbr>David Brim’s last blog post..Ideas Versus Implementation</abbr>

  11. The Top Commentator plugin you have is already great, but adding CommentLuv shows that you really care about your readers!

    <abbr>Kai Lo’s last blog post..Increase Traffic and Backlinks With Blog Comments</abbr>

  12. I wonder who thought of this first…you or John 😀 This plugin has been available for about 2 years now, but rarely do you see well known bloggers actually care to use it.



  13. I like the CommentLuv feature- it helps me keep an eye on what's going on in the industry and find new bloggers to interact with. Glad you added it to your site!

  14. This Is a great idea, and good luck with it.

    <abbr>BlogAngry’s last blog post..$100 CASH & BLOGANGRY T-SHIRT CONTEST</abbr>

  15. Glad to see the comment luv. I was also glad to see that you didn't make it dofollow as the blog would all of a sudden become even more popular but you would be sorting through thousands of comments daily of spam haha.

    <abbr>Mean Clean Tech’s last blog post..Kevin Rose Leaks Photos of Tesla Model S Electric Car</abbr>

  16. Super! I love this plugin and I think it's a great step to building a better community around your blog.

    <abbr>Affiliate Marketing Blog’s last blog post..Myspace Advertising Not a Total Bust – Results</abbr>

  17. I have been using this plugin on my blog since long time now. I think such plugins should come inbuilt with wordpress.

  18. Very nice,

    <abbr>Girliegeek3152’s last blog post..Apple – iLife – Do more with photos, movies, and music on a Mac.</abbr>

  19. Pretty nice to be using the CommentLuv plugin. I've noticed a bunch of blogs using this now and I think it's pretty cool. It's pretty cool since sometimes I see some interesting blog post titles in other commenter's posts, so I tend to go check them out.

    <abbr>Funny Crap’s last blog post..Weekly Recap – 03/23/2009 – 03/27/2009</abbr>

  20. Wow, you and the Chow at the same time, finally adding something many of us have had for, well, close to a year. Glad to see it, but I always feel it benefits the blog writer also because, who knows, one of the topics a commenter leaves just might interest you also.

    <abbr>Mitch’s last blog post..Is Alexa Relevant Again?</abbr>

  21. You think this plugin will help you get more traffic?

    <abbr>Kai Lo’s last blog post..Make Your Blog More Personal</abbr>

  22. And whats even better is that there are some people that are more likely to comment if the blog has the ability of commentluv, so its a win-win for everyone.

  23. People getting crazy for CommentLuv and i thought they also deserves if you provide commentluv you also loved by people, thx for great decision.

  24. This plugin is great. It's nice to get to know the other readers/commentors of your blog by seeing their blog posts.

    <abbr>Minnesota Attorney’s last blog post..Minnesota Personal Injury Law: Uninsured Motorist Coverage</abbr>

  25. Great concept, and it's definitley a very popular practice but I have to agree with the others, you would get a lot more repeat comments if you canned the nofollow attribute. I do understand the need to get rid of spam, but if you moderate your comments thats not a concern.. Just my two cents, great blog and articles as well.

    <abbr>Jesse’s last blog post..Wordpress Robots.txt file for SEO</abbr>

  26. Have it downloaded and just waiting for final design tweaks to my site before installing — in total agreement with you, though: it's a great gift to give your readership, and the extra something to offer when trying to increase readership and traffic.

    <abbr>Matty Byloos’s last blog post..Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater: Cruising</abbr>

  27. Yes, show the "luv" indeed. Keyword Luv is in fact the best little WordPress Plugin. I think every blogger should be using it.

  28. Thank you for all the info and the 'luv.' I think that is what makes blogging so much more interesting; the exchange of ideas. By offering this service to your readers you provide the incentive to have an open dialogue. Thanks again!

    <abbr>’s last blog post..PPC & Choosing the Right Keywords</abbr>

  29. Sorry to comment in an old post. I am joining the movement right now. I just installed the plugin but my first commenters are still showing as nofollow. This happened because I had set up the plugin to take off the no follow tag only after 3 comments. I got rid of that now but it is too late for those comments.

    I am not having problems with spam so far. I installed Akismet and it takes care of all those spam comments.

  30. I agree CommentLuv is a wonderful plugin that attracts readers to your blog. However CommentLuv does tend to attract spammers. I suggest if you install CommentLuv on your blog you also get a good anti-spamming plugin to help protect your posts from spammers.

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