Simple Steps to Make You a Better Affiliate Marketer

Written by Zac Johnson
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While most people know there is no sure way to get rich quickly, it can still be tempting to check out short cuts to what appears to be “easy” money. If you’re looking for a solid way to earn extra money, you don’t have to fall for scams and schemes, when affiliate marketing can be a great way to add a new revenue stream to your website.

You can learn how to leverage the opportunities presented by affiliate marketing. A professional Internet marketing training course can teach you effective affiliate marketing tools and skills, from engaging your audience to optimizing your website. Of course, a successful affiliate marketer also must employ the basic, proven techniques used in any sales business. If you’re planning on launching an affiliate marketing business, here are some tips to help you get started with a rock-solid foundation you can build upon for years to come.

Know Your Audience

Before you can offer products of interest to your audience, you need to know who they are and what they want. First ask yourself why a visitor comes to your site, and then brainstorm the types of products they might like. Affiliate marketing training can show you how to offer a solution targeted to your audience, so you don’t waste valuable real estate, or turn them off. For example, a blog featuring gluten-free recipes offers a unique solution to a targeted audience. Appropriate affiliate products might include gluten-free packaged goods, kitchen tools, or small appliances. Target your product offerings to make sure your website visitors are getting value from them, as well as from your content.

Build Trust

Consumers buy from people (or companies) they know, like and trust. Developing trust can take some time – but it can be lost in an instant, so tread carefully. One way to build trust is by establishing real relationships with audience and helping them know you better. Another is by offering relevant products your audience values. And finally, it’s always important to be honest and transparent about affiliate marketing. In most cases, your audience will be okay with your affiliate products ads – as long as you don’t overwhelm them with too many.

Likewise, your website visitors will generally accept that you earn a referral credit from their purchase, as long as they know and trust you. But try to avoid making affiliated products the focus of your site. Continue to provide your site visitors with great content – after all, that’s why they’re there. Selling affiliate products is a bonus, and can be a lucrative one – if you learn the necessary skills, build trust and choose the right products.

Choose Your Affiliate Products With Care

When you feature products that are unrelated to your website’s product or service, or that you don’t believe in, you might regret it. So be mindful about promoting products that you know and trust, and can recommend to your audience. Better yet, write up a review and point readers to affiliate ads so they may respond if they choose. Focus on adding value to your site, and always ask yourself, “Will my readers appreciate this?”

When you first become an affiliate marketer, it may take some time to zero in on the right combination of products, terms, payouts and support. Rotate products and ads; change out graphics and copy; and move ads around to see which perform the best. Or, try enrolling in an Internet marketing training course to learn how to create a mix your audience responds to.

Create Relevant, Useful Content

Provide outstanding content and you’ll have a loyal audience that will trust you enough to spread the word about your site, giving you more opportunities to earn extra revenue. Keep your content fresh, original and updated, without focusing solely on your affiliated products. If the quality of your content becomes more about chasing every dollar than providing a service or a solution to your website visitors, you could lose your integrity, your audience’s trust, and your audience. And then, you’ve lost the opportunity to receive revenue on your ads.

An Internet Marketing Training Course Can Help You Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, you can learn the specialized techniques and skills needed to monetize your content through affiliate marketing training. Coursework typically covers search engine marketing training, legal and ethical considerations, and relevant topics such as:

  • Creating compelling content.
  • Integrating affiliate strategies into your marketing.
  • Selecting the right networks.
  • Finding a niche.
  • Getting approved for affiliate programs.
  • Understanding he role of search engine optimization (SEO) in affiliate marketing.
  • Building trust, influence and engagement with customers.
  • Monitoring and promoting your site.

Affiliate marketing training can help you turn your website into a revenue-generating portal. The industry is projected to experience considerable growth in coming years, so why not get in on this potentially lucrative opportunity? Remember these easy tips when you start, and you’ll have the basics for success. To ramp up your affiliate marketing efforts even more quickly, enroll in a professional Internet marketing training course. You’ll obtain the specialized skills and insider techniques you’ll need to build a thriving affiliate marketing program.

This guest post was provided by University Alliance and submitted on behalf of University of San Francisco.  USF offers online marketing courses including SEO training, search engine marketing, social media training, mobile marketing and more.  To learn more about USF’s certificate programs visit

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15 Replies to “Simple Steps to Make You a Better Affiliate Marketer”

  1. Hi,

    No doubt in that simplicity is the best method to get something extraordinary. Here is the good information to impress visitors and you teach very well for how we can attract many customers.
    My recent post Goa Carnival 2012

  2. Thanks for the great article Zac!

    The list you mentioned above is the must-have mindset to grow any Internet business.

    Especially if newbies fail to make money again and again,
    it's important to find a mentor and learn instead of giving up 🙂

  3. short and to the point list indeed Zac,

    Affiliates should try and master the real effective tools that are available out there.
    Using Google free platforms such as Analytic's, Webmaster-tools, Adwords keyword, insight for search, Google trends, etc.
    Once you dominate these tools good enough you enjoy the fruits. this is only part – the net is loaded with great free tools which make marketing efforts easier.

  4. I love the two parts "Create relevant Products" and "Affiliate Products with care". These are some great points. In some ways you are what you sell. If you try to get away with selling cheap and shoddy crap, whether it's an affiliate product or your own product,you're going to lose people no matter how good your material is because they will never develop any sort trust in you.

    This trust you can build within your network is more valuable than any small single sale you might ever make, and can end up paying you great dividends down the road.
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  5. Hey Zach

    Great guest post here. What do you think was meant by “But try to avoid making affiliated products the focus of your site”?

    I could speculate but seems a bit unclear.



  6. Affiliate marketing has been one of the most used way these days.. I haven't tried it but seems to be interesting! Thanks for the tips that you've shared..

  7. Hi Zac,
    Trust is really an important ingredient in any business undertaking. It's very true what is stated in the article that people buy from those that they know, like, and trust that's why it's often mentioned that people buy with their emotions. Many businesses build on these assumptions and create ads that hook the consumers and moves them to buy.
    Providing value by creating relevant and useful content is a great way to build this trust and they will keep coming back for more.
    Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  8. Many sees affiliate marketing is an easy overnight money making but if you dig closer you also needed to gain your followers or visitors TRUST into what you are offering r recommending to them that you yourself believe in it. I guess for me that is the best power that one person can do and also you have had a reputation in the business already which will give you a plus. Meaning who would believe you if you just came in earth one day and ask people to buy this and that when they do know or have any info about you yet.

  9. Great insights for new affiliate marketers and even experienced.
    In my opinion, I think there is a lack for a crucial point even not can be ever considered, due to obvious reasons. Promoting products and services that you use and show your audience the benefits you got by it. This is a crucial step to consider into affiliate marketing.

  10. Thanks for the great tips.

    Building engagement has been the most difficult part for me.

    Great tip on building value. Sometimes in the search of SEO the value may not always be there. But it is something that has to be job one.
    My recent post German Volume Training

  11. As an affiliate marketer myself, I have learned many of these lessons the hard way. These days with Panda updates, Google has raised the bar and it's having an effect on us affiliates. I know my site was way to "affiliate" focused at first because I was unemployed and needed money. There has been some financial success but a big loss in traffic has me re-thinking my marketing techniques and the need to do things differently. Now that I have almost 300 pages those changes are coming slowly but I have already seen traffic growing again. Great article and so true, thanks!

  12. very true….

    building trust ,a relationship and helping your subscribers will always win in the long run…great points

  13. Trying to make sales without building trust was the foolish thing I did when I first started. Thanks for reminding me the fundamentals gain.
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  14. Affiliate marketing training can help you turn your website into a revenue-generating portal. The industry is projected to experience considerable growth in coming years, so why not get in on this potentially lucrative opportunity? Remember these easy tips when you start, and you’ll have the basics for success.

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