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After much procrastination, I finally put the time in to create my first guide through the blog. I didn’t want to throw a simple affiliate guide together and I wanted to make sure it stood out from other simple ebooks, so I combined my success in both affiliate marketing and blogging to create Six Figure Affiliate Blogging. The concept is simple, using a blog and affiliate marketing to generate revenue. In my 97 page guide I also went into detail on how I’ve taken this blog from nothing a few years ago, to what it is today.

You can download your copy of Six Figure Affiliate Blogging for the low price ofร‚ย  $97 FREE!

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As a bonus, I reached out to a few friends and asked for interviews on how their blogging experience has affected their business and changed their lives. I’ve also included some excellent case studies on how these guys are making their fortunes. You will see interviews with very well known bloggers such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Jeremy Schoemaker, John Chow, Brian Clark, Tim Sykes and more.

Affiliate Program & Cash Prizes

Help me promote Six Figure Affiliate Blogging and you can win your share of over $3,000 in cash prizes. You will earn an immediate .10 for each sign up, plus be in the running for several cash prizes. Sign up here for our affiliate program. Based off referral volume, First place wins $1,000, Second place $750 and Third place wins $500… with more cash prizes all the way up to 10th place.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Zac,,Nice book. Glad you included Tim Sykes.. That dude is ridiculous with how much he makes. But not a "blogger" as you think.

    Look forward to the read.

  2. I really like this ebook. It reminded me of some very solid money making strategies that I had forgot about. It will make good reference material for the future as well.

  3. Great work Zac, very useful.. thanks for that. I still haven't read the interviews.. looking forward to that. Thanks again and good luck.

  4. Downloaded Your Free Copy of Six Figure Affiliate Blogging – Great info Zac, thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Zac,

    I just downloaded your ebook. It'll be interesting read I'm sure.

    For some reason your comment form won't allow me to put my blog URL in. It could be my browser but since your blog seems to load for a long time and even now as I write this it says "transferring data from stats.seointellingence. com I'm not going to try another one.

    Your form even allows me to subscribe to comments but not to enter my URL.

    I'll put it here and you can delete it if you wish:

    Thanks for making your ebook available and for sharing your experience for free.


  6. hey Zac Im glad I started earlier promoting your stuff.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway is their any way I can know my standing as an affiliate? I mean how do I know what is my current placing in the contest?

  7. Thanks for sharing this. I get some ideas you've shared. Nice post,.. Its a good job.

  8. Hi Zac,

    Just downloaded the ebook – look forward to the read! Who wouldn't want to make an extra $100,000 as a blogger !


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