Six Figure Jobs with No Degree Required

Written by Zac Johnson
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With school starting up this month, I thought it would be a good idea to write about a few high paying jobs that don’t necessary require a college education. A new article was published at about a salary report compiled by, which ran all of the numbers and found six of the best jobs where top performers are making over $100,000 a year, without a bachelor’s degree. You can read the full article here, or just view my quick preview below.

Fire Chief: Top Pay $121,000 / Median Pay: $72,900

Air Traffic Controller: Top Pay $159,000 / Median Pay: $83,700

Nuclear Power Reactor Manager: Top Pay $128,000 / Median Pay: $86,200

Director of Security: Top Pay $123,000 / Median Pay: $68,700

Elevator Mechanic: Top Pay $109,000 / Median Pay: $72,900

Court Reporter: Top Pay $105,000 / Median Pay: $57,200

It’s actually quite amazing how much some of these jobs are paying. I never would have even thought about how much an “elevator mechanic” makes, but it really is a six figure job!

I don’t know about you, but right when I saw this article, the first thing I thought of was internet and affiliate marketers. A great deal of huge startups were a result of people dropping out of college, or even starting their own businesses in high school or during college. I personally started making money online while I was a Sophomore in high school… and now we are seeing kids make money online in their lower teens. It’s quite amazing and there has never been an opportunity like it before!

Affiliate Marketer: Top Pay $NO LIMIT / Median Pay: $VARIES

The learning curve for affiliate marketing is what you put into it. Whether you have a doctorate, master’s degree, high school diploma, a drop out or even just graduated from elementary school… you can still make money online.

How old were you when you made your first dollar online?

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26 Replies to “Six Figure Jobs with No Degree Required”

  1. Some of these salaries are quite surprising, but it's not as if you can just go apply for these jobs with no experience or training.

    Since I have no interest in going back to school, I should probably ramp up my affiliate marketing biz.

      1. Some time ago I started thinking that usually the ones with no degrees earn 6 figures, instead of the others 🙂

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  2. Elevator mechanics, in the States anyway, are union, and since it is a dangerous job, they get paid very well. But I agree, it is quite surprising.
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  3. When I graduated high school, I wanted to be a photographer. I ran my own part-time business for several years but got burned out on all the time I had to spend away from family to get the job done. I knew there had to be a better way.
    A discovered affiliate marketing abut 6 years ago :-D. and started reading everything I could find about Affiliate Marketing. I made my first $17 online with click bank about 5 years ago. Man I was excited! I love this business.

  4. Wow an elevator mechanic earns that much! Are there very few of them around or is it a very specialist job?
    An air traffic controller would be a good job, not sure how hard a sector it is to get in to. Affiliate marketing is great because anyone can have a go at it. However that also means it is very saturated!

  5. Is it just me or shouldn't an "Air Traffic Controller" have some kind of formal education?
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    1. Some of these do seem odd right? Though the article through does go into detail on how much training and apprentice work is involved in getting these jobs.

  6. Affilliate marketer median pay "Varies".??. I think if you put into account all the people that make $2/month, your average income would be about $100/year.

  7. I used to go out looking for the six figure jobs with no degree required… Well that was before I got in to Online Marketing : )
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  8. Wow, this info is pretty interesting. I never knew these jobs pay that well. But personally, I guess affiliate marketing is more convenient to do since you can pretty much do work in the comforts of your own home.
    I am definitely at awe with young teens already earning so much money, even just by doing blogs, which is pretty much a natural thing to do. I hope every teenager would do something worthwhile like this instead of engaging themselves in drugs and bad company.
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  9. The first dollar I made online was probably selling books on but I’ve been a student of Internet Marketing from the minute I read posts and articles by Yaro Starak on blogging. It’s now been YEARS and the promise of generating passive income 24/7 through typical Internet or affiliate marketing efforts was not a reality UNTIL I aligned my efforts with my core business of helping people and giving guidance that leads to positive change, I now can generate income on and offline with unlimited potential, and it’s ALL residual and will continue to build year after year with the foundation I’ve built. Anyone can do it, it’s low cost, not instant but it can be launched in under 2 weeks, and there’s free training and mentoring so nobody has to do it all by themselves..

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  10. I pick elevator mechanic. You get to save people why helping out the lazy and disabled. People will pay big bucks to be lazy. Elevator are like Grocery stores, society relies on both. Plus it is a jack of all trades, so a mechanically inclined person would find it interesting all the time. Oh… and you make six figures. Dangerous job.

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