Six Months From Today… Where Will You Be?

Written by Zac Johnson
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For anyone who is trying to break into the world of online marketing, it can be quite intimidating… but the biggest reason why so many people fail, is because they lack the ability to take action and get started. There is so much information and different ways to make money online, that choosing a method and actually getting started is a mission in itself.

All businesses take time, but online marketing and businesses are special because they take a much smaller investment to get started, while also being able to obtain profitability in a short amount of time. A good way to look at your destiny for online marketing is setting goals and asking yourself, where will you be six months from today?

If you focused on one method for making money online, failed for the first month or two, then finally had a great understanding on how to build campaigns and start turning a profit, that is a massive improvement compared to other retail businesses and working for someone else. The key takeaway is, the internet is making money for people 24 hours a day, every day… even if you are only making minimal improvements on your ad campaigns and ROI with web sites, that is continual growth that will keep increasing every hour, every day. is a private forum that is focused on teaching those who want to make money online, how to get started and get profitable. The forum is run by Chad Hamzeh and Will Haimerl, who many of you are probably already familiar with, as he helped many people learn how to make money through pay per click marketing in his PPC-Coach forums. The focus of the forum is to create a tight community group that allows you to ask any questions you have about making money online, while getting started and documenting your process along the way. Through the help from Chad, Will and the forum, your mission is to have a successful and profitable business running within the next six months.

Let’s take a deeper look into what members of the forum will have access to:

It’s a Private Community, with 1 on 1 Support

Will is obviously a veteran of creating private access forums, but it now seems to be the method of choice when creating a training and membership program. Since users can openly discuss and talk about any existing campaigns or questions they might have, not only can Will and Chad participate in the conversation, but other members of the forum and communicate, offer their opinions and learn from the process as well. As more people join the forum, the more content/case studies/tips are available to everyone else within the forum.

Something different Six Months From Today is doing with their forum, is offering private one on one support. Through their private discussion area, you can post questions or your ad campaigns/creative, to get advice you might not want to ask in an open forum. Whether you are embarrassed to ask such a simple question, or don’t want everyone to see the ad campaign you are working on, only you, Chad and Will can see the posts in this private section of the forum.

Methods of Advertising & Generating Revenue

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of ways to make money online. Through SMFT, the forum will focus on different marketing tactics such as pay per click marketing, CPV and PPV advertising, media buying, email and social network advertising such as Facebook Ads and Plenty of Fish. Of all the different traffic generation methods posted, the Facebook Ads thread has the most activity. For anyone who likes playing around with social networking/dating ads, Ben from Plenty of Fish is also active in the forum and commenting/answering any related question.

Case Studies and Walk Throughs

I’m a huge fan of case studies, simply because it’s always great to see how creative people are when it comes to thinking up new ad copy and ways to promote ad campaigns. Through out the forum, you will find case studies in different categories. One of my favorite case studies from Chad, is on a Facebook Ads campaign, which breaks down a whole 6 day process of how to create an ad campaign, target your audience, then monetize for maximum profits. The case study is an 18 page downloadable pdf from within the form.

The SEO project is another case study that is being provided through the forum, where the SMFT team will take a site and get it ranked right before your eyes, so you can follow along and replicate the process. Other case studies and walk throughs in the forum include where to find different ad copy images, how the use of ugly ad copy delivers better results and where to find different ad copies for a specific advertiser, like in the example below.

New Monthly Content Opens Up

As an active member of the Six Months from Today community, you are awarded with new content every month. Since you are working towards a goal of having an established business within six months, each of the monthly bonuses are focused on getting you active and creating different types of ad campaigns. The first month for example, is “Follow Along and Make Money With Us“… in this first month, Chad will document and show the process of how he uses media buying and paid traffic to promote the forum. Future month’s content would focus on different areas of advertising, such as Facebook or Plenty of Fish. Membership Costs

SMFT actually opened their forum doors for the first time a few weeks ago, then closed the doors so they could work with their existing forum base. Today, they are accepting new members into their community. It would be a huge benefit to see a much larger community base at SMFT, as it will increase the amount of content within the forums, while also providing extra value to the members. The current numbers in the forum are as follows…
– Threads: 329, Posts: 1,687, Members: 129, Active Members: 129

The price to join is $49 per month for the first six month, then the monthly rate goes down to $24.99 for months seven through twelve. After a year of being a member of SMFT, your membership rate goes down to a low $12.49 a month subscription.

If you would like to get instant access to Six Months from Today, you can save 50% off on your first month by using coupon code is FIFTYOFF. Simply post this code at the checkout page, and you will only be billed $24.49 for the first month.

Join the Six Months From Today Community

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9 Replies to “Six Months From Today… Where Will You Be?”

  1. Hi,

    Nice post no doubt in that if you will ask this question from any body who is working on online marketing or any other field then he/she will give reply like in these words i want to see himself on good position.

    Beside that you mentioned very well how we can convert our dreams into true.
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    1. All of the forums bring something different to the take. This forum is more focused towards getting started and the need for individual consulting. It would also be a good starting point for anyone looking to do PPC advertising, as this is where Will has had a lot of success.

      Since there is no commitment, I would recommend anyone interested in joining a forum, to try them all out for a month and see which works with their goals best.

    2. d3so…. I'll also add that our forum isn't really focused specifically on CPA marketing, but more stable models, sales funnels, product creation, etc. Yes people have been asking about CPA stuff of course, but I'm working to get people to think a bit more long term… I'd say our target audience is different from the other forums out there.

  2. Six month from now, I see myself averaging between $5000 and $10000. Is it free to sign up with the forum?

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  3. This is a really great domain name, it will make you constantly plan for the future and 6 month plan.. and pretty damn impressive people running it.

    1. Thanks a lot… and ya we wanted people to think in that way. Stick with 1 thing that others have made work, and make it work, not bounce around from one thing to the next.

  4. Good tips again Zac. If I had to start all over again I would of joined a program like sixmonthsfromtoday or bought myself an online mentor. I taught myself everything which I am very proud of but it took me a lot longer to get to where I wanted to be.

    A mentor or a training program can speed up your learning curve drastically.

    You will make money a lot faster this way. P.S. The price is not bad to be a member of sixmonthsfromtoday either.
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  5. Very helpful post. I agree with Hosting King, it is a very attractive domain name. I personally like the part about the case studies, seems really beneficial.

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