SocialAdNinja Makes Spying on Facebook Ads Scary Easy

Written by Zac Johnson
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Remember a few years back when you may have seen the first advertising and tracking system that promised you the ability to see and spy on your competitors ad campaigns? The first services doing this were specializing in search advertising, then it quickly spread to other outlets and methods of advertising. With so many different ways to advertise online, now there are services for spying on nearly any ad type. One of the most successful and crucial advertising platforms over the past few years has been Facebook Ads. With almost a BILLION users on their network and full demographic targeting, their self serve platform is simply one of the best around.

With all of this said, any tools and tracking systems that help you monetize your ad campaigns and improve the creation process will greatly be sought after. One of these solutions is called SocialAdNinja, which is a spying tool for showing you the millions of ad campaigns that are currently running on Facebook Ads. While I’ve seen many variations of these spy services around, the tracking and break down capabilities from SocialAdNinja are quite impressive.

The difference between SocialAdNinja and many other competitor services out there, is that SAN gives you a wide range of search features to break down and pull out ad campaigns currently running on Facebook. Being able to search by “interest” is a huge feature that makes SocialAdNinja stand out from among the crowd. You can see an example of their search features and results in the screenshot below.

How SocialAdNinja Works

Once you create your SocialAdNinja account, you will have access to their search engine which pulls all of the current ad campaigns from Facebook, and allows you to sort by demographic, interests and profitability results. The best way to understand how the system works, is to watch the short 3 minute video below.

For anyone who thinks they can simply run a search result, then replicate the results and ad copy into their current Facebook Ads account, you are wrong. There is still going be a lot of creative work and data management from your end. As a Facebook Ads user you will need to start split testing different images, your age ranges, expand to different interests and figure out what mixture is best to create the best results. Even with the huge advantage to seeing what ads are running on Facebook, you will still need to do all of the dirty work to create profitable and long standing ad campaigns.

Detailed Individual Campaign Information

After you run a search result, you will then see a wide selection of running ads that meet your search results. Should you click on any of these ads, you will then be sent to more specific campaign details for each of the ad results.

Detailed Individual Profile Information

When you are inside the SocialAdNinja members area, you can select from their “Profile List” and “Target Profile Suggestions” features, which will break down different profile settings for individual users, which will then show you a bunch of ads that are appearing for users based on their demographics. In the example below you are seeing ads for a Male, 45 years old, Single in UK > London.

Using SocialAdNinja’s Information to Expand on Your Ad Campaigns

What you can do with SocialAdNinja is get a lot of ideas for new ad copy and images to improve your ad campaigns. Sorting ad campaigns through the “profitability” function would result in seeing ads that have been running for a longer period of time. This usually means that the advertiser is happy with the results of the campaign and it’s probably profitable. Instead of focusing your thoughts on just trying to copy ad campaigns for a quick buck, focus your efforts on creating better campaigns and see what offers seem to be doing well in different countries and demographics. If something is working well on Facebook, why not try to create the same type of ad campaign on Plenty of Fish as well?

How Much Does It Cost?

Now that you know what SocialAdNinja is capable of, you are probably jumping at the chance to sign up for an account. If you are already a Facebook Ads user, you will definitely see the advantages of this tool, and how it will give you a much needed edge for creating new ad campaigns and letting you know what is working and what’s not. There are two different billing structures when joining SocialAdNinja, there is a weekly membership that will cost you $87 per week, but the better value is the monthly membership at $147. As a reader of you can use a special coupon to get a discount. Simply enter ZAC35 during checkout to get 35% off, bringing the monthly price down to $95.55.

Bottom line… if you are a Facebook Ads user, there is no reason why this tool wouldn’t increase your overall ROI with the wealth of information and demographic target that is available.

Search Facebook Ads with SocialAdNinja

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  1. Perhaps they have a bad purpose about it.
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  2. investing money on those ads is sure a gambling. You will be better off not to invest on them if you aren't sure of the outcome. Good thing that such service exist.
    One day, I am going to buy some ads from Facebook, but it will have to wait since I am not earning that much.

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    1. You clearly don’t know anything about running paid traffic, like PPC. Go back to preparing for next penguin update that will hammer your sites SEO again and leave the big PPC money bag to the big dogs. Pce

  3. Actually, the video that you have here will really grab the attention of the people who relies on the internet. And with facebook, we cannot deny that there are so many ads which we have to pay attention.
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  4. I think this is a great way to see what competitors are doing and should be used for improving on their ideas to make yours better. I completely agree, the idea is not to blatantly copy but to use it as a step in a better direction for your own marketing efforts.
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  5. You clearly don’t know anything about running paid traffic, like PPC. Go back to preparing for next penguin update that will hammer your sites SEO again and leave the big PPC money bag to the big dogs.

  6. I used to get really excited about services such as this one, and have even subscribed to a few over the years. That said, since my business actually started selling stuff I haven't had time to worry about what my competitors are doing. I like to think I'm a couple of steps ahead of them, but have no way of really knowing for sure because I never have time to analyze and assess what they are doing.

    I've always been one to prefer strategies that attempt to force competitors to respond to what I am doing and not vice versa, so I suppose it works out just as well that I don't have the time right now to worry about them anyway. Now if things were to slow down… Well now, that would be an entirely different story.
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