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As a general rule of thumb, businesses are usually more inclined to spend more money than regular consumers. That’s because these expenses should generate some sort of return, helping the company run its business more effectively and ideally for more profit. It is also generally true that selling digital goods and services that can be delivered over the Internet is easier than having to deal with physical products — this is even more true for affiliate marketers, as digital products usually pay higher commissions as well.

Finding itself at the intersection of these two particularly lucrative market segments is the Sourcengo affiliate network. And it could prove to be an exceptional choice for publishers and advertisers alike.

Affiliating with Business Software

Unlike some other affiliate networks that tend to dabble in every possible vertical under the sun, Sourcengo is much more focused. It is a network that is “particularly designed to connect trusted business software advertisers to the right audience.”


All of the affiliate offers in this network are related to business software of one kind or another. As a publisher, you gain access to an exclusive inventory of such offers, capitalizing on high commissions, seamless payment processing, and dynamic and contextual advertising options.

If you have traffic that is already geared toward the B2B segment of the market, monetizing that traffic with Sourcengo could be the way to go.

Offers and Payouts

When you log into the main affiliate dashboard with Sourcengo for the first time, it will say that there is no data. That only makes sense. After you’ve been operational for a while, you’ll be able to see what countries, products, categories and offer types are generating your clicks and conversions.


As mentioned, Sourcengo is dedicated solely to business software and, as of this writing, the network contains over 300 offers. They cover such categories as communications, creative tools, customer management, business intelligence, ecommerce, finance and accounting, IT management, sales, security, and productivity.

Nearly every aspect of running almost any kind of business is covered here in some capacity. From online shopping carts to project management, antivirus software to DVD ripping solutions, you can promote software with high conversions and generous payouts.

Building Links and White Label Sites

Of course, great offers aren’t going to get you very far if you don’t have an effective way to promote them. On the absolute most basic level, you can generate an affiliate link for any one specific offer.


This is accomplished through the appropriately named “Link Generator.” When you click to build the link, you can also visit the product page to learn more about exactly what you’re promoting. The link generator also allows you to add source tags and sub ID tags to your tracking link.


A much more robust option that you might consider is the White Label Site. Building a white label site only takes a few moments. Simply select the categories that best fit your needs and go through the various theme options. You can customize the logo, banner image, header colors, custom menu and more.

Before you worry about promoting some random-looking URL that may appear fishy to the average Internet user, be comforted to know that Sourcengo provides a simple URL masking guide too. This lets you adjust the affiliate link domains to reflect your own. All you need to do is create a new CNAME record via DNS management with your domain host.

You can see how the above example white label site looks professional and has a clean and attractive layout. Business users who arrive at the site are immediately presented with these “hot deals” on relevant business software.

The Power of Native Widgets

The newest and perhaps most powerful promotion tool offered by Sourcengo are the Native Widgets, which actually come in three different forms. Rather than promote a single offer or develop a new site altogether, you can create a contextual and dynamic widget to place on your existing website.


The standard widgets pull from the full inventory of affiliate offers available through the Sourcengo network to optimize your clicks, conversions and revenue. You can choose between the CPA or CPC offers (there are far more CPA offers than CPC offers), or you can choose to run them all through the widget. Sourcengo plans on implementing CPL offers at some point in the future too, but that is still under development.

The wizard for creating and editing a widget is both simple and robust. After naming the widget (which is only visible to you internally and will not be visible to the site visitor), you can choose to place an optional title. Using the same widget, you can define a different layout for desktop/tablet and for mobile, choosing the number of rows and columns.

The widget can be further customized by selecting your preferred font family, font size and font color, as well as whether or not you’d like each item in the widget to include the featured image. Other options include background colors, border styles, border thickness and border color. The widgets automatically populate with relevant offers best suited to your audience.

If you are a more experienced web developer and want even greater control over the look and feel of the Sourcengo widget to be implemented on your website, you can create your own custom ad units.

Alternatively, Sourcengo also provides a number of banner ads in standard sizes like 300×250 medium rectangle, 728×90 leaderboard and 300×600 half page. These will be more familiar to publishers who have already worked with more traditional ad networks like AdSense, except here you’ll be promoting business software primarily on a CPC and CPA basis instead of the traditional CPM used in display advertising.

Make Money Online with Sourcengo

The process to sign up as a publisher (or as an advertiser) is very quick and easy. Just fill out the short form on the corresponding page and you will receive an email with your credentials and the next steps you’ll need to take. Commissions are paid out on a net-30 basis via PayPal or wire transfer, and they are based on the clicks and acquisitions that you deliver.

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If you’ve got traffic that you think would be interested in business software, Sourcengo could be the laser-targeted affiliate network for you.

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