Spiderman Costume

Last year around this time I was telling myself that I wanted to make sure I had a Halloween site up and running before Halloween the next year. Well, a year later and I never got around to making my awesome Halloween site like I planned… however starting an awesome blog instead will just have to do! ๐Ÿ™‚ So last year I was looking for a really cool costume and found an amazing Spiderman Costume on eBay. The quality was awesome and it was really expensive, I think it ended up around $1000. The costume was designed in Japan and he sold a decent amount of them through eBay.

Last year was my girlfriend’s last year at Rutgers and we always went to the Halloween Let’s Make a Deal show. This time around I ended up winning for the BEST COSTUME! I won a $250 gift card to Target and a free George Foreman grill. It was great to win, because it paid for some of the costume cost! Unfortunately the costume is a little small, so I don’t get to wear it as much as I like… though it was fun to run around the local mall and get thrown out!

With the new Spiderman 3 movie coming out this year, I’m sure we will see even more Spiderman costumes, and plenty of Black Spidey costumes too! The marketing on that movie is insane. Even the Dollar Store is loaded up with Spiderman candy and cheap toys. It’s amazing how much money is being made, everywhere you look someone is cashing in!

My blog has been receiving a decent amount of traffic from Google based on "Spiderman" image related searches. I have not monetized the blog for this type of traffic, but I’m sure it’s a very profitable niche to be in… not to mention you could have some fun with it. Here are a few of the past posts I’ve had on Spiderman.

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Let’s see if I can get listed #1 for "Spiderman Costume" and cash in on the Halloween traffic. Have you cashed in on any Halloween traffic and what are you looking to dress up as this year?


For any visitors looking for a Spiderman Halloween Costume, please refer to the costumes below.

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  1. I think Spiderman sucks, you should have dressed up as Superman. After seeing Toby Maguire dance in the 3rd Spiderman, I realized how lame it is.

  2. Hehe it looks hot in there! The idea of predicting what's going to be hot in the coming months and being ready to cash in on it when it happens is a good idea and something that I just don't seem to have time for. But when you come across trends like this, are you intending to make the money on this blog or one dedicated to it?

    Even if you managed to rank highly for "spiderman costume" for this site (which I doubt because the site as a whole is not really about Spiderman), I don't see how you can monetize it on a blog about affiliate marketing. It seems like wasted traffic to me.

    1. You can easily monetize the traffic coming in for "spiderman". Simply focus on the landing pages they are coming in on, and place targeted ads. They are coming to the site for costumes, so adding a line or two about where to buy the costumes would bring in some sales. Even throwing adsense on the one page would make some targeted money.

  3. Hey Zac then what are you waiting for … start blogging on spiderman and see if you can milk some $$$$$$$$$$$$ from that niche!

  4. I cant believe i never thought of that before!

    Ironman movie is coming out next year lol

  5. yes!! your costume is greatefull, but it’s a halloween and i think it’s better to wear somethink honore like!!!! for exameple, Fready’s costume!

  6. driving a car with a spiderman costume? i wonder what people would think seeing you like that….LOL

  7. That costume does look pretty high quality. Nice that you won the gift card. I goes the costume only cost about 700, given my estimate for the cost of the grill. I personally did not enjoy the Spiderman movie as much as the others though.


  8. The costume is great. I need to dress up for Halloween this year. I am thinking Gene Simmons in full makeup.

    <abbr>Steve’s last blog post..RB Carlos Hyde to Sit in 2009</abbr>

  9. Yeah people spen tons of money on halloween every year but, if it were me I would look for just a little longer keyword phrase for spiderman. Maybe "great spiderman costumes" or "the best spiderman costume for 09". Not sure without doing reasearch on daily traffic but it will be a LOT easier to rank for three word phrases that just spiderman. I hope this helps

  10. Spider man is one of my favorite heroes. If I would have seen you, I would have taken a picture of you and me for my grandaughter. She is, also, a fan. God bless.

  11. I am fed up with this spiderman stories….its high time there is a change

  12. I love the costume – and it is coming up to that time of year again. Oh I look forward to the next costume.

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