Spiderman Returns

I just returned from my town’s “Founder’s Day” for Tom’s River, NJ. My church was there and they were handling out pamphlets that were based off the new Spiderman movie. My mother first saw the pamphlets about a week ago and mentioned to the pastor that I had a Spiderman costume. At first I had dread the idea of putting on the ridiculously tight costume again and it was also super hot outside today. In the end it was worth it and I had a good time making a lot of people happy, especially the children. Here are a few pics for the event.

Handing out pamphlets at the “Son Rise Community Church” Stand

Everyone Wants to Get a Picture with Spidey

Lots of Spiderman High-Five’s Throughout the Day

Even the Radio Stations Wanted some Spiderman Footage!

Helping out with Army National Guard Recruiting!

Spiderman’s New Hummer!

Making money online is great, but giving back is even cooler. Nothing better than seeing all the kids faces and how happy they were. Will we see Spidey again? Who knows… that costume sure is annoying to get on and off! 🙂

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  1. i once had to wear a batman costume and cape for a parade but once i wore it (and nobody coudl see my face)…i kinda liked it…felt nice when parents and thier children came up to me…and took pictures with me…i really felt like a superhero !

  2. Nice to see spiderman returning. It seems that everyone loves it when you put that costume on.

  3. Wow…this Spiderman costume is really great! And he dresses up the costume with the same style of the real Spiderman!

    Sorry, do you know where is possible to buy a costume like this?

  4. I really like what you are doing, I am wondering where you got the Spiderman costume so i might go out and buy one??

  5. You actually look like the "real" Spiderman, from the movie anyhow. That's a really nice costume, looks like everyone had a lot of fun. I was also wondering where you found this. Looks like its right from the Spiderman set.

  6. Thanks Sorry, do you know where is possible to buy a costume like this?

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