Split Testing Your Landing Pages

It doesn’t matter if you are promoting your own product, an affiliate offer or event a contest… the bottom line is, you need a killer landing page! You can send the best and most targeted traffic in the world to your site, but if it’s not designed properly, how much business are you losing? That is why you MUST split test your landing pages.

I’m currently using a service called Conversion Doubler for split testing tracking on my Six Figure Affiliate Blogging opt in pages. I’m going to start setting up a few ad campaigns on the major search engines and through social networking, so it’s important to have a good idea what’s working and what’s not. Here are the three landing pages I will be split testing with.

(Landing Page 1) (Landing Page 2) (Landing Page 3)

I haven’t done any split testing yet on these landing pages, so I’m anxious to see how they compare. I have a good idea which will convert best, but I will also let you decide. Leave a comment on which landing page you think will convert best and I will follow up with actual split test results.

How to Setup Your Own Split Testing

In this series of split testing, I’m going to be using Conversion Doubler, which is an amazing took for split testing A/B Multivariate solutions. Since my Six Figure Affiliate Blogging landing pages are more image based than text, I’m truly not putting the full power of Conversion Doubler to use, so I will show you want I mean.

Instead of dealing with the hassle of running an ad campaign, sending traffic to your landing page, then repeating the process after changing an area to see if it helps your conversions, Conversion Doubler let’s you start your campaigns while testing different text and changes in the beginning. In short, let’s pretend I want to split test ZacJohnson.com’s blog and how I can increase conversions to the newsletter subscribe on the right side of the page. When I log in to Conversion Double, I would setup a new experiment and after listing my site, it will show the actual landing page and you can hover and click on any area you would like to split test. You can see in the preview below how the ad copy in the newsletter section is highlighted with a blue dotted line, you can hover and select any area of your site to split test within the Conversion Doubler admin.

This probably sounds complicating to some of you, and that’s understandable… it’s much easier to learn from a visual standpoint. Fortunately Conversion Doubler took the time to create a short video on the step by step process for split testing your landing pages.

This is a really amazing split testing service Conversion Doubler has to offer, and definitely one of the best I’ve seen. They actually make it so easy to split test, that I will write up a few landing page split testing case studies over the next couple of weeks. I will also be following up next week with the results of the Six Figure Affiliate Blogging landing page split test. Be sure to leave your guess at which landing page will convert best.

Setup a free account at Conversion Doubler and see how you can double your conversions.

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  1. Don't know which one will win, but I noticed a typographical error. On 2.html and 3.html, in the first sentence, it says: "Watch as i walk you through…" The i should be capitalized. It's a minor typographical error, but hey…Just thought I'd let you know.

  2. my bet is that the landing page 3 that you mixed images with 2 will be the best one. so the one in the middle at the moment.

  3. I'm voting for #1….and of course, I never make mistakes. No need to split test. Just go with #1
    Have a nice day!

  4. "This probably sounds complicating to some of you, and that’s understandable… it’s much easier to learn from a visual standpoint."

    "..understandable" ????????

    Geee Thanks.

    1. What's the problem? I was stating that it can be confusing to follow through text, and a visual example is easier to understand. Which was the screenshot below that comment.

  5. I'm about to do split testing for both of my landing pages that I worked all day with customizing HTML codes, in order to see who is performing better.

    If I'm asked to vote on your landing pages, I'll go for #1.

  6. This seems really cool. I just got to the point where I wanted to split test my landing pages and I was going to learn how to do it over the next few days in Google Optimizer. I'll try this first and then see how it compares.
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  7. First, just to let you know, the links between landing pages 2 and 3 are mixed up. When you click on landing page 2, you get landing page 3 and vices versa. As for my preference, it is a toss-up between landing pages 1 and 3 (but I think I'm leaning towards 3 🙂 )

  8. I liked number 3. Maybe it's a girl thing, but I thought it was far less busy and "canned" looking. I would stop to read #3. I would not read the other two, even though I am very interested in the topic.

  9. First off, the image above text "Landing Page 2" actually takes you to the image that is above text for Landing Page 3. So I'm going with Landing page 2 because when I click that link I get the image I like the most. 😀 Have I confused anyone? Woot! talk about your peanut under 3 cups. Very good article Zac,
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  10. Zac, loving your emails and their bountiful info .You have the honour of being my first ever comment on any blogs ! I am going for the middle one two because of the emphasis on large text which catches the eye immediately and the use of the yellow to distinguish the texts encourages more reading. The red is too strong in LP3 and not enough emphasis on text in LP1. By far LP2 is easier on the eyes, easier to read, and for quick scanning gets straight to the point.

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