Spying on the Competition with Adult Ad Spy

The concept of spying on the competition in the world of internet marketing is nothing new.

Spying on the CompetitionFirst it starts out that a really cool and amazing advertising platform comes out. Everyone jumps in and starts making a ton of money, then someone brilliant comes along and creates a software solution that allows you to monitor, pull apart and see all aspects of the advertisers and their ad campaigns.

It’s already happened with Facebook Ads, banner advertising, search marketing… and now the adult advertising world through the use of AdultAdSpy.com.

While advertising in the “adult” space isn’t for everyone, it’s still an extremely large market and it was only a matter of time until the full cross over into affiliate marketing took place.

The concept and business model is still the same, it’s just a different environment. Find the best web sites to promote your ad copy and make big money. AdultAdSpy allows you to search through the top ad copies over the past 30 days or by publisher and/or advertiser. The software does the research for you, the challenge of creating profitable ad campaigns is up to the marketer.

By being able to see what ad copy other advertisers are using, it then gives you the ability to split test these ideas and ad creatives against your own. You can see a break down of the features offered through the site below.

Adult Ad Spy

Features Offered by AdultAdSpy

  • International Ads! Advertising awareness in over 23 countries (Soon to be 50+!!)
  • Search by Offer – We show you how your competitors advertise
  • Search by Traffic Source – Web or Mobile traffic. We index all adult sources
  • Search by Landing Page – View all ads of an individual competitor
  • Search by Publisher – We show you exact ad placements
  • Mobile Advertising – View entire mobile campaigns
  • Web Advertising – Gain intel on web advertising campaigns
  • Top Performing Ads – View the best performing ads with a click of a button
  • Extreme Detail – No holds, no barriers! We show everything
  • Different Ad Sizes – View ads in the most common and odd sizes
  • Individual Ad Types – Flash Ads, Web Ads, Mobile Ads.. everything

The service was created by Jay of Jay Knows Cash, who offers up a bunch of affiliate marketing and dating related advice on his blog. In addition to running his blog and AdultAdSpy, he also has one of the large adult marketing forums at AdultMediaBuys.com.

Is AdultAdSpy Working for Others?

Stacks of CashWhile I’m not promoting any offers in the adult industry, plenty of other people are and this ad spying solution is already making waves across the blogosphere. Tuan from AdultMediaBuying came out with an impressive case study and post of his own.

In short, the article is about how Tuan was able to take advantage of AdultAdSpy’s tracking and pull all of the existing ad campaigns from the reports, re-credit them with his own links and upload the ad campaigns again through TrafficJunky. He went on to do this for all of December (4 weeks) and ended up earning $227,372.32 in commissions, which came to $74,351.98 profit after his $153k in costs. The end result is that his earnings wouldn’t have been possible without the use of AAS.

Earnings from Ad Campaigns

If you are currently running ads in this space then you will likely benefit from the spying capabilities the service has to offer. You can sign up for a 3 day trial for the price of $9.95 or sign up for the professional membership which runs $197.95 per month.

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