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I use Mozilla FireFox nearly 90% of the time now when browsing sites, but most people are still using Internet Explorer. For quite some time now I’ve been having some issues with this blog when you would visit the individual post pages using Internet Explorer. Sometimes you would get an annoying "Stack Overflow Error: Line #" error popup window and they were very annoying, as many of you have also pointed out. was nice enough to spend some time to write up a review of this blog for the "Review Me & Make Money" promotion. In addition to writing up a great review, this one was really helpful because he pointed out the "Stack Overflow" problem I had been having with the blog. I have been looking all over for a fix on this and couldn’t find it anywhere, and I’m sure many other sites out there have had the same problem. I made the necessary changes and the problem is now fixed! To show my appreciation, I wanted to make sure to post about his site and let all other site’s having the same problem, know that they can find the fix on his MyAvatars Stack Overflow Error page. Thanks again!

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  1. Good stuff, I use firefox most of the time, but when I did view the page in IE it was a bit of a nightmare with how many of those stack overflow messages popped up, I'm sure it would have been putting many people off.

    1. Same here. My big concern was new traffic coming in from search engines and the first time they visit the site they see these error pops! :O

  2. Thanks Zac! Sweet. No errors showing up anymore! I really appreciate you devoting a whole post to Nice4Rice, and my Stack Overflow "fix". Hopefully, others will find it helpful, too.

  3. Thanks for correcting the problem, Zac. I usually have my speakers turned up so whenever i would visit individual post pages, i would hear this loud "Ding" making me jump out of my skin each time.

  4. Hi Zac, I guess you've upgraded MyAvatars to the latest version because the Stack Overflow Error is back! Ding! I haven't upgraded yet, but I guess you can make the same little edit to the script as you did before.

    1. Hey Spud,

      Thanks, I was told by someone else today that they received the error. Forgot my friend upgraded to the new wordpress the other day.

  5. Hey, I know this post is super-old but I am having trouble with a stack overflow error and the fix it link no longer works. I unfortunately did not always do mulit-browser testing and the error is from forever ago, any advice?

    IDK why anyone would use IE over Firefox but it would be nice to support both.

    My sire is The Drunk Life and the error occurs in IE on line 353.

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