Stack That Money – The Best Affiliate Forum?

Written by Zac Johnson
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I get emails all the time asking me what products or programs people should buy. I usually tell them two thing. The first is that that everything you need is already out there if you just look hard enough. The second is that I recommend them to join StackThatMoney forums. For the $99 a month price, it’s well with the information, advice and coaching you will receive from the successful people who are already active in the forum. I’ve actually been a paying member for several months now.

So what makes StackThatMoney forums better than anything else out there, and worth the $99 a month price tag? Let’s break down three reasons why you should be at StackThatMoney forums now.

  1. Coaching by Well Known Marketers
  2. Unlimited Support, Critiques and Guides
  3. Access to Some Killer Marketing Tools

Coaching by Well Known Marketers

You already read their blogs, so why not start working along side the power player in the affiliate space and have them critique your ad campaigns and help you earn even more. The big three names that are moderators on the STM forums are Mr.Green (Lorenzo), StackThatMoney (Jordan) and AffExpert (Besmir). Among other names in the forums you will find myself, Ryan Eagle and some of the top networks that want you to earn more with them as well.

Jump onto the forum, ask a question about how to improve your ad campaigns or what it takes to the next level and these are just some of the guys who are reading to give you their advice and methods used.

Unlimited Support, Critiques and Guides

If you are just starting out in the internet marketing space, the value you will get from the members of STM forums will blow your monthly cost of $99 away. As an active member in the forum you will be able to post your own “Follow Along” threads if you want to attempt promoting a new offer and would like to keep everyone updated during the process, while also looking for advice on ad copy, payouts, conversions and more. You can see an example of the Follow Along threads below, most with a decent among of responses and daily updates.

In addition to the creating Follow Along campaigns and threads on whatever you possibly have a question about, you also have access to full posts of guides written by the guys who run the site. Here is just a small preview of the full step by step walk throughs and guides available through StackThatMoney forums.

Lastly, Access to Killer Marketing Tools

So far as a member of STM forums you have access to some of the brightest marketers in the game, along with their advice and recommendations on how to improve your current ad campaigns. You also have step by step guides and videos that can open new worlds of revenue generation for you. On top of everything already mentioned, you also have full access to some of the best marketing tools to excel your ad campaigns even further.

Here’s a quick listing of everything you will have access to as a member of Stack That Money forums.

What are you waiting for?… go Stack That Money!

There you have it… a quick run down on what you are missing out on if you aren’t currently a member of StackThatMoney forums. I can tell you right now, it’s not enough simply join the forum and read everything, take the time to interact and make some postings as well. Your success in the internet marketing game can scale like crazy just with a few of the right connections. StackThatMoney forums is one of the best resources around for learning how to make money online and bring your ad campaigns to a whole new level.

Join StackThatMoney Forums

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25 Replies to “Stack That Money – The Best Affiliate Forum?”

  1. STM forms sound interesting but when it comes to my money I am not easily convinced. What is the catch?

  2. Hey, it's STM team here, if anyone has any questions, just ask here and I'll be glad to help out.

    The forums won't specifically generate you income, they're a collaboration of some of the most technical affiliate minds (affiliates, advertisers and networks owners) in the industry. Overall the forums share more valuable info that can't be found elsewhere in a day then any other forums do in a month. If your looking to learn affiliate marketing and make serious $, this is where you want to be.
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    1. The best way to look at it is as an investment. The cost of $99 is roughly $3 a day. As a member of the forum you will easily find connections and make the necessary contacts to grow new ad campaigns that can quickly result in $99 profit in just a few days. When compared to other services out there, I think it's one of the best options around.

  3. Our newest member is making $1300+/day right now, It took him approx 6-7 months, he's been on the forum since day one, and he is banking heavy right now. I think he's also only roughly ~20 years old.
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  4. Eesh, $99 a month? I don't know if that's in my price range right now, but if the value is really worth it then I might have to check this out. Thanks for the recommendation!!

  5. Hey,Zack!
    StackThatMoney seems to be very inviting with its features, but, to be honest, I lately have so few time that I cannot think of joining any forum. Not to mention the price…I am sure it is worth the money for everything it is offering, but to add more 99 bucks on my budget would be at this moment too invasive.:)
    When I get back to "normal", I will take it into consideration.
    Thanks for revealing the info, anyway, I appreciate it.
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  6. The forums won't specifically generate you income, they're a collaboration of some of the most technical affiliate minds (affiliates, advertisers and networks owners) in the industry.

  7. Hey Zac & STM,

    Am I missing something? I join, share my ad campaigns, for everyone to see. If they're good then what prevents the experts in the forum or others forum members to take them, improve them and leave me in the dust?

    I'm not questioning the value. It just seems kinda stupid to expose one's strategies/tactics to everyone who are all in it for the same reason at the end of the day…make money.

    Am I way off base here?


    1. The concept of joining and sharing an ad campaign is basically for new marketers to learn the process of what it takes to build a campaign, along with continued monetization to make it profitable. Most of these threads are providing everything from offer name, keywords, price points and landing pages, which would make it easy to copy.

      Your concern is understandable, but the campaign walkthrough and tutorials are just one small, yet effective, area of StackThatMoney forums. Usually more focused on new campaigns, and not something you would post a $XXX/$XXXX daily campaign information on.

  8. Seems like you get a lot of value for that $99 a month price tag. This is the first time I have heard of a forum called stack that money. I am going to go check it out after this comment. It looks like just the marketing tools by themselves would be worth a lot more than the monthly membership.

    Definitely something to look into.
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  9. Hey Zac and STM, quick question on the forums —

    Has there been much discussion about affiliate email marketing strategies? Looking for intermediate to advanced strategies here…platforms to use, bounce/complaint management, potential JV's for list monetization, etc.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback!

  10. The forums are awesome but you get out of it what you put into it. People share a LOT on there but belonging to the forums won't make you money automagically.

    @Chris, no, actually there are not a lot of posts about email marketing compared to other types of affiliate marketing.

    Have you seen You should check that out for JV's. See review here:

    Good luck.

  11. Found this review via google, bit dubious about any reviews but this forum gets a mention on places like wickedfire, WaFo etc. So in the interests of due diligence I read this as well. Is it true that some of the guys that run it are Aussies and/or Kiwis?
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