Stay Motivated and Get Out of that Slump

One of the big advantages to making money online and running your own business, is that you are in total control of your schedule and work hours. Likewise, you are also the one deciding how much work you put forth and how much money you earn. Over the past several days I found myself not that motivated to be online, work or even write a blog post update. This can also be seen just by how many people have asked me what’s going on, or why there hasn’t been any new blog posts over the past few days. (Don’t worry, I have some great new posts on the way!) It wasn’t so much that I wasn’t motivated, but my interests and time were spent elsewhere.

Many writers and bloggers out there experience “writer’s block“… the same hold true for business owners and entrepreneurs, except it may be more of a lack of motivation, interest or getting worn down. For those times when you feel in a slup, here are just a few ways you can get yourself motivated and back on track again.

Past Projects
– If you feel you are in a slump and just don’t feel like working on what you have going on, take a step back and look at what you’ve done in the past. What previous sites, ideas or marketing campaigns have you run that made money. Try and incorporate any old ideas with your new or existing plans and see what new ideas you can stir up.

Connect with Others
– One of the best ways to get some ideas flowing, is to talk with your friends or other marketers online. Not only do you have instant chat access through programs like AIM or GMail chat, but you can see what thousands of people are talking about on Twitter.

Reward Yourself!
– You are your business, and how you work and reward yourself will reflect in your progress and earnings. A couple weeks ago I went out and purchased a new 24-inch: 3.06GHz iMac. I have it right along the side of my Sony Vaio PC. While I mainly use a PC, it’s still cool to have a new computer and I love working with a Mac as well…. but even more so, it was a new motivational item which increased productivity. Is there anything you would like to reward yourself with?

These are just a few ideas on how to get yourself motivated or pumped up, if you are in a slump. If I was stuck home and had to work on the computer all day, or had to manage a full staff… I would probably go crazy or get stressed out enough to effect the overall progress of my business. I play basketball at least 3-4 times a week and it’s one of my favorite benefits to running my own business and not having to work for the man… I get to work and play, or do whatever, whenever I want. Luckily, I enjoy making money online almost as much as basketball… so it all works out.

How are you managing your working schedule, while keeping yourself motivated and not overloaded at the same time.

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  1. Getting out of a slump can be hard to do, but I think you should reward yourself once you get out of the slump not as a means to get yourself out. Reward yourself for getting out and completing a goal.

    1. AGREED!!!!

      I set weekly rewards plus a big monthly reward for myself for hitting my productivity marks.

      If I hit it, then I get the reward – if I don't, tough luck!

      So far, I've hit the mark 2 months in a row!

      Before I set up the reward system, I was real lazy 🙁

  2. Giving yourself motivation not only works with online marketing but with other areas in life such as weight loss. I went to the Ritz spa while I was in Denver for a massage. They didn't leave out a single detail in the spa. I decided if I lose X amount of pounds I am going back for a day at the spa at the Ritz. 🙂

    1. I'm dedicated to losing weight, adding muscle and increasing my vertical to dunk… may sound dumb, but it's a personal goal. I'm two weeks into the program… 26 weeks to go! It would also make for a good case study and product site.

      1. Zac, do a youtube video of you trying to dunk now (in full spiderman costume) and post it up.

        That'll be motivation for you to improve.

        Then 2 months later, do another video of you dunking it. In full costume.

  3. Great post Zac, I really like the way that you manage your time and reward yourself. Im thinking about a Sony PSP when I'll receive the next month adsense check and a new car later and that motivate me to work long hours.



  4. Great tips. These can be used to motivate yourself in many different aspects of life.



  5. Zac,

    Thanks for these tips. I know it can sometimes be hard. I had to fight and persevere to write my last post. Keep up he good work, I know you'll have some great posts coming out soon.

  6. Great post- I've fallen in and out of that slump a lot this past month, trying to slow down work in anticipation of my MBA classes starting in late August. But then again, I don't want to slow it down too much! I still have a month where I can be making money.

  7. It takes time for the money to come in. Keep trying until you get it

  8. Your post just reminded me that i was wasting a lot of time and not managing it very well..

    Reward Yourself! – This is a good point you have mentioned.

    Good post Zac.

  9. cool article.. i like motivational articles…

    But how to get rid of "make money online" addiction ? 😀

  10. Zac, Excellent post! I took a few days away from my blog, and came back to find comments from a Super Affiliate friend! Staying on task with my blog and website will be key to my success. I am going to link to this post on my blog: and make sure I re-read it each day!

    I have just created my first Affiliate Marketing website. I did it on Midphase hosting with John Chow's $7.95 per month program. I have set up my email accounts and am ready to start the plunge into internet marketing today. Another Super Affiliate who is assisting my growth is Jonathan Volk, of Volk Marketing, an incredibly successful Affiliate and a personal friend. Respectfully, Nicholas Chase

  11. Great tips. But how to decide what is the proper reward for ourself? Some people tend to be too wasteful when there is no other people controlling their spending.

  12. Zac,

    Some great tips there. I think we have all been there more than once. I know when I get unmotivated and the like. I turn off the computer and just go somewhere for a few days, wherever that may be and take some time to reflect.

    I was that way a week before the 4th of July holiday and I headed out of town with the kids and was gone for 5 days. I came back refreshed and ready to get going again.

  13. I love Rewards. Recently I bought a new Toshiba Laptop also. It sits with my Vaio… while I still work at my vaio mostly, but I just like havin the toshiba too.

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