Successful Affiliate Programs Turn to Television Advertising

It’s now a growing trend that some of the most success ad campaigns we are seeing across affiliate networks, move on to focus their efforts on tv advertising once they have a successful launch online. For any affiliate marketers who have run offers like Zwinky, Zoosk and MyLife, it’s quite obvious that these were very successful campaigns and sometimes easy money. Zwinky has been around for a while now and still making a lot of people money. MyLife was occasionally capped for daily volume as it was an easy lead gen and overflowed with traffic and signups from affiliates. In most cases, these offers killed on social network advertising like Facebook Ads, and paid a dollar or two for a quick install or profile submissions.

Now I’ve seen commercials for all three of these offers on TV. It’s not rare to see commercials for huge dating companies like eHarmony and, but it’s cool to see a company expand and advertise to the rest of the world… especially when you were helping in building their user base to what it is today.

While I haven’t come across the commercial online yet, I did easily find the Zwinkies and Zoosk commercial spot. Zoosk is actually actively growing their online presence with videos through YouTube and have their own channel page. Here are a few of the commercials I’ve seen for these offers now on television.

Have you seen these ad spots, or any other commercials for affiliate programs you’ve promoted?

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  1. This is an interesting post. I never knew Zoosk had an affiliate program so it must make you feel good to know that they have grown so well. We (I) haven't seen any ads on our TV stations here in Australia but perhaps we may be too far down-under for them yet 🙂

  2. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-119280" rel="nofollow">@Ryan Eagle:

    You guys experience this first hand, and are a large contributor to the success of these companies… always one of the first networks on the expansion of these types of offers to non US countries.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I never tried this method yet, but will study more on this and will give it a try. Videos are the trend right now, from sales page to squeeze page, to articles, and now affiliate programs.

    It seems that everything can have videos to increase the conversion.



  4. The challenge with TV advertising is how to keep track on how many responded to the ad. I guess the assumption would be that any increase in type-in traffic would be the equivalent to CTR? Not fool proof though.

  5. In the UK we are starting to see small time TV channels starting up on satellite selling these kind of thigns. The big one is the Entrepreneur Channel.

  6. I have been noticing this, too. A lot of companies, easpeically is certain niches have been focusing a lot of attention to television ads. I oftened wondered how they were preforming for them.

  7. Tv is always a good medium for advertising, but I too have been starting to see affiliate programs advertise on tv too. Its only a matter of time before others start doing it too, even maybe some during the SuperBowl if they can afford it.

  8. A similar case here in the UK is LOVEFiLM, the DVD rental service. They have been doing an affiliate scheme for years and last year they released their first TV ad. A good thing about this was that more people knew about Lovefilm and were searching for it. The ad was also well made and could be embedded on your affiliate site if you wanted to do so. Win Win all around!

  9. TV advertising is how to keep track on how many responded to the ad. I guess the assumption would.


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