The web site can be a very scary place, especially if you run web sites that have the potential to be attacked, shut down or just have database corruption for no reason at all! The majority of us aren’t programming and web site doctors, but times like these I am thankful that there are sites like Sucuri to offer their premium services to get my sites fixed and back up and running in no time.

I’ve been a subscriber of Sucuri for a few years now and have already had a few close calls with my sites and needed someone to get in there and clean up some database and malware issues. Unfortunately there are people out there to get you, and WordPress is an application that will occasionally have loop holes for people to inject garbage and malware into your site and do some harm.

Through the use of Sucuri you can setup your web sites and blogs with their monitoring system to make sure your sites are always up and running, safe and not blacklisted!

You can run a free website malware scan using their Sucuri SiteCheck right now. In the report below you will see that is all clean and not blacklisted, is without malware and no other malicious activity. In addition to the free scan on their site, as a member of their site I will also receive email alerts should any problems arise with my sites.

How Does Sucuri Monitoring Work?

Before signing up to any service, it’s always great to get an idea of how their system works and what they can really offer. The best way to do this is to watch the short 5 minute video below, then sign up for an account on the Sucuri site and run a free scan on your site to see if there are any problems. Once you are setup with your own account you can also setup all of your sites in the systems and be notified of any activity such as dns changes, downtime, malware issues and more.

How Much Does Sucuri Security Services Cost?

As mentioned earlier, I’ve already had to use Sucuri to save my butt a few times in the past. If I wasn’t already a member of their service, I would have gladly paid a few hundred dollars just to get the problems I had fixed. Nothing is scarier than having site issues and the possibility of losing your data!

The price plans for Sucuri are actually quite decent considering how important their services are. Pricing is based on how many web sites and blogs you would like to have them monitor. Plans start at $89.99 a year for just one site, but the $189.99 package for 2-5 sites is one of the best deals.

No matter the size of your web site or blog, security should always be top priority. If you’ve ever had any malware or database corruption or problems, you should definitely look into adding Sucuri to your arsenal of tools and defense!