Super Affiliate Blog Birthday, 1 Year Later…

One year ago today, I wrote my first post and the blog going live. Awesomely enough the blog went live on St.Patrick’s day… so it would seem I’ve had the luck of the Irish on my side. Thousands of comments, 2,100+ subscribers and 300+ posts later, the blog has become everything I had hoped for. Not only have I been able to help spread my wealth of information, but I have also met so many readers and other influential bloggers along the way. After attending BlogWorld back in November and Affiliate Summit just last month, it only impressed upon me that much more how important the blog is, and how many people actually read the blog that I didn’t even know about.

So what’s to come? The first nine months of running the blog were on a custom designed layout with no advertisements or revenue monetization in place. Once I met up with UniqueBlogDesigns at BlogWorld, quickly went live with it’s new design, which allowed for monthly case study reports on how blogs can be monetized to turn a profit. Since then the blog has successfully be earning a few thousands dollars a month, while giving better exposure to top article posts, comments, picture galleries and top advertisers/affiliate networks in the industry. Through the life of this blog I will continue to post on industry news, new affiliate programs, marketing methods, conference coverage and my experiences over the years… things will only continue to get better!

Comparison Between Original Design & New Monetized Blog Design

When I first started back in March 2007, it was my first attempt at running a blog, and I wanted to make sure it was done right. There is so much anticipation when you are starting a new blog. You want to provide the best content you can, but in the beginning you have no readers. However, as the saying goes, “build it and they will come“. I did my best to focus on providing quality content and tried to write a new post at least 3-5 times a week, now I try and get a least one post in daily. In the beginning it’s tough and we all hit “writer’s block” sometimes, but as you get more familiar with your readers and writing it gets easier. After working on the blog and writing for a few weeks, I went ahead with my first review, which was featured on John Chow’s blog. Now it’s becoming a passion… and something I look forward to everyday!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Here we are, one year later and I am so excited for the future. With the recent explosion of “Make Money” blogs, they seem to be everywhere. Some people are complaining, but I think it’s a good thing… even if some of these bloggers are new to the industry, I’m sure they still have something we can learn from. Happy St. Patrick’s Day and I wish you, your families and your blog/business or money making efforts all the luck and success of the Irish! (and a little luck from Rocky too)

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  1. Hehe happy blog birthday Zac 🙂 A year seems such a long time, my blog has barely been going for six months…

  2. I've added this blog to my daily reads. The content is rock-solid.

    I was noting the difference between your original blog and this new style, and I think I appreciated the older design with fewer ads. Like the aesthetics of the gradients etc. but I don't love the flashing banners – e.g. "make $5,000 week".

    1. I agree on the flashing ad. I will be contacting the advertiser at the end of their campaign and ask for new creative. I would rather a more attractive site, then a few extra bucks. I did accept this banner for now, as it is below the fold, otherwise it would be too overwhelming elsewhere.

  3. Congrats, Zac. I think you're doing an excellent job. I also think the quality of your content far outweighs any ads you run here. Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Congrats Zac. Regarding your comments about the saturation of "how to make money blogs" out there, like anything, the good ones will continue to grow and the others will quietly fade away.

    The great thing about sites like yours, John Chows, TheRatingBlog and others is that for those of us who have our own niche, we can take your strategies for SEO, growth and monetization and use them for competitive advantage while focusing on content that will make our readers stick.

  5. Happy Bday Zac.

    Just came across this blog and got hooked to it. A ton of information in here. You have a lot of experience and expertise in IM. Thanks for giving all the value. And its very inspiring as well.

    God bless.

  6. Congrats on your one year annivesary, and thanks for sponsors my upcoming contest!

  7. woot woot!! happy birthday! doesn't seem like a year, does it? congrats on creating such a substantial site in just one year 😀

  8. Congratulations on the birthday! Any blog that makes it to the one year mark, especially in such a competetive arena should be commended. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a blogging schedule and adding value. I wish you many, many more successes!

  9. Hey, Happy BDay to your Blog!

    Lots of great advice has been given here, and it definitely earned a top spot in my feedreader.

    An inspiration to us all!

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  11. Happy Bday ZAC.
    You have shared such a great post.I really love your post.You are a great blogger.Thanks for sharing this post.

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