Super Affiliate Caption Contest

Written by Zac Johnson
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The last night of Blog World in Vegas ended up being the best. After our big dinner with Market Leverage, ShoeMoney, John Chow and UBD Designs, we all headed to a bunch of different casinos and had a lot of fun. Below is one of the ridiculous pictures that was captured from that night. To share our fun experience with you, I thought it would be cool to create a “Caption Contest” and award some prizes (provided and sponsored by Market Leverage)! To enter, just place a comment on this post with your “caption“. (one entry per person.)

Do You Have a Funny Caption for this Picture?

Contest Prizes!
Three winners will be selected for this caption contest, and the prizes are listed below:

1st Place – Market Leverage Schwag Bag
+ Package
(WINNER: Brad Waller: “Hey Jason, is a picture of us with a big bowl of chips better than a picture of us with our big checks?”)

2nd Place – $50 Gift Card from Market Leverage
+ Package
(WINNER: Paul Piotrowski’s submission.)

3rd Place – Package
(WINNER: Joe Tech: “The Amazing MoneyReign will now make Jeremy’s food levitate and then DISAPPEAR!”)

Prize Details:
– The Market Leverage Schwag Bag includes a duffel bag, ML hat, ML shirt, ML polo and possibly some other goodies.
– Each “ Package” includes a Black T-Shirt, Bumper Stickers, Pens, Buttons and maybe something else extra.

Enter now and feel free to spread the word on the contest. Winners will be selected and posted on Friday the 26th of September! (24 hour contest!)

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up to Market Leverage today, or take a look at the new ShoeMoney Tools web site (Save 80% with coupon code: ZACJOHNSON)

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90 Replies to “Super Affiliate Caption Contest”

  1. Zac: "Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

    Shoe: "If I concentrate hard enough, the chips will come to me…"

    Haha that night was WAY fun! The parasol lounge at the Wynn is chill and laid back.

  2. Zac – "DerrrUhhh I got chips"

    Shoemoney – "Damn those chips are worth being 500lbs again…give them up bitch."

  3. Haha…I can't let Tim be the only Star Wars nerd.

    Shoemoney: The force is with me, the force is with me, I can make them come.

    Zac: Hahaha, Obi Wan not teach you well, haha.


  4. Shoemoney –

    "Psst. Hey Zac. I bet I can get a better Chip-Thru Rate on those, I've done a lot of volume with Fast Food offers in the past"

  5. Zac: "Watch my Spider man like ways as I shoot these chip across the room and into my mouth… (sings) SPIDER MAN!!!!"

    Shoe (thinking to himself): RESIST THE URGE!!! Must not put back on the weight…. So hard… I wonder if Zac really is spider man…

    Market Leverage (thinking to themselves): I wonder how we'll get links from these guys… I know offer a Schwag bag!

  6. OK, I know it's only one entry per person, but I just can't resist adding this one, for fun:

    Shoe: OOOHHH YYEEEAAHH!! You know I want those chips SOO BAADD!! Cuz I'm the Shoemoney! Yeeaahh! (Imagine a good Hulk Hogan voice over).

  7. Shoe: “WTF! That’s not $5,000 in casino chips, how am I supposed to get those in the slot machine?”

    1. hahahaha this one is cool but it is kinda long…do it like this:

      "Should I tell him that John Chow spit in his chips?"

  8. Zac: "Chips, chips, chips, we have enough chips for everyone!"

    Zac (thinking to himself): "With great power comes great poop…hahahahaha"

    Shoe: "Wait a minute, those chips smell a lot like poop. WTF man I want chips not someone's shit."

  9. Zac: Market Leverage sent me a bag o'chips!!!

    Shoe: I'ma market my leverage against your head if you don't share…

  10. Zac: Shoe got these out of the Chipinator. We are waiting on John Chow to put his chips in. He said he was just going to run to the corner store and grab a bag, but that was like, hours ago…

  11. Shoe: hmm… those look good.. will he trade?? maybe i can offer him 1 month free of my ppc/seo tools…

  12. I just realized that I entered more than one caption. I do that alot. Just not for contests. Sorry about that.

  13. Shoemoney is fat full of money as Zackjohnson is,but i can´t eat those full of fatness chips!!!Got to pick my MarketLeverage Schwag Bag and go to gym!

  14. HEY readers, we make huge money out of your pocket, Thanks very much – now this is something we have to offer in RETURN

  15. shoe: “my god, i used to be fat before but now i think i have ate a lot in this past few days, have to keep myself this figure! “

  16. Zac: Who wants to bet Shoemoney passes out in another bathroom tonight?!?!

    Shoe thinking: He had to bring that up.. He's a dead man

  17. Zac: Haha Shoe, your chips are MINE!!

    Shoe: [thinking] He so asked for it. I'm going home and destroying all his keywords…

  18. Zac: Hey! I just found these chips anyone want some?

    Shoe: (Thinking to Himself) I wonder how I can make money eating those chips..

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