Super Affiliate of Craps

Last night Reena and I headed down to Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. They had sent us another of their weekly promotions for their “Ultra” players, this time it was a free 6-bottle thermoelectric wine cooler and a 12-piece stainless steel cookware set. Since we are down there a decent amount, the benefit of picking up these free promotions while down there is pretty amazing. Since I starting playing at Resorts in June, I have already received well over $2,000 worth in free promotions… and I usually only go down for the good ones!

Resorts, Trump, Hilton Casino… they all send me massive promotional offers!

After we picked up our goodies, we decided to play for a bit. At first I wanted to play some poker, but the tables games at resorts were full. Their poker room only has six tables or so, and their highest game was 2-4! After passing on that we went over to play some Craps. I started with $900, gave Reena $250 in chips to play with and I played with the other $650. Everything was going well and I threw a few points along with the rest of the table. About an hour or so passed and we were up a couple hundred combined. I was next in line to throw and we decided we would leave after my throw. Little did we know what was to come…

It was my turn to throw the dice and at this point we had around $1200 in chips. I’ve been playing in casinos for over five years now and have never seen anything like it… I threw for nearly two hours and hit 10 points in a row. (If you play Craps, you’ll understand the sheer insanity and odds of this ever happening… if you don’t… trust me, it’s phenomenal!) Everyone at the table was going insane and near the end of my last few throws, I was tossing out hard eights like crazy (both dice showing the 4). The eight was the point many times, so everyone was heavy stacked on the HARD 8… I had $75 on it myself. Once I finally sevened out, everyone at the table was giving me a round of applause… even the dealer was bowing to me during the game! We went to Resorts with $900, and ended up leaving with a few thousand… (for once it wasn’t the other way around) it was a good time! Actually,… it was insane! I can only hope to have the same experience with my blog readers and friends at Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas next month. Stay tuned and I’ll make a follow up post this week on how to get your next stay in Vegas for Affiliate Summit Free!

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  1. That's an incredible profit, Zac. It sounded like a really good time. Hopefully I can get in on this free stay in Vegas 🙂

  2. Zac… the post. It's funny since last night my roommate and me go to a local casino to play some poker and blackjack. Well I had a down night but I watched my roomie run $100 up to $625 in 30 minutes and lose it all in 5! I'd love to be a casino affiliate since it's an easy way to money….in the long term that is! Congrats on your big night and look forward to the next casino trip!

    By the way, what levels of poker do you play when at the casino?

    1. I really rarely ever play poker in casinos… only twice now and was playing 6-12. I really should focus more on poker and win back all the money I lost on Craps and Roulette! Those are my two favorites…

  3. I'd only play craps in a Casino. It's the coolest game. It's complex and if handled carefully can bring you some cash. I mean it's math and dice throwing skills. I wish I was there!

  4. Zac….poker is the only game that I will play in a casino since you're not playing the house, but other people. You have such a huge advantage over other people that come to the casino for fun and don't worry about losing a few hundred dollars at the tables. Heck last night there was a guy at my table who called down everything and was winning hands. He only had a few hundred in front of him but after talking with some dealers I head the guy lost about $1500 the night before…at a 1/2 table. The same way that you have slowly learned how to make money through this blog is the same way that you can make money playing poker in casinos. Time and a willingness to learn pay off in the end.

  5. Zac…do you currently work with any online casino affiliates? Or do you know of some of the better ones?

  6. Zac,

    May I ask a question?

    Do you think the risk taker personality makes you a better affiliate marketer?

    The whole PPC is such a gamble itself, I am just wondering, what came first, the gambling at Vegas or the affiliate marketing?

    And when do you know it's time to give up? When the money is gone, or just before?

  7. Hey Dyan,

    I've always loved marketing and casinos… but, I've been making money online since I was 15… I wasn't able to gamble til I was 21. Without the online marketing, I wouldn't have the money to gamble… one is strictly for pleasure, while the other is a necessity! I always try to leave with some cash, than nothing at all.

  8. I planned to go to AC this morning but I cancelled trip but my friends are in AC now playing cards. So how do you get freebies? Just sign up the club card, spend little money? How about little Zac Session at AC? 🙂

  9. I don’t have money that’s why I am trying to make some. When I do searches to try to help me… I keep getting alot of crap. and no sales? I actually have something worth buying and using.

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