Super Affiliate Panel Recap

Written by Zac Johnson
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Weeks before AffiliateSummit even started, Kris Jones said this would be one of the most talked about and anticipated sessions of the event. He was right, the Super Affiliate panel with John Chow, Amit Mehta, Kris Jones and myself ended up being a full session with plenty of attendees left standing, as all seats were taken. To start the session off, each of us went through a quick intro then we went into a Q&A format for the session.

Each of the speakers had a different area that they specialize in. John Chow is a master in the blog area, Amit is the King of ppc marketing, Kris Jones is a legendary marketers and I have a pretty solid base over most marketing areas and focus on content sites and services. Almost all of the questions during the session were targeted towards pay per click and search marketing… since Amit is the master in this field, he was asked most of the questions, and always had a valuable answer.

Amit Mehta, John Chow, Myself & Kris Jones

The session was packed and many were left to stand during the session.

Since the session mainly focused on ppc marketing and search questions, here is a recap of a few of the topics / answers covered by Amit Mehta:

Find something that works. Replicate the process and keep scaling it for better profits and volume.Focus on one keyword per adgroup. Recommends using EfficientPPC. (Adwords Editor as Best Tool)

Amit also recommends WinnerAlert, which helps with your adwords testing.

When creating a landing page, include links to content pages at bottom. Make sure to have a Privacy Page and About Us page. The addition of a blog or actual content related to your product or keyword.

Target long tail keywords for long term traffic and growth.

Google Ad Spots 3-5 are most Recommended

Quality Score and ad position are relative. CTR% will also be measured different based on position.

In the end, the session went well and I thank Kris Jones for pulling such an excellent panel together. I know everyone on the panel enjoyed the session and event, and are looking forward to what Affiliate Summit East in Boston has to offer. If you missed the event, what type of questions would you have asked the super affiliate panel?

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13 Replies to “Super Affiliate Panel Recap”

  1. "- Google Ad Spots 3-5 are most Recommended"

    Is that including the top sponsered posts?


  2. A lot of other blogs are talking about Vegas, parties, drinking, food and flights…

    Thanks for posting something with substance.

  3. Thanks for the recap. I love the detail that Amit went in to on PPC. Most sessions I go to do not give out specific details. Then you walk away with unanswered questions. I wish more questions would have been presented about building high quality sites and not having to use PPC to promote it. I think that session should have been longer than an hour. Maybe next time! 🙂

  4. great coverage.

    i would have asked about "going niche" or going for high traffic topics.

    For instance many newbs search for obscure niche topics cause they think they might be able to rank for "fishing lures in new jersey" however it seems with amit recommending going for niches with tons of traffic in ppc and you going after the ginormous topic of myspace and problogger going after photography that the ones making the money ignore small niches.

  5. one keyword per adgroup? Or one set of related keywords per adgroup?

    1 keyword per adgroup sounds extremely cumbersome.

      1. Zac,

        By “around one focused keyword” do you mean this?:

        Adgroup Keyword: Ipod Accessories
        -“Cheap Ipod Accessories”
        -“Buy Ipod Accessories”
        -“Best Ipod Accessories”
        -“Ipod Accesories Review”

  6. Yep, this session offered us some ideas how to approach PPC or where to look into in order to improve our campaigns.

  7. Hi Zac,

    It was really great being on the same panel with you.

    See you in Boston for the next Summit. 🙂



  8. Freddy:

    I cannot speak for Zac or Amit, but I believe your example is right on.


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