Super Affiliate Soda – It Makes You Money!

Even though tomorrow is the really big day for Blog World and when the masses will start to arrive, there has already been plenty of excitement and cool things going on. Jones Soda has done a huge sponsorship with Blog World and have sent over 7,000 bottles exclusively for speakers and attendees of the event. Since Blog World is like no other event, Jones Soda made sure their sodas were also like no other!

There are many different flavors to choose from, and depending on your favorite affiliate marketer or blogger, you can choose from specially labeled drinks such as Jim Kukral, John Chow, Shawn Collins, Gary Vaynerchuk and of course myself, Zac Johnson!

I’ll be bringing a few bags of these home for my collection, not to mention they also taste great too! Since Jones Soda was cool enough to provide the drinks and setup the special labels, be sure to check out their site and you can even try to make some money with their affiliate program.

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  1. I love Jones Soda. So awesome. You should grab a bunch of those and sell them! I'd buy em.

  2. That's awesome. Do you feel like a pimp now? I bet you're saving a few of those for keepsake.

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