Super Blogger Panel at Blog World

Today was the first real day of sessions at Blog World and after the keynote, the sessions kicked off with our “Making Money with Blogging” panel, which was referred to as the “Super Panel” of Blog World. The session went very well, and it would probably be tough to pull together this great group again as Darren is from Australia and just having all of our schedules sync up for an opportunity like this is rare.

To start off that panel, Jim Kukral gave a quick intro for each of us, then we gave a quick rundown on our blogs and how we make money with them. Afterwards Jim had a few questions for us each to answer.

One of the best parts of the shows (mainly for the audience), was when we were all critique other people’s blogs. Jim had two posted on the screen, then he asked if anyone wanted their blog shown and examined… then a ton of people ran up to the mic.

This was a great panel not only because of the over knowledge and experience we all had, but also because we each made money online in our own ways… whether it be blogging with our actual “name” as the domain, or running a niche site like Darren’s photography blog, or even Brian Clark’s CopyBlogger site that doesn’t talk about making money at all… yet it does!

In the end, there were still so many questions and we could have talked and answered questions all day… but the session was only an hour long. This was a killer panel and extremely fun to be on. Once I get my hands on a copy of the session, I will post the video.

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  1. Congrats on the panel Zac! Next year I'll be there and hopefully you guys can get together to do it again. I look forward to seeing more photos or info from everyone on the panel.

  2. I was in the crowd and you're right, it was a great panel. I was hoping to hear more from you though 🙂

    1. I know each of us could have talked forever and so much more in-depth, but 6 speakers in 60 minutes it tough. We each could only tackle so many questions. I would love to see this pulled together again next year with a 90-120 min session.

      1. I agree, you guys definitely needed more time. Unfortunately, my panel came right after yours, so I had to go prepare before you were done. Sounds like I missed the best part! You did a great job, Zac!

    1. Posting pictures of what? I have been posting conference pictures. Tomorrow is the last day and I will make a post with everyone I have met and seen at the conference so far.

  3. It must have been amazing to have that kind of knowledge in one panel where I am sure that the entire audience learned so much by being there. Can't wait to see the video.

    1. I was going to ask if there would be a video of the panel, or all panels. Let us know when and where.

        1. If they wanted to make a TON of money, they would sell a membership to view the videos …

  4. I will keep myself alive untill i reach to that table of Super blogger's panel.

    Untill then its hard working working ………..working

  5. Hi Zac,

    Really enjoyed you presentation at BlogWorld Expo 2008. It was a lively panel, and very informative.

    I have not received instructions from the BlogWorld staff regarding the availability of the videos, ie a huge task of editing and trans-coding the massive number of presentations I recorded for them over the two and one-half days in Las Vegas.

    Enjoy visiting with you and the other kind gentlemen and ladies after the show!


    Nicholas – 'The Video Guy' at BlogWorld Expo 2008.

    1. Hey Nicholas,

      It was awesome to meet up with you and glad you got to attend the dinner. The videos are super valuable, so I really hope Rick puts something together to get them out and live.

  6. It would have been awesome to be there. Does anyone know where I can find the video of the Super Panel discussion?

  7. Look, Really I learned so much in your great blog, I hope i can teach others in some day even half you. It's just dream!!

  8. Dam! All the big doggs! Nice picture man, did you see me peeking out the back by anychane? If you look real close you'll see.. ha, jk..Congrats man looks like you'r really doin your thing!

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