Super Heroes, Celebrities and More at ComicCon NY 2008

Written by Zac Johnson
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ComicCon is the elite convention of the year for geeks, comic fans, sci-fan fanatics and anyone just looking to have some fun. The event was held at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City, so you know it’s going to be a huge event. This was my first ComicCon, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I thought it was pretty cool and would definitely visit again. Here are just a few pictures and events from the show.

Comics, Movies & Entertainment
ComicCon isn’t just about comics, it also focuses on gaming, entertainment movies and more. There were hundreds of exhibitors and vendors, with the majority of them selling comics and collectibles. One of the premiere booths at the event had an Action Comics #1 issue on display, which is the first appearance of Superman. This comic is currently valued in at $1,380,000 in mint condition. The picture of the Action Comics #1 issue shown here is rated a 8.5 out of 10, which is pretty amazing and extremely rare to find.

Everyone’s a Super Hero!
One of the highlights of ComicCon is seeing attendees show up in their super hero outfits. While some were kind of horrible, others were amazing. Just two of the awesome costumes I saw was one for Hell Boy and Mr. Freeze & the Joker.

Fans with Dedication: Hellboy, Mr. Freeze & The Joker Costumes

Alex Ross Autograph and Meet & Greet
One of the more famous and well known artists for both Marvel and DC is Alex Ross. At ComicCon they have several autograph sessions, but you need to get a ticket in advance to get in line and meet with the artists and celebrities. I was near the line and a kid had to leave and wanted to sell his ticket, so I gave him $10 and went to buy a book illustrated by Alex Ross.

Lou Ferrigno was right next to Alex Ross, and stayed at his table from 11am-7pm through all of Saturday. There was no ticket required to see the original HULK star, just $20 for a signature! Not a bad deal just sitting back at ComicCon all day, pushing $20 in your money bag all day.

Alex Ross & My Signed MARVELS Book

Frank Miller & Eva Mendes blow of Awaiting Fans
One of the most anticipated meet and greet of the whole event was one with Frank Miller and Eva Mendes. Frank Miller is the creator and director of the super famous movie 300, and Eva Mendes is a well known celebrity who will be starring in Frank’s new film “The Spirit”. After getting to meet and have Alex Ross sign my book, I bought a $30 limited edition “300” book for Frank Miller to sign. So about an hour before Miller and Mendes were supposed to come out, people were starting to get in line and once again, you needed a ticket or you would get to see them. Long story short, barely anyone had passes and they were being thrown out of the lines, I finally found someone to buy a ticket from for $30 (others were selling for $200!). Finally it was time for Miller and Mendes to come out, then there was chaos. For some reason apparently Mendes freaked out and left and Miller just stayed behind the curtain and signed a bunch of posters. Instead of meeting them, we walked to the front of the line, got the signed poster and left. It sucked and everyone was super pissed off! Apparently they both attended their movie premier party, but dissed all of their awaiting fans.

Attend “The Spirit” party… blow off ComicCon Fans!… Not cool.

I have a new blog starting up soon which will be dedicated to the comics niche area and being able to attend ComicCon really got me motivated to get that going. In the end, ComicCon was lots of fun pretty cool. I’ll try and make it again next year, maybe even ComicCon in San Diego which nearly 4x larger!

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15 Replies to “Super Heroes, Celebrities and More at ComicCon NY 2008”

  1. I still want to hear about the comic site. Maybe you can turn it into an affiliate program.

  2. “an hour before Miller and Mendes were supposed to come out, people were starting to get on line and”

    Unless they were using their laptops and iphones, they were not starting to get “on line” they were starting to get “in line.”

    People say that all the time in NYC and it drives me crazy. I don’t know what decade people started saying they were “waiting on line” when they were actually waiting IN a line, but it has to stop.

      1. I'm sorry if I've offended you. To be fair, this post itself isn't very relevant to being a super affiliate.

        I really love your site, and I'm a subscriber. That particular phrase just drives me nuts. I really need to get over that, I guess.

  3. Dude, I SOOO want to know about your comic blog.

    Please let me know when you go live!


  4. I had to laugh on Friday night when on Twitter you said you were going to ComicCon, that night on the show Numbers on CBS, was about a comic show where a rare comic gets stolen and reproduced and sold to lots of other collectors at the show and no one knows who has the real one.

  5. Got to be cool to meet those *celebs* for real, you didn't take pics with spiderman? πŸ˜€

  6. I was in line for their autograph. The reason for Eva Mendes to run out like she did. Was all those ignorant people aka: press, paparazzi, fans who just needed get right up into their faces taking pictures none stop. It was a mad house nothing but flashes of light about 20 yards in front of me. A lone staff member with no help was trying his best to control the line. The press and fans had no regard for Frank and Eva and the people in line to meet them.

    Eva should have waited till more security came out to control the mob and then continue to sign but she didn't. That was wrong and a injustice to her fans. Only Miller came back out but you couldn't walk up to him. There was a Lionsgate rep handing out the sign posters to each person who had a ticket. It wasn't a big deal for me in getting Millers autograph because I met him before and have I have a nice picture with him. It was Eva I wanted to meet and spent the time waiting in line to just get the ticket and waiting again to meet her.

    I could have made $60 dollars earlier when i got the ticket and gotten extra ticket to other autograph events. If I was able to foreseen what would take place I would have sold it. I did sell the Spirit poster for $20 and I was able to walk back to the rep and say I never got one, because of the chaotic situation they couldn't remember that they already gave me one. So I did get some money back for my time wasted waiting in line.

    Otherwise I had a good time at the con. I seen a promo to win a trip San Diego Comic-con and a chance to me the cast of The Spirit. It was both Miller and Eva in the video presenting this contest. So it will be interesting if she actually does a signing out there.

    The management needs to a do a better job in handling autographs lines for big name stars.

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